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'We Can Win Public Sentiment': Ocasio-Cortez Says She's Not Surprised as Poll Shows As Poll Shows Majority Back 70% Tax Rate for Ultra-Rich, Ocasio-Cortez 'Radical' Proposal Proves Extremely Mainstream Americans Back 70% Tax Rate on Ultra-Rich


We’ve tried for 80 years to get the rich to pay workers a decent wage. They don’t do it unless they’re forced to, and they make government destroy the only organizations (unions) that can force them to pay fair wages. We’ve also tried to do it by taxing the rich and implementing a social safety net. The rich lobby the government to do away with that too. If progressives aren’t able to reverse the abuses of the employer class in the next few years, the only option left to us will be something along the lines of the French Revolution, which will allow us to deal with the problem in a more direct and brutal way.


“And how do you justify why they would oppose higher marginal tax rates anyway?”
The fact you ask that question, rhetorically or not, tells me I would be wasting time giving you an answer.
The reason I say this is that questions of that nature, which explore why people engage in self-destructive behavior, are standard material in research. The way someone asks a question is more informative to me than the way he/she answers the question.


Most White Americans of working class extraction in conservative parts of the country do “not” conform to your description. I don’t make stuff up, my friend.


That’s nothing but obfuscation, with no content.

The way someone answers a questions is informative as well. In this case, there was no illumination other than that you have no answer or are unwilling or unable to give it.


Yeah, I can fucking read guy, and I know the theory. You horribly butchered it with some logic I would expect from someone that had yet to take Econ 102. It was a silly argument, and I did give a more fleshed out response before when you made similar arguments. After I asked that rhetorical question, I addressed why it was silly. You did give an argument. Remember that? See that comment above? As I said to you in another thread where you were spitting out right wing bullshit, in many economic contexts, when higher marginal tax rates exist, it can influence behavior and lead to more investment. It can also impact things like inequality, since the government clearly doesn’t want to do much to address power differentials, either through strengthening workers relative to capital or through supporting outright worker ownership. Within capitalist institutions, there is a direct correlation between the income of those at the top and the wages of the workers. The larger the gap between what workers produce with their labor and their wages, the more money is available to be funneled up. Data, actual studies, shows that inequality within institutions has increased. The AFL-CIO also keeps track of the CEO to worker pay ratio among large companies, which has exploded in recent decades. Again, clearly an issue of power dynamics. And if you do actually have a background in economics, you know the various ways in which income can be earned by the rich that has everything to do with the size and power of individuals and institutions, things like monopoly power and other forms of economic rent.

I explained all of this to you before, and you said it was “ideological”. I take it that you think you aren’t ideological? I, for the life of me, don’t know why anyone would come to a site and post a bunch of bumper stickers, with a rude dismissal of working people thrown in here or there. Seems that you should have better things to do with your life, as your arguments aren’t likely to influence anyone. If people reading your comment agree with you, they will like it, if they don’t, they won’t, but I can’t imagine anyone will change how they think based on your comments. I would look silly too though if I decided to argue that gravity didn’t exist. Maybe you don’t post to influence people but to “trigger” them.


Not so fast! Gravity is just an illusion created by the warping of the fabric of the space-time continuum caused by the presence of mass!


Any polls showing how many Americans are in full support of the US army budget?


Arguing with Joan over economics, you really are dumber than a bag of hammers.
Signed, working class white trash.


Sorry - this lady (Joan) always makes a lot of sense. You might try following what she writes as it makes a lot of sense compared to what you post.

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Poiticscorner, nobody proposes taxing wealth. There is no tax on wealth in the US (although Trump once proposed it), there is tax on net income.


At this point radical is our only hope. If it isn’t radical, then its clearly not enough!

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Do you believe that Capital Gains need to be included in one’s Net Income?

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Well i couldn’t watch the whole thing but this lady clearly was misinterpreting the document. When she went off on geoengineering that clearly was not mentioned or meant to be she lost my attention.


I think a high tax on the higher income bracket is too simple to work alone. Tax exempt spending is a big problem. What is charitable income is part of the problem.
Those big foundations, those think tanks, those gross donations going to politicians from lobbyists, those shady businesses which bankrupt, and many other exemptions are part of the reason that wealthy live well with few taxes.


Were back to the depression days once again. Full employment? Bullshit. We the people have been relagated to the status of mushrooms and as such all we get fed is shit.

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Exactly Pony!!! She is a direct threat to the continued enrichment of the establishment Dems. (see Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, [up]Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, every fucking one that resists Bernie Sanders and now AOC. I love her to pieces!!!:heart::heart::heart:

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Actually for wages to be caught up with inflation it is said minimum wage should be more like $20.13/hr. rather than a mere $15/hr. Social Security payments have been shorted ever since Clinton as well. Now by golly we paid for those benefits so we who receive retirement or disability payments have been getting ripped of on our lifetime investment for several decades. We can pay for everything due the retired, disabled, and hourly workers by charging those who have benefitted compound interest on the funds they illegally kept for themselves and stashed in offshore tax havens. If they refuse lock em up. We deserve what we paid for retroactively.

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there is no gravity, the earth sucks


The only reason that the support is only 59% is because 41% of Americans have no idea at all how our progressive tax rates work.

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Maybe Americans are awakening up to the fact that they are getting screwed. Let’s go back to the tax structure of the 50’s, rich was rich but not filthy rich.

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