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We Cannot Go on Like This. It Is Time to Talk to North Korea


We Cannot Go on Like This. It Is Time to Talk to North Korea

Tom Fowdy

The ignorance and hubris of the President of the United States knows no boundaries. At his debut speech on Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly—an organization built for the purposes of peace, humanitarianism and internationalism—Donald Trump openly and apologetically threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea in response to its continued nuclear and missile testing.


Dmitry Orlov speaking about a bit more than North Korea. Quite funny and scary all at once. Enjoy.



What about we stop talking to N.Korea?
US hubris of just because we talk we must be listened to, has to end.
It is about time we talk “with” N. Korea.
For you who went to school in order to gain an education and not just to get a degree as a job APPLICATION will know the difference between to( or at) ; and with, amutual exchange of ideas.
If one thinks back to school experiences why is it some courses and instructors were more enjoyable and in fact more educating, than others.
Trumps speech at U.N. is one of best examples of American hubris I have ever witnessed.
Because he was not talking with U.N. members and instead talking at, talking down to the people chosen by their Native lands to Represent them to entire world.
NOT once did he relent from that old piss poor command of ; "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO.
His was a talk of being a world dictator, the prof who does not really give a Flynn F if student graduates but knows his favorite flatterers will.
The teacher, not an educator, that cuts some students by public embarrassment, and threatens failure UNLESS the student unquestioningly does not interrupt their speil.
I do not know how others feel towards my thoughts but, personally I would and crave an opportunity to talk with a N. KOREAN individuals


If our government will not open talks with North Korea, We the People must.

Perhaps We can approach Jimmy Carter to be a spokesman for us.

Someone who values Peace over War and Profit.

If We as a People continue to use War and Death and Human Suffering as a means to drive our economy, We will be doomed to being the lonely Gunslinger always being tested by the young upstarts ready to take our place as the Badass in town.


BUT just because Carter builds houses and jaunts about world using eo liberal funds and his tax Free Carter and other foundations moneys. and monitoring elections in nations that US empire is meddling within, just what and heck did he do while President?
He lied like a pirate about health hazards and environmental harms of Three Mile Islands’partial nuke meltdown.
He never replied to the new leadership’s request for talks after they kicked a brutish US installed Shah, And instead sent in the military only t fail and further alienate the whole of Iran’s people.
He gets Egypt and Israel to sign a peace treaty and gets a medal for it B it little known to American taxpayers is that in return to Egypt’s oil fields the US guaranteed oil to Israel forever and US taxpayers pick up tab.
Today Egypt is still largest US aid recipient and oil payments are included.
Read up on Carter Doctrine; it is the program set up to keep US as sole arbiter over middle East oil as part of US military superiority and is still in effect.
He embarrassed US State Department that lined up individual meetings with Mexico, all of Latin American and some S. American Nations, Nations of Machismo Leaders, an he Cancells and sends wife, Roslyn instead, a person beyond being just a female had no Diplomatic authorization or experience at all.
AND they in US could not understand why some of those foreign leaders who were promised face to face meetings and prepared all the pomp and ceremony turned away and watched as one after US embassy was stoned and set afire.
Carter was no more than smiling face while still supporting School OF America’s and interference within seeker nations of our Industrial and military goon squads.
This liberal darling was just as can two faced as any Pres we have installed.


Interesting read, thanks for posting it. I do think Orlov is jaded by his want to see the US broke and not a super power(can’t say I’m proud of what we are either). I believe we’re losing on purpose to loot us, not by accident or to let the rest of the world end up in control. It’s always follow the money and the money is biggest in Military spending. The last thing the MIC wants is to win and end these wars. Look how hard they try to get us into them. Look at our budget. Orlov’s belief that we don’t win because of ineptitude, is childish.


But America can and will go on like this.

Generations of Americans have been indoctrinated to see war as option one or as the only option.

Conservative centrists like Morning Joe liked the speech, found much of it in the “mainstream”, and thought most Americans would like it too.

It is probably true that Joe is – with respect to discerning American opinion – right.

Or perhaps I’m thinking of another nation that supported wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and, I believe it was, Korea.


We could have had Ron Paul in 2012. You all dismiss him because he’s not a socialist, but he has been one of the few steadfastly against American empire. The Repub establishment hated and feared him more than any other group.


I was tempted with Paul, since he staunchly opposed militarism. I think he wants to audit the Fed reserve (or did he want to do away with it?). However, with all domestic issues he blows. He probably would have been better than Trump. At least we would have seen some dramatic, good change (ie, ending covert and overt military interventions, reduced military spending, etc).


Great article I totally agree with. I heard a similar take on Ian Masters’ show yesterday. Dialogue is at least doing something that’s potentially positive. How can warmonger hypocrites like Trump and Haley live with themselves? Makes me sick hearing these two cave dwellers talk.


Did you mention Carter’s inaction on Indonesia’s occupation of East Timor? I know no one is perfect, but some are closer to the ideal. How about Dennis Kucinich? I know he proposed a Department of Peace when he was running for President, and I think he was more vocal against militarism during his campaign for President in comparison to Bernie who was quite mute.


The great negotiator is playing chicken with our lives.


