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We Can’t Fight the Opioid Crisis Without Adequate Health Care


We Can’t Fight the Opioid Crisis Without Adequate Health Care

Elizabeth Warren

The opioid epidemic touches every family in every corner of the Commonwealth. Last year alone, about 2,000 people in the state died from opioid overdoses, and many more struggle with addiction. The state Department of Public Health offers some hope that fatal overdose rates are slowing, but patients, families, and addiction treatment providers know this epidemic continues to burn its way through our state.


We can’t fight the opioid crisis if we continue to fight senseless wars, give tax breaks to Corporations and the Wealthiest in our society, and refuse to address the greatest threat to mankind, Climate Change.


But We (Big Pharma, Big Alcohol, MIC, MIP --Militarized Industrial Police and our sycophancy tools in congress, Drug Testing Industry, Private Prison Industry and the Addiction Recovery Industry) can fight the WAR on DRUGS, because as we know, prohibition works marvelously.

Support LEAP

There’s no better way to learn about drug policy reform than to hear it from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition co-founder Police Captain Peter Christ (Ret.). A 20-year law enforcement veteran of the War on Drugs, Captain Christ has been speaking out to end drug prohibition since 1989. He co-founded LEAP in 2002, with the mission of reducing harmful consequences resulting from fighting the war on drugs and lessening the incidence of death, disease, crime, and addiction by ending drug prohibition.
Watch as he demolishes every argument for the War on Drugs in this viral video.


Three words: Medicare For All - NOW!