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We Can Stop Shell's Disastrous Arctic Drilling – But Only If We Join Together


We Can Stop Shell's Disastrous Arctic Drilling – But Only If We Join Together

Daphne Wysham

Shell is putting corporate profits ahead of our future in its determination to drill in the Arctic. Our elected leaders, most of whom are beholden to corporate interests, won’t act. That’s why some environmentalists are willing to put their lives on the line if need be to stop this insanity.


This is a critical call to use your life in active service to life, and not sit and watch as the unraveling of the fabric of life accelerates.

Once the fabric of life unravels past a certain point, there will be no more sitting and watching anything.

The time to actively engage in serious challenging work to organize resistance to omnicidal activities is now. The omnicide is well underway, but as long as we still have lives that we can put to use, we should be organizing and supporting active resistance, and creating social and economic norms that support life.

Thanks to everyone involved in organizing to stop further development of fossil fuels.


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There is a good chance the only disaster will be to Shell’s equipment and checkbook. This illustrates, in spite of recent discoveries and fracking, how desperate Big Oil is for new reserves.


What about boycotting Shell?


It can’t hurt, but it won’t help much because oil and it’s downstream products are fungible. If you fill up at the 7-11, it’s quite likely it’s Shell product you are buying. The market is so fungible that even if a decent number of people don’t buy from Shell, those price sensitive customers who were buying from Exxon Mobil (another evil) will switch to Shell for a 0.1% price advantage. Think I’m joking, how many people burn a gallon of gas to drive to some remote location to save 2 cents on the gallon. Irrational rationality.

To my mind a much better plan would be to hit individual large shareholders and board directors who work for those companies with a boycott, to stop letting them hide behind the corporate shield. Refusing to service these individuals when they circulate in public, etc. That organs like the one above that Daphne Wysham works at don’t call for this approach makes me wonder how sincere they are. Perhaps they have found a way to make a living by professionally wringing hands while diverting the public from doing truly useful things. There are days when I think McKibben’s organization is being payed by the Koch brothers when I look at their very poor rate of success.

On the other hand, pointing out a way forward isn’t always that popular, it calls for painful self-examination and action, perhaps we’re happy just wringing our hands rather than doing the difficult thing like making a boycott personal
Boycot REI for giving us Sec. of the Interior Sally Jewell

As can be seen, calling for direct action against the people who profit isn’t exactly burning down the barn even on this forum.

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