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We Can Take Our Democracy Back. Here’s How.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/30/we-can-take-our-democracy-back-heres-how

Let us begin by agreeing that a woman must have the right to choose to carry a fetus 9 months, or not.

Taking that right away from a woman in essence means that women cannot have sexual relationships for pleasure only. Having sex could only be for reproductive reasons.

If this is to be the law, then any man who impregnates a woman is financially responsible for the cost of raising that child till it leaves it’s parents.

This sounds like legislation that wouldn’t make it to first base.

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Don’t forget the right-wing/Evangelical attempts to end access to contraception.

They want women to be completely at the mercy of men, with no control over their own bodies.

“We just need politicians who will listen.”
Hate to break it to you Julie, but that’s all we need for most progressive legislation, and the major sticking point. I’ll refer you to the Gilens and Page study:
“Our analysis suggest that majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts.”
“But in the more recent decades Gilens and Page examine, neither party has enacted policy that fulfilled the wishes of average Americans alone. It did not matter whether the majority party was Democrat or Republican - both tend to ignore the median public opinion.”



When it emerged in 2011 Occupy Wall Street (OWS) publicly identified the roots of the minority rule problem…the 1% controls gubmit at the expense of the 99%. That message that so insulted the Democrats’ and Republicans’ Wall Street owners is why Obama tasked his DOJ to make everything OWS did illegal so they could not re-emerge in the spring of 2012.

The anti abortion movement has nothing to do with fetuses…dead or alive, and everything to do with controlling every aspect of womens’ lives.

There are a lot of structural problems we face that have kept us from experiencing a real democracy. In a real democracy, the government is primarily responsive to the wishes of the governed and we know that the wishes of the governed is well down on the list of concerns of our government’s leadership.

How many people have seen abortion rights even appear on a ballot and how many candidates have ever made it clear how they feel about abortion? None and few I would suspect.

And how often do voters cast a vote to keep someone else from winning? Pretty common I suspect, probably most of the time and who can tell what issues might concern the voters? You can’t really tell merely from their votes.

Our focus should be on strengthening our democracy because that will make for solutions to many other problems. The easiest path to a better democracy is correcting the very dismal way we now vote. An evaluative voting system that is balanced is most promising in this regard.

go further, any male involved in procreation must not just take on the financial responsibility for the child, he must take financial responsibility for the woman bearing that child, her physical health, mental well-being, her career advancement and her ability to be a full-time mother for that child until it is 18 (longer if the mother and/or child have health, mental, career issues requiring longer term parenting assistance). I’m not saying they should be forced to marry the woman, nor that if the woman is married to the male that this excuses or avoids the direct financial responsibilities and consequences of engaging in procreation, even if the mother chooses not to engage in an extended personal relationship of any kind with the male involved in the procreation. Defining the father’s legal rights to interact with the child post-partum are another can of two-headed worms to determine, especially when the mother and father are estranged outside of the financial responsibilities.

Politics is mostly about personal bias and prejudice. That is a part of the Nature of Human beings; a cause becomes tribal.
If abortion rights, aka, reproductive rights are the monumental issue they seem to be it’s the tribalism that should be addressed if you want change, otherwise those rights will continue to be challenged.
Then again the whole issue could be moot if the abortion pill were accessible and available, it has been in other Nations for years. So it’s a preference for it to be a political issue whichever tribe you belong to.
Seems like we prefer to be perverse simply because we feel entitled to.
BTW, there is far to much money involved in politics for our form of government to ever be a democracy.