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'We Can Win Public Sentiment': Ocasio-Cortez Says She's Not Surprised as Poll Shows As Poll Shows Majority Back 70% Tax Rate for Ultra-Rich, Ocasio-Cortez 'Radical' Proposal Proves Extremely Mainstream Americans Back 70% Tax Rate on Ultra-Rich


'We Can Win Public Sentiment': Ocasio-Cortez Says She's Not Surprised as Poll Shows As Poll Shows Majority Back 70% Tax Rate for Ultra-Rich, Ocasio-Cortez 'Radical' Proposal Proves Extremely Mainstream Americans Back 70% Tax Rate on Ultra-Rich

Jake Johnson, staff writer




Yes, Mr. Cooper, AOC’s proposal is a radical agenda to people like you who make millions of $$$$ a year as a MSM presstitute by supporting the agenda of the 1%!



“The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Stay strong Alexandria!



Public opinion must be contextualized, polls can’t do that. To say that most Americans will support increasing taxes to the supper rich ignores reality. Most Americans don’t mind that the super rich pay less in taxes because most Americans don’t visualize themselves making up for the difference. On the other hand, they do mind if the rich pay more for two reasons, a) they think there will be fewer jobs, and b) they don’t see themselves benefiting from higher tax revenues. To achieve anything, progressives must learn to interpret data in the social context voters make decisions. They don’t seem to be able to do this, for some reason.



Blah blah blah, per usual.

“To say that most Americans will support increasing taxes to the supper rich ignores reality.”

Says a person ignoring facts and reality, like always. Drivel from you. The fucking point is that the idea isn’t radical like some people make it seem. People are, at the very least, open to discussing and debating the merits of the matter.



It’s only radical, to the disinformation crowd.



Yeah, the kind of person that pretends to provide context by making a series of unsubstantiated claims. Would be nice if I could change objective reality by just claiming a bunch of things when I see facts I don’t like.



Alexandria’s no-bullshit information sharing, is threatening to every politician on-the-take.

And, those providing the money to get their way.



There’s nothing radical about a 70% tax bracket. In addition to that though, I’d like to see wages raised way beyond the $15/hr. nonsense being peddled right now.

There are two ways to address income inequality. Taxes, which go to the government which, in turn, may or may not spend that money to benefit those most in need. Or, wages, which may have the same effect on the billionaires, but which puts money directly in the pockets of those who deserve it the most and may have the effect of reducing the need for government to address the needs of those who need help the most.

Personally, I’d like to see more of the latter and see it first, although I agree the 70% bracket should still be implemented as a backstop to the inequality problem.



HI Shantianada. LOL and hmmmm is that Anderson Cooper, the son of the rich, rich and even more rich, Gloria Vanderbilt? Yeah, sometimes rich people don’t understand REAL LIFE, do they. : )



Raising the tax rates will not matter much if the monies end up being fed into the coffers of the banksters and the MIC.Naomi Wolf has some thoughts on the Green New Deal:https://youtu.be/N71pXoROTcQ

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Taxing wealth in the highest marginal tax bracket at 70% or higher is just generally a good thing.

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Depends on where you live. $15.00 in some communities and regions is a good starting wage. Besides, it raises semi-skilled labor to $18-19.00, and then upwards you go. At some point reasonably priced daycare services, et al become as important as the $$$.
The issue is manufacturing keeps leaving the country and offshore profits stay there.



My point is that we need to get way past the notion of minimum living/wage standards – that is, something that just gets to the threshold of poverty. Instead, anyone working full time should be comfortable and be able to afford that day care with stressing out over it. Of course, more skilled workers would be even better off. It’s a more direct way of equalizing income and wealth than a 70% tax bracket while creating a stable and sustainable economic environment.

My approach would make it less likely someone would ever reach the 70% tax bracket, but it would greatly enhance the lives of millions of families. Our current wage structure is more akin to a lord and serf system and it’s driven by Wall Street and management greed, not overall societal health and well-being.



BINGO!!! We wouldn’t find ourselves in this predicament if the truth had been out there since fucking Reagan destroyed our economy with this horseshit of the rich are job creators therefore they should be richer. How the fuck did they get “ rich” in the first place? By being greedy and pawing every penny they could back to increase their own wealth. The only thing the rich are good for is themselves. Call the 70% tax rate a Greed Tax.



Nothing to do with this article, but I have to comment about a lack of coverage. On September 8,9 about 200 million people in India organized a general strike, considered the largest strike in world history, that brought many areas of the nation to a halt. Labor leaders, joined by many others in society, joined to protest neo-liberal policies of the government that have resulted in a reduced standard of living for the large majority of citizens. Virtually no coverage of this strike in most mainstream media sites, which is understandable, but also a lack of coverage in sites that claim to be progressive. I do not read articles in Common Dreams on a regular basis and wonder if any news of this event was covered here.



JoanR, I am starting to suspect you might have unconscious Trumpian tendencies. I say this because you can’t seem to stay away from rude language. If at some point you feel fascinated by rusting cars on front yards or feel some irresistible sexual attraction to very close relatives, then it might be best that you consult with a psychologist, you might be suffering from implicit white trashiness. For your own good, I hope this isn’t the case.

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Man, are you clever. Got me pegged. You have nothing to back up anything you ever say. Here, in a thread about people saying that they support higher marginal tax rates on the rich, in a country where the media is almost entirely hostile to the idea (shocking when they are all rich), and the two parties are overwhelmingly against the idea, when the idea as treated as being so radical that it shouldn’t even be discussed or debated, you claim that people support the opposite of what this poll shows. Why? Cause you said so. How is that not Trumpian? You don’t like facts and reality? Cool, just invent your own.

You deserve scorn, you act rudely to others and dismiss working people all the time as ignorant know nothings. This poll, and lots of other stuff I have showed you, shows that many working people appear to be far more enlightened than you are. To think that you used to teach young people economics is depressing. I don’t believe you did, but if you did, I feel sorry for those students. What nonsense did you pass on to them?

And how do you justify why they would oppose higher marginal tax rates anyway? By some superficial economic argument that takes a few seconds to shoot down. You could make a similar argument on raising the minimum wage (which ignorant working stiffs voted in this last election in some “white trash” areas of the country). Really simplistic theory says it could cost jobs, so ignore the counter-logic and all the studies showing otherwise, and pretend the things you invent in your own head and have no factual basis are the things providing “context”.



Is your mirror fogged up?



Apparently, most Americans DO mind that the rich pay less in taxes. That’s why the poll shows that most people want them to pay more. But hey, if you want to make stuff up to support your fantasy, by all means go ahead.