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We Can Love Our Way to Justice for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/31/we-can-love-our-way-justice-all

An excellent piece about how low self-esteem can create a vacuum for white supremacy, or any type of fundamentalist identity politics. I have indirectly observed that among adolescents, there is a minority of them who push shockingly racist memes. Given their ages, I suspect that part of this is an attempt to generate responses online, because this is at least some form of attention that they receive, even if these memes don’t really represent their core beliefs. The problem is that they can then find themselves having a stake in having that kind of identity, because it has provided them with an apparent individuality and some attention. Our schools should be introducing concepts and practice of mindfulness from early on.

A class on civics should be mandatory education, perhaps every year through middle school.
Things of the mind should be the target.
From self esteem to conflict resolution skills, we need early input.

Redbone tune:

“We need an integrated society, and at the same time need to create as much socioeconomic fairness as we can”

And the way to do this in a nation of so many different people who herald from so many different roots is to acknowledge our common root–Life. We coexist with one another and with all other species. This as a base would mean we reject all socioeconomic systems that exploit others for wealth accumulation, or profit.

To include everyone we need to acknowledge our history first and the pain of its original victims and see the connection with the victimization of other groups at home and abroad and then have the courage to atone for the wrongs committed by acknowledging–even if difficult, that at the heart of the current economic system is the fact of violence and its terrorism all for the sake of monetary profit for the few. Racism and gender discrimination have served to rationalize this.

A fair system would treat everyone equally and provide equally for everyone and treat with respect all other living forms.

“Walk softly but carry a big stick” comes to mind. You can’t save everyone as there are those whose hatred of “the other” runs so deep that reason has no chance of reaching them. Would MLK have succeeded without Malcolm X? Ghandi without Chandra Bose?