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We Can Learn So Much From Nature

We Can Learn So Much From Nature

David Suzuki

If you fly over a forest and look down, you'll see every green tree and plant reaching to the heavens to absorb the ultimate energy source: sunlight. What a contrast when you look down on a city or town with its naked roofs, asphalt roads and concrete sidewalks, all ignoring the sun's beneficence! Research shows we might benefit by thinking more like a forest.


Looks like any official attention being paid to global warming or anything environmental is a hopelessly lost cause. Pre-World War Three maneuvering is happening on both sides of this whole weird weather world. US troops are putting “boots on the ground” on Polish soil, while saying how this is “not meant to be seen as a threat against Russia,” just a “pay no attention to those army units on your border, it’s just a harmless NATO joint cooperative exercise to spiff up our communication with the Polish, no need to be making sure your nuke launch button is within easy reach.” The US Powers That Be are completely unconcerned that Russia’s chief beef is having NATO metastasize like a runaway cancer all around Its borders, well beyond the “North Atlantic” after which it is named.

On the other side of the planet, China is warning the US to keep our fat fleet out of the South China Sea because it’s theirs and the US has no business thinking it has any business there. Apparently they are much more concerned with all this geopolitical chess playing than they are their own air which seems to have gone back to being temporarily minimally breathable, enough at least for for them to see the sea so to be able to say “Keep your damn Navy out of here if you know what’s good for you.”

President Trump is going to have a full plate to deal with from Day One. As I remember his plan for dealing with the North Korean nukes is to “get the Chinese to clamp down on them so they’ll shut that down; the Chinese are running that” (in between monkeying with the world’s currency, stealing all the U.S. manufacturing jobs, and whatever all else he blames them for). How well will his self touted deal making prowess work there?. He’s all against China while the US Military Foreign Relations Banking Complex wants him to back off from getting on China’s case and be against Russia like all of them are. John McCain in particular is frothing at the mouth with ant-Russian fury. Before the “Sino-Soviet split” they were allies. Hope they don’t get a motion to go that way again


In a Nation of 300 Million Citizens, thousands, if not millions, of them brilliant like David Suzuki, that we are not advanced beyond the general consensus of where we were predicted to be at the 1936 or 1964 NY Worlds Fair, by around 2017 is Prima Facie Evidence of the Wrong Hands getting on the Steering Wheel, and not letting Common Sense or Common Decency Drive.


In Wendell Berry’s words the world is run by “little men grown great by willingness to drive whatever exists into its perfect absence”.

Solar roads. Solar panel shingles. It’s all just someone’s business plan being played out on the small men’s playing field. As long as we judge worth by its potential to make money, we’re just a pack of dogs chasing the extinction bus accelerating into the distance.


During the early decade of the 21st Century I attended a lecture by
Janine Benyus “biomimicry” and was enthralled and bought her book.
However, my science knowledge was limited it gave me hope that such simple fixes were possible, however, impossible in the world we live with sycophants running the show.

Spiders webs stronger than steel, did we ever figure out how to duplicate?

We won’t learn from 36 other industrial nations in their deliverance of healthcare to all their citizens for decades. We could learn the good and bad and develop the good for our own but no we have to try and reinvent the wheel and make sure the powerbrokers can continue their profit seeking before health. Why would we look at nature to learn from that. The powers to be are just too exceptional for that.


Thank you!

Great piece by a realistic lover of the natural world who pays close attention.

Making solar affordable should be on the top of the list for any coherent leadership.

We may have to take the lead where our leaders are failing us on this one. (And with a few other issues too.)


True. But Suzuki is Canadian, in a nation of 36.5 million (at this moment). Well, i guess you didn’t actually say Suzuki is one of those 300 million…

If we can use modern technology to power our world sustainably, why not use it to govern ourselves sustainably?

Online Direct Democracy

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No, I didn’t, but I wasn’t aware of his being Canadian, either.

I don’t think there is any question that we are moving in the direction that Suzuki is talking about. In fact, I don’t see any reason for this type of article anymore. It is happening. And the use of wind for electricity is occurring even faster. Ironically, it is the red states that are leading when it comes to wind power. The train has left the station. Trump can’t turn back the clock. But, he can probably slow things down and that is a problem given the speed we need to make the transition to renewable energy.

David, if you’ve ever been to Florida, or if you come here now, prepare to have your heart broken. Because what you speak of regarding fossil fuel burning is being played out with construction of natural gas lines bringing fracked gas from the Bakken fields, way the Hell up yonder, down through miles and miles of precious and beloved Florida ecosystems; its truly enough to make me (as I often have) cry. It’d make you cry too, I’m sure. The devastation of so many miles of pine woods, marshes, ranches, ancient oak trees, and rural lands is justified by Gov. Rick Scott and his band of cutthroat henchmen, who live only to rape this state and encourage rampant growth and population increase.


Yes. The Florida that I’ve lived in since 1972, has greatly deteriorated, thanks to our Tea Party Governor and our Tea Party Legislature.
It’s sad to see so much natural beauty disappear, and to see the overall decline in the quality of life for most of the working class and those
lower down the ladder.

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How about another thing to learn? Nature knows the cycle of birth and death. It allows its beings (non-human anyway) to die as part of the natural cycle. It does not keep them alive with drugs and surgeries, etc. etc. etc. Death is not something to be feared but something to celebrate - a dead tree is life-giving to another being. And it dies with dignity knowing that it’s still part of the cycle.

I work at a hospital and see older people who long to die still clinging to life when their soul knows that it’s long since done. I see their children and grandchildren not letting them go and asking for ever more drastic (and expensive and polluting) procedures to be done so that their loved one can take one more breath.

Fear of Death has replaced Dignity in Death. My heart breaks every day - sometimes multiple times every day.

The non-human world does both living and dying far far far better. The non-indigenous peoples have much to learn.

Absolutely…Rick and his team of apocalyptic henchmen have been quietly eviscerating every rare but good environmental law that they can. Our legislature is a sick joke, guided and “governed” by the uber-rich that pay them off. When they spit on us after WE THE PEOPLE approved Amendment One a couple years ago, I knew then that things were much worse than I suspected. Only a revolution will stop these greedy SOB’s from trashing what’s left of Florida.