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We Can Pay for a Green New Deal

We Can Pay for a Green New Deal

Stephanie Kelton, Andres Bernal

Across America, calls for climate action are growing louder and more fervent. As Naomi Klein wrote this week, “[we have] been waiting a very long time for there to finally be a critical mass of politicians in power who understand not only the existential urgency of the climate crisis, but also the once-in-a-century opportunity it represents.”

We’re almost there.

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We Can …”, but ‘we’ won’t.

That’s the only conversation the American people should be willing to have.
See, there it is again . . . the American ‘people’. That would be us, the people. Not the political class and their corporate, moneyed masters, who don’t give a rat’s patuti about the things most ‘people’ care about.

Yes, if we lived in a truly representative democracy such things would indeed be possible . . . doable . . . heck, even reasonable, rational, logical . . . et al.

We don’t, so ‘we’ won’t.


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I have no faith that anything substantive on climate change will be accomplished at the federal level. However, what must be done at the federal level is provide money for developing countries to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change. Without these developing countries participating there is no hope as they are responsible for the majority of emisisons. At the federal level the most urgent need to prevent the roll back of the Clean Power Plan, the increased standards for vehicle fuel efficiency, and the regulations for restricting methane emissions from oil and gas drilling, all of which were important efforts by Obama to address climate change and are critical for success. There is a lot of momentum at the state and local levels to address climate change and that needs to be pushed further. That is where the action is and probably where it will remain as Washington is gridlocked and basically dysfunctional. The effort needs to be directed where government actually works which in many states and in local communities.

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“How will we pay for it?”
The same way tax cuts for the capitalist class was paid for…Print the dam money!


I see just give up- gee if the suffragettes had given up that easily, we would have not the right to vote.

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That is why blue states have adopted their own programs.

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Sounds like the authors think that economic growth will power the Green New Deal.

I mean, damn, what could go wrong with that?


The very title of this article is the problem. We don’t have to pay for a green new deal. A green new deal will pay for itself.
With that said, we know these facts.
The oil will run out in about forty years, and will be come so expensive in twenty that only the wealthiest among us will be able to afford transportation.
The global warming ship has sailed. Stop framing the argument for green energy as a way to save the planet. We are long past the point of no return. Instead, start making the argument that in a fossil fuel world food will be too expensive to produce for everybody but richest.
Face it, our track record is pretty grim. we will not abandon fossil fuels until the very last drop of oil and the very last whiff of gas is sucked out of the earths crust. It’s best just to start putting up solar panels and wind mills and begin local farming co ops again. By doing those simple things we could mitigate the worst of the coming pestilence. And have no doubts, by 2100 over half of us will be gone, maybe all of us. But if we don’t do anything right now all the solar panels and back yard farms in the world aren’t going to prevent acid falling from the sky and melting what cows and cars we have left.

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People should keep in mind when the Democrats had solid majorities in the House and Senate and had the presidency in 2009-2010 they couldn’t pass a cap and trade bill to reduce emissions. The only significant climate legislation Obama ever got through Congress was to increase standards for vehicle fuel efficiency. This Green New Deal looks like a long shot a best. Concentrating on pushing action at the state and local level is likely to be the most productive way to go when it comes to fighting climate change.

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I am glad young Ds have joined the Green Party push for a green new deal.

Imagine all those sensitive and intelligent young brains focused on fixing the real economy that actually strengthens the nation.

There are tens of millions of young non partisan independent green socialists in the US. Imagine them united in citizen science calculating the true cost of every thing sold in the United States and posting it on line, gratis, free for all. Government is not needed for this most important task.

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Evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate. Stephen Hawking is the most recent of many who explain this, in his last book. Many philosophers and mathematicians have explained this. Each conversation leads to at least two brains with an uncountable number of possible new ideas. And this goes on all day every day.

We are evolving past representatives in the information age. Who can represent trillions of nerve synapses opening and closing in each brain when those un measurable connections of thought in each individual have decided to assist their interpersonal connections with computers?

Is cosmic powered biology purposefully communicating with itself assisted by transistors artificial intelligence?

Information age physics presents evolution accelerating at an accelerating rate. The idea of any individual or corporation representing that is nonsense now. Humanity is a mature species, a self knowing part of cosmic powered biology.

Thanks for pointing out the futility of electing democrats at the federal level.

Except you forgot to mention how your party puts window dressing like The Paris Accords at a global level on their scorecard of ‘achievements,’ thereby aiding and abetting the status quo.

I agree. The US spends obscene amounts to “defend” itself by fighting wars half way around the world, while the country is crumbling. To me it’s ironic that we face real threats, like climate change, but don’t have enough money for it. But, hey, if the Pentagon wants to built 60 submarines at $3.2 billion each to attack the next generation of soviet subs (right, there is no soviet union), the Congress says “have 70”!

The US is such a rich country. But we’re squandering our wealth on wars that are worse than worthless. Where are the leaders who want to beat swords into plowshares?

It’s not about whether we can afford to pay for a Green New Deal, it’s that we can’t afford to not have it. The consequences of failing on the climate change front are simply too high to even consider the option.

The US military is the world’s #1 fossil fuel burner and its continued expansion exacerbates climate change.

At least 89 of 100 US Senators serially vote to boost the “defense” budget beyond the amount the Pentagon requests…no discussion required…as carte blanche as budget approvals get. The “defense” budget ceased to be about actual defense decades ago…it is mostly a military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) corporate welfare program, the biggest welfare program the world has ever seen.


If the middle class wants to take a revolutionary move toward saving the planet – give up your motor vehicles. Over 40% of America’s contribution to global warming is the result of the excessive use of motor vehicles. Obviously, the poor can’t afford vehicles and fuel, and there aren’t that many rich, so the responsibility goes to the middle class.


The most likely scenario is that we’ll go out by nuclear war in the foreseeable future. Over the past couple of years, Republicans focused on building support for war against China while Democrats focused on building support for war against Russia. This warmongering was enough to finally bring China and Russia together, working out their years of conflict in view of this potential world threat – the US. Think there’s any point in making any long-range plans?


OMG you defeatist you want everything right NOW and an article to make our eyes glaze over. Yes, I wanted right now too but we need all of us on board and not fighting with leaders who are trying to create a huge backlash to the 1percenter.

Yeah ever the Pentagon has admitted they are one of the biggest polluters.

We have to start somewhere and all these snarky comments are worthless and does not help movement in any directions.

Okay, let’s do nothing then. What great idea. WTF