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We Can’t Pretend This Is a Normal Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/23/we-cant-pretend-normal-election

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This is the petition I have been waiting for. It’s an ultimatum to Pelosi and the DNC re 2020

More than Four!

Link is here http://chng.it/K95rmqLR2F


We can’t afford to pretend it is an election at all.


Thanks for the link! I shared it via Facebook and email.


Normal Election [noun] def see Oxymoron


And…right on cue, the LOTE appeals begin. A yea and a half early even!

I mean, who can walk away from a fight for the soul of the nation itself?

And people wonder why nothing ever changes.


With each [s]election we edge closer to the aggregating consequences born of the legacy of power interests in the US. The least amongst we 99% are being lined up for the quadrennial chute and spew. Branded with this or that insignia and given braying orders, its actually an escape from awareness with the illusion that one is doing something. Party time - in all senses - whipped into activity with strict institutionalized guidelines that skirt all that is excluded from consideration; all that calls for attention but does not have a paying lobbyist…this is predatory capitalism in sheep’s corporate logos clothing, armed and draped in stars and stripes - feeding folks opiates and sugar going straight to adrenal glands.

There remains a silent majority that is no doubt silent for a variety of reasons. Many of them know the game is rigged; millions, rightly or wrongly, regard those who participate as being duped; - I can’t imagine why…


Always loved Gene Robinson. Always says quite a lot in a quiet, unassuming almost understated kind of way.


THIS ARTICLE IS A SET-UP: It pretends to call out Trump supporters as racists, but that’s not who it’s directed to at all.

"Voters who disagree will have a Democratic alternative. Simple as that." And as a corollary to the contrapositive, if Biden gets the nomination and you don’t vote for Biden, you agree with Trump. THAT is the thesis of this article.


I agree–BUT–what’s the alternative? No 3rd party candidate has a chance in hell. 3rd party candidates, or even 4th and 5th party candidates are what is needed to truly call ourselves a democracy. But reality sucks right now! I am sick of the hold your nose and vote for the least awful candidate. So many people are sick of this farse, called elections, that they just don’t vote. And of course they don’t! Who wants to vote between 2 horrible candidates? By brain is going into “totally fried” state. Does anyone really believe that the DNC will endorse Bernie or Elizabeth or some other Progressive candidate as their choice? Not with Pelosi trashing Progressives from the “pulpit.” I simply do not know what to do anymore.


If Bernie is the nominee - yes, it’s an uphill battle - then we won’t have to fuss with lote. I think that we should put today’s energy into getting Bernie nominated. Worry about choosing between Biden and Trump only if and when that choice is what we face.


The alternative to is to get Democrats to realize the absolute train wreck that Biden would be. To just nominate horrific people like him and then expect the victims of his corruption and policies to come to the rescue of the stupid decision that the Democrats have made is nauseating. I am sick to the death of privileged Democrats that think they can nominate whoever they hell they want and then finger waive at those that don’t sign on to someone that would essentially be a net negative for them. We have seen decades of stagnating wages, massive corruption, huge inequality, crumbling infrastructure, the decimation of public education and poor communities, as well as communities of color. What do the damn Democrats owe the poor, working people, communities of color? Cause they owe the Democrats nothing if the Democrats offer up little more than being less bad than Trump.

And ask yourself; if Biden is the nominee, and if he does what his donors tell him to and what he wants to do (same thing) and if things continue to get worse because we need the very structural changes he won’t do, where will we be in five years? Where will your party be in five years? I will tell you, it will again be blowback time. The next Trump won’t be so incompetent, and we have little time in regards to the environmental crisis.

The alternative is, right now, don’t choose a horrific candidate. If the Democrats do, they will not escape the consequences. I am sick to death of the Democrats and most of their voters. They are a minority party that gets together with the other party to make sure no other parties emerge, it is internally undemocratic, corrupt and we are at the mercy once again of the ignorance and the poor choices of that party. They have a chance to make a better decision, it is on them and them alone to do so.

I know you probably don’t disagree with this overall, but honestly, I am done with the Democrats and I am doubly done with the voters that continue to support people like Biden. They’ve voted us, for decades now and with the far right, to the edge of the abyss.


