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We Can Take the Lead in Remaking America


We Can Take the Lead in Remaking America

LeeAnn Hall, George Goehl

2017 taught us we can put our hearts, minds and bodies on the line, and win.

"We are gaining the audacity to color outside the lines drawn for us by our failed political establishment." (Photo: Mobilus In Mobili/flickr/cc)


The big test will be the 2018 election. With enough energy and commitment the Democrats may be able to take control of the Senate and House back from the Republicans. If that happens, that should be a game changer. Failure to accomplish that could result in further sliding toward fascism. Trump has many supporters who are extremely paranoid and many are violent. Based on various statements on the internet there appear to be quite a few supporters who are willing to go along with virtually anything to achieve a nation for white people. It is critical to recognize the danger posed by this fascist white nationalist movement and unite to stop it and send it back to the fringes of society.


Your organization’s goals and accomplishments are laudable.

But a glaring omission on your part jars me. The WARS.

Don’t those factor into any meaningful discussion re our culture, our society, our ability to afford necessary and humane measures for the improvement of quality of life?

Did you just run out of space?


The power of the people is nothing in this current political charade without a mechanism to channel our anger and desire to radically alter our politics and government - without a strong national vehicle dedicated to such change, the wave of the peoples fury will be like a wave hitting a coastline and dissipating to froth.

The available national mechanisms - our “failed political establishment” - are manipulated into two complicit parties; the neo-fascist RepubliCon and the neo-liberal Democratic, one dominated by overt criminal greed, race and class division, and destroying the federal state - the other also dominated by quislings and timid apologists for usury, wage and interest slavery, endless war/war machine, banker/wall st parasitism, corporate domination and overt greed - both serve the vulture capitalist model of master and slave/serf.

There is only a slight chance the political vehicle needed to really represent the people’s will can become a reality. The Dem establishment/elite are too complicit and beyond redemption and only a true top to bottom reform will alter their complicity to anything near a true opposition vehicle for progressive-left issues and candidates, and demonstrate the courage, commitment and power to smash and reverse the obscenity that is the trump&co neo-fascist regime agenda.

The contrast - and struggle for the Dem party - may be found at least in part, in this essay by Dr Cornel West

The "gross misunderstanding of who Malcolm X was – the greatest prophetic voice against the American Empire – and who Barack Obama is – the first black head of the American Empire – speaks volumes about Coates’ neoliberal view of the world.

"Coates praises Obama as a “deeply moral human being” while remaining silent on the 563 drone strikes, the assassination of US citizens with no trial, the 26,171 bombs dropped on five Muslim-majority countries in 2016 and the 550 Palestinian children killed with US supported planes in 51 days, etc. He calls Obama “one of the greatest presidents in American history,” who for “eight years … walked on ice and never fell.”
“It is clear that his narrow racial tribalism and myopic political neoliberalism has no place for keeping track of Wall Street greed, US imperial crimes or black elite indifference to poverty. For example, there is no serious attention to the plight of the most vulnerable in our community, the LGBT people who are disproportionately affected by violence, poverty, neglect and disrespect.”

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/dec/17/ta-nehisi-coates-neoliberal-black-struggle-cornel-west A very good, required read - IMO


Adding insult to Obama’s global injuries are his domestic track record wherein only the 1%. their corporations and stockholders, and “the LGBT community” made any forward progress during the Obama regime. The latter made progress only because they are a reliable profit center for Wall Street.

If Obama was the constitutional law expert we are lead to believe he is why would he have taken so many actions that enabled the GOP to control Congress, enabling them refusing to confirm judges for four years so they can now stack the judiciary with young right wing judges, many of whom will still be on the bench during the 2060s, thereby making future progressive legislation subject to being overturned in Federal Courts ?


Completely self-driving autonomous vehicle tech is neither possible nor a solution if it were. A lie. A ruse. A fraudulently pretentious toy the filthy rich contemplate for monopoly control over us, you, them. We are entering a dark age of suffering heralded by high tech barons pedaling lies. What Transit fix have we? None? Amazon/Uber automaton taxis won’t ever be driverless; that’s not the point; which is to keep people/drivers driving as such as it is today as if this motor vehicle madness can be perfected driverlessly.
Hello? Are you insane?


Folks, let’s not get divided now. We divide, they win.


Folks, be on the lookout for shills seeking to divide us, like this one.


Ignoring truth and failing to challenge myths, fables and brands for so many years is what enabled the division we are experiencing today. The 99% continues to ignore truth and believe myths, fables and brands from the past at its own peril.

After the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation a unified duopoly divided us.

Truth will unite, not divide.


These are all worthy sentiments, but lack the awareness of how critical the present historical moment is. Trump is the ideal spokesman for the suicidal drive which has been at the heart of the American- led capitalist culture for many generations. Yes, he appears eager to bring on the kind of climate change that will lead to the end of human history. But neither Obama nor Clinton appeared to be are of the urgency of the climate crisis, advocating half-measures and equivocations along the lines “all of the above” and “clean coal.” The Paris Accord, about which Trump makes up,giant lies, was in fact so bland and watered down as to require absolutely nothing of any nation except good intentions. Yes, Trump authorized “his generals” to slaughter thousands in the the bullshit war on terror, but Obama and Clinton would have done the same with only slightly more concern for numbers of innocent dead. Massive change is needed, not more along the lines of Obama and Clinton.


FAnd a good place to start with the kind of structural change needed would be to look back at the 1912 platform of the the American Socialist Party. The fundamental class conflict has not changed.