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We Can’t Have More of the Same: The Very Real Dangers of Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy


We Can’t Have More of the Same: The Very Real Dangers of Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy

Jack A. Smith

Just what we needed: another foreign policy speech from Candidate Clinton. This one arrived last Thursday in San Diego—well-chosen ground, given the Navy’s immense base on the city’s shore and the Marine Expeditionary Force garrisoned at Camp Pendleton. It has a long military tradition, San Diego, and the projection of American power is what drives the local economy. Perfect for Clinton. Her speech to this crew-cutted, right-wing town was, of course, “major”—as all of her speeches on the foreign side cannot help but be.


Is this a picture of Hillary or Margaret Thatcher?


Both are completely evil no difference.


Agreed, HRC´s foreign policy is dangerous. But here´s my nightmare of the day. I´m admittedly speculating, but on account of the email server matter I don´t believe HRC will ultimately be permitted to stand as the DP candidate for president, even without a bad report card from the FBI, which, were one to come, would not come until after the nominating convention, and obviously after Senator Sanders´ will have released his delegates.

There are no guarantees that an HRC win would bring a sea change in the control of Congress. Republican Congress would inevitably mean articles of impeachment on the server matter. I could so easily be wrong here, but I don´t think the DP is so stupid as to gamble on this.

I imagine HRC knows this. So all the major efforts of the DP leadership, including hers, will be concentrated on preventing Sanders from getting the nomination, not because he couldn´t win the November election, but because, if he should win, the DP leadership loses, and in a very big way.

So, for myself, I expect in the end a third candidate will stand as the DP nominee, like VP Biden (shades of 1968). Well, whoever it may be, the foreign policy will be as bad as HRC´s.

Somebody please wake me up, thanks!


“It is time now to recognize that the incessant crises that rattle our window sashes ever more loudly result often—though not always, of course—from the global ambitions American policies express. We Americans ought to travel more for the sake of seeing more clearly. Polls in Europe and elsewhere taken by Pew and other such organizations show that majorities in many places identify America as the primary cause of global disorder. Hillary Clinton is a million miles from grasping this point.”

The Military Industrial Complex (State Dept/Pentagon/Defense Industry) and multi national corporations run this country and give rich off the taxpayers dime.


Jonathan Turley’s article, yesterday, comparing Hillary Clinton to Richard Nixon is eerily appropriate. Certainly, in terms of her character and those she calls friends, she really is the Richard Nixon of our times and, pending the results of the FBI investigation, she may see an equally shameful end to her political career. One can only hope.

As for Trump, once you get past all his hot air (enough to melt the polar ice caps), he is essentially an unknown. That doesn’t make him a better choice than Clinton, but it doesn’t make Hillary Clinton the better choice, either. It means that both of these monsters need to be kept out of the White House. On foreign policy, at least, the lesser of two evils argument with these two is questionable.


Clinton: Making the world safe for ISIS since 2009


California, New Mexico, Montana, New Jersey, the Dakotas, Puerto Rico & D.C.–PLEASE TURN OUT BIG TO HELP DELIVER US FROM MORE OF THIS MADNESS!


There have been many to speak about the decline of the American empire so I won’t try to compete but the picture of an empire in decline is a picture of America today. Hillary and Obama seem to not see or at least address that we need radical change in our foreign policy. The tension is building in the South China Sea and along the border of Russia. Talk of a new Silk Road from China to Russia must be frightening to American powers. It is an endeavor that will open trade all along it’s path. Yikes it’s time for the TPP to shore up all the neighboring countries so the U.S. won’t lose power in the region. Obama said we need to set the trade rules or China will. Reality says they are building something that has excluded the U.S. That just won’t do.
If Clinton gets the reigns again we will be in more wars there is no question. Her illusions of grandeur make her a danger to the world as well as to us. I fear this election may be the deciding moment in this country. Will we adjust and get along with other countries in the world or will we continue in our path to domination until we are stopped? The relationship between China and Russia could be the brick wall that stops us. We desperately need Bernie’s even hand to lead us to a more equitable way to deal with world and domestic affairs. Never Hillary


Straight to the point Jack Smith, well written! This is the point in voting for Hillary. If you Californians aren’t sure what you’ll get with Hillary, or believe it’s going to be more Peace, Hope, Love and Change, then you are an ignorant fool. Read this and vote Bernie!


I live in NM and I have already sent in my absentee ballot for Sanders. I am not sure that Bernie will win in NM. There are still a lot of people who do not know about him or his message. I know some people who have believed the propaganda that Bernie is somehow dangerous to our country. I blame it on the media blackout. Some people believe that if Sanders is not covered in the media then there is something very wrong with him.


You’re exactly right Dede. Can you imagine if our political class were insightful enough to ask the American people to invest their excessive military budget on first world economic leadership like modern, energy generating production and world class jobs with living wages And a social back up plan to boot. How’s that for world leadership. It would be much easier for America to get to that level than any other country in the world but first we need Real leadership not vested interests and we need to divest in military expansion with a military that is defense orientated, exceptionally trained and smart. It really isn’t rocket science, and that kind of thinking is closer to Bernie than anybody else…


Trump may be a bit like Al-Qaeda… Something that was created to serve one cause, but quickly getting out of control.
Maybe Trump was created to be the card (Lesser of 2 evils) to give Hillary the Vote. But now- Trump could have the potential of winning.
Kind of like a biotech virus that has escaped and gone really bad.


Yes- that is in fact what Greatly Separates Bernie from the Clinton-Trump Ticket.
Bernie being rational would work it out peacefully. Whereas Hillary would take action to prove something, and Donald would take action out of rashness and ignorance…Hillary too having the hubris-ignorance.


please delete this post.