Making Trump’s issue the focus of the election is a mistake. Many of those who voted for Trump voted to elect a black president. Many are not motivated by racism, but do want to preserve the western culture. Don’t hand on a plate to Trump all those that don’t want to see US President in a burka speaking Somali (even if she is white).

I agree with the predominant sentiment here that we should focus on getting a real progressive, probably Bernie, as the Democratic candidate, to focus the fight on the positive, on what we want to achieve that has clear majority support, and be dismissive of Trump’s shit.


Why wouldn’t you think I wouldn’t agree with you? I basically said the same thing in my post. But if there is no viable 3rd party candidate and if the stakes are so high, what do we do? The usual choice is “hold your nose and vote for the least offensive candidate” be it Repub or Dem. We are on a never-ending merry-go-round. At least Bernie talks the progressive talk; whether he walks it if voted in, remains to be seen. Of course, there will be the usual thugs in Congress preventing anything from being done because they can’t get their way…

The young Progressive people coming up from the ranks gives me a little bit of hope at least. trump and his fascist followers are trying really hard to slander them. No surprise there. Maybe the future will unfold in a positive way. Right now it doesn’t look good.

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I wholeheartedly concur with your comments. Well said.

At the very real risk of oversimplification, a choice between Trump and Biden is not a choice at all. The end result will be essentially the same.

Anyone who doesn’t think this is a repeat of 2016, with the Dems deciding who their candidate will be well before the farce of a campaign and election, is delusional.


For a change Mr. Robinson has stated the problem correctly. He merely has the solution backwards. The full range of Democrat candidates are proposing major changes to our country, from slavery reparations, to dissolving ICE and border security , major tax increases , freeing violent convicts allowing unlimited uncontrolled immigration and many other hither to unthinkable programs. Not electing the party that wants to stand America on its head is vital

I literally said, which you can read above, “I know you probably don’t disagree with this overall”. It wasn’t directed at you, it was directed more broadly at those that say there are no options but to vote for a horrific politician like Biden. I will not vote for Biden. Sorry, if the Democrats nominate him, they should live with their damn horrible decision and should reflect for once on their failure, which they never do. If they had really thought critically about the monstrous mistakes they made in 2016, Biden’s candidacy would be DOA. I am sick of Democratic voters more than I am the politicians, since the Democratic voters are the ones to give those crooks power, they never learn lessons, are easy to mislead and many of them seem to never evolve. They’ve voted us, along with the Republican voters, to the brink of collapse and they are often arrogant and privileged.

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A third party candidate today has to work thru the system. Last time Bernie was the third way for the Dems and he was thwarted by the established party. Trump was never the republican party candidate even after he was elected. He was underestimated all along (as was Bernie), the Repubs did not have the super delegates to throw Jebs way , like the Dems and Hillary. Maybe this time , with the super delegates in check, one of the candidates will catch fire like Trump did. I do not see it in the group that they have though.

Right, y’all three “new commenters” came here for a nice chat.

Fuck you, coward.

Clearly, the alternative would be to NOT vote for Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or whoever.

There are various ways to do this, all alternatives. They are not wonderful alternatives, so I empathize with the frustration, but this does leave us all in the same place.

  • People can just not vote, but that does not do much.
  • People can try to change a party from within, which has a mixed record.
  • People can try to change the balance of parties by creating a dangerous force in a third party, which also has a mixed record.

In no case does it help to vote for an unwanted candidate.

Note that this is different than refusing to vote for a compromise candidate. But a compromise candidate is a candidate with policies and a record favoring at least some things that one wants. So, as often as the media tells us the reverse, it is Bernie Sanders or arguably Elizabeth Warren who are compromise candidates, and Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or Donald Trump who are radicals, pushing an agenda that is not favored by the majority of the population.

Eventually, if politicians cannot win an election, they do not have anything to sell lobbyists, and they disappear. In this way, room can eventually be made within a party for more reasonable and acceptable voices.

To do this, though, Democrats have to be ready to vote against nominally Democratic candidates who are odious and abusive.