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'We Can Stand Together': Protesters Prep for Cleveland as RNC Nears


'We Can Stand Together': Protesters Prep for Cleveland as RNC Nears

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Cleveland, Ohio is preparing for what many expect to be a volatile Republican National Convention (RNC) on Monday, as protesters and supporters converge on the city and controversy around presumptive nominee Donald Trump and his divisive running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, continues to build.


Anti-Trump protesters need to realize that racism is the product of economic inequality. That the oligarchy wants us distracted and fighting among ourselves over racism instead of fighting the corporate establishment over the growing wealth gap.


How do you feel about Bernie at DNC convention and the rally that might not happen:


Interesting numbers tossed out in this article about % of millennials going 3rd party. Not sure of the source for those figures?


Let me get this straight: the only thing that can stop a nut with a gun (one who is not in your particular church) is another nut with a gun (one who is in your particular church)? If this bit of strategy fails, your best option is to pick up the Batphone.

Shouldn't it be illegal under Ohio law to create a Green Zone around the Convention Center where Open Carry doesn't apply? If legislators want people to carry their guns in churches and in classrooms, why not have delegates carrying thousands of guns proudly in the presidential nomination convention hall?


Wobblie--Thank you for the link to the rulingclass.com..... The problem with money is that one cannot eat money. The other problem with having lots of money is that one then becomes a moving target for the growing mass of desperate ones.......If the ultra wealthy were wise instead of being clever, they would realize that to take care of their money is to take care of the desperate ones.......


I heard on NPR today that the Feds gave Cleveland law enforcement $50 million "for convention expenses". If that is the case the Feds are no doubt also giving Philly $50 million, If the US can't afford Medicare for all, tuition for students and the other declining deomestic programs, how can the US afford political parties ?


The Clinton campaign and its surrogates have instilled so much fear about Trump as a means of distracting us from the Clintons that many of our local Hillarybots are obsessed with Trump bashing, being glued to their smartphones to get the latest on Trump.

I cannot make any comments about any Clinton without hearing them chastise me with serial "would you rather have Trump be president ?"

Since Hillarybots are faith based, not evidence based, many of them heading for Cleveland today likely believe they are on a mission from god to vanquish the evil Trump.


If the protests did not happen, the Reps and Dems would have had to invent them. The single greatest feature about this year's election campaign is its utterly boring certainty. Significant numbers of the "base" of both major political parties are disinterested and bored with the entire affair. If that is true of the "base" it is even more true of those not as committed to political activism.

Nothing "energizes" a people like violent threats to the established order of things. Stressed cops killing minorities, stressed citizens killing cops in carefully staged ambushes, and good ol' Barry in the White House empathizing about "feeling the pain" of those suffering as a result of it. All the while conferring with his military and other foreign leaders about "the next war" he will seek to prosecute. And waiting in the wings are two potential successors as violent as he is.

For those who really detest "the Donald" and "Queen Hillary" and are hopelessly addicted to the notion that "the democratic process" actually has any effect on the outcomes in their lives (as opposed to the efforts of organized money by corporate "persons") there are two courses of action. You can either not vote at all or you can vote for someone, anyone, not of the two major political parties.


Remember, when Allende died and Pinochet took power with US help, new uses were found for sports stadiums.