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'We Cannot Keep Handing Over Billions to Military-Industrial Complex,' Says Sanders as Senate Passes Massive Military Budget

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/02/we-cannot-keep-handing-over-billions-military-industrial-complex-says-sanders-senate


Only a very few are making costly decisions for the entire country.

535 of them are in Congress.

Leaving the Duopoly can send a strong message to them.

Do what is right.


Amazes me how ‘bipartisan’ Pelosi and Schumer are when it comes to warmongering.

If there is a single reasoning person in America Wonderland that believes the peasant are going to get more than crumbs from this: I’ve got some F35 turkeys for sale and will throw in the Gerald Ford carrier … aptly named. The MICC gifts of graft and corruption (also known as cost over run) that keep on giving.


This is why the neoliberals that control the Democratic Party will not allow Bernie to become their nominee.

This near unanimous support* (including the “Squad”) for massive military spending puts a lie to all the progressive talk about medicare for all, GND, $15 min. wage, climate chaos mitigation…on and on.

*In fact, most Republicans in the House voted against