People refer to Carter as a liberal----Carter running for president was seen as a conservative—and this is what helped him win running against many progressives—Udall was considered the favorite—I was hoping for Sen Fred Harris of Okl.----It is interesting how Carter supported conservation and was against consumerism.


Thank you for this article—The president of the US stated he wants to destroy North Korea and the media Yawn? How many are dying in Yemen today because of US actions?40,000 civilians died in the battle for Mosul.

The people in the media are just as responsible for these deaths because they fail to inform people of what the US is doing.

When the president of the US threatens the destruction of an entire country one would think the media would make this the number one issue of concern.Just as this article gives some good history to understand the conflict one would think the mass media would be doing the same so the American people can make an informed decision.

I for one as an American Citizen object to the president of the US saying its ok to destroy another country.

And I will never understand how so many people in the US turn a blind eye to the violence happening to so many people by the US happening now at this moment.


Simple it is because they are too busy struggling to survive as their own government takes more and more from them and giving it to the rich and fund the very weapons that are destroying the lives of innocents around the world.


The media has no choice except to report the news the way they paymasters see fit. If any major news outlet decided to report any story within its proper context, the funds (sponsors) necessary to stay in business would dry up immediately. The MSM is nothing more than extensions of a corporate empire devoted to consumerism, celebrity worship, fluff and manufactured consent.
Too many spectators of the news believe that the networks report the news the way they see it. The reality is the news is reported according to an approved framework and in accordance with a strict narrative that has zero tolerance for any deviation. If for example there was a footnote in the last article about a North Korea missile or nuclear bomb test that included the number of missiles and nuclear bombs the U.S. has tested, the news organization would be privately (and perhaps publicly) vilified for providing a legitimate context for its audience to compare the two countries simply because such a critical thinking exercise would undermine the mainstream narrative. The “inappropriate” footnote would circulate throughout corporate America and the news source would experience an immediate withdrawal of financial support (ads) from any corporation invested in the status quo.
A free and objective news media does exist in the U.S., but unfortunately none of it is mainstream. This is by design and not by choice. You should never expect to get an unbiased report of any political or economic event simply because it is not permitted.


Is Korea not interested in negotiating? Or is this more US propaganda?


Korea and Cuba:
One may wonder about why in same intro, but there are a great many simularities between them as to how our Cold War indoctrination allowed the more militant factions of US Policy makers to Demonize them in American eyes.
One responder here questioned wether N. Korea wanted to talk well one could ask wether Cuba or Iran wanted to talk as well; and the answer is, Damn right they did and still do.
I say damn right in double contex, because right from the gig go all three tried to open, or keep open in Korea’s case, dialogue in the immediate aftermaths of overthrowing US supporters of US imposed oppresive rulers in Iran and Cuban examples.
In Iran’s case immediately even though Iran was still in throes of incomplete setup of New government they , yes they held Americans who supported financial and military of old, tried to open dialogue but US refused so they went through Canadian and French channels but US rebuffed both offers. Choosing ( not Just by presidential orders but by all members of congress war commitee members approval as well, to let CIA and military try to forcefully remove hostages.
IN Cuba’s case even after Castro overthrew Batista regime he replaced all Old Embassy staff in US with well known and of international respect Cubans to try and Pacify US aggression leaders.
In return he got the bay of Deab Cuban CIA merc invaders.
Iran got invaded by Iraq.
Another reason for damn is that despite all three nations attempts to pacify US through openly honest means those of American Statesmen who tried to act as go between all had their State or other EMPLOY terminated and became persona non gratis in DC.
YET American public knew that Iran must of had some clandestine talks as Regan told them in exchange of hostages to hold off until after he was elected and,Using Israeli middle men exchanged weapons and promise of opening regular diplomatic relations, Which of course US reneged.
Know personally US guards who were at DMZ as special guards who said that many many times they were to stand too as US suits and military were going to hold talks, only to see N. KOREAN
Dignitaries arrive and enter hall, then to sit there for 10-1w or more hours waiting upon American and allied who never showed.
Sometimes as long as two weeks they upon being reassured of a meet, ur military unit still told to stand to and make it appear US was coming
Sometimes a staff car of US would appear and then a lone militay or suit civilian messenger Bearing an envelope to enter US command shack while Koreans wat hed only to see messenger leave.
Mind fu… games by US.
AND this went on for years,; Even when N. Korea went through foreign channels those nations diplomatic Corp were complicit in those bullsh… tactics.
EVEN when Clinton years talks were ( EXCEPT for US propaganda shoots) not held at DAM but at first in secret foreign meets. N. Korea met all the US required terms, investing hundreds of millions in building I restructure for Clinton’s promised nuke plant was scuttled by VIA and Military pressure, Led by powerfully Repubs, to rescind agreement. And close all future dialogue through outside and inside channels.
They are no more than modernized military tactics of siege warfare, starve enemy into submission.
t is one of most powerfully weapons in use today, and it is not used solely against a chosen State but as a threat that same , or worse will be used against any NATION the even remotely opposes them.As you now see the U.N. body including China and Russia now obediently approving Threats of Trump’ s USA retaliation if they vote wrong.


Great idea about Carter- even better as a spokesperson and ambassador of peace that being a president.


And the US “leaders” call killing civilians collateral damage!