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'We Cannot Continue to Live Like This': Protests in Colombia Latest in Series of Latin American Progressive Movements

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/22/we-cannot-continue-live-protests-colombia-latest-series-latin-american-progressive

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“Every victory
Gonna bring another
Carry it on,
Carry it on.”
–Richard and Mimi Fariña

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THIS is what the US/CIA has been doing since the end of WWII -


Carried out by CIA and designed to allow only right wing candidates/governments to hold power.

Originally, Gladio covered Japan, Italy, France, Germany –

Japan and Germany became economic Superpowers – these were our former enemies.

The US immediately resurrected the MAFIA in Italy to ensure the operation would be
carried out efficiently.
In Italy, the CIA immediately began running drugs and guns – laundering the money
via the Vatican and then using the money for fake “insurrections” to be blamed on the
Italian government.
Companion programs:
Operation Mockingbird to take our free press and Operation Paperclip/200,000 ex-Nazis

All of this has happened all over the world, of course –
Not just effecting the nations over which the US had influence and control at the end of WWII,
but as we can see Central and South America – and many other nations where the CIA has
run coups. And, of course, all of this has been brought home to us here in the USA.

From the article –

"We live in a country that kills children, that kills social leaders, with a government that is against peace," businesswoman Alexandra Guzmán said. "That is why we have to change something. We cannot continue to live like this."

Colombia has long been under the thrall of US-backed right-wingers, so it’s great to see the people rising up. https://twitter.com/redfishstream/status/1197843743539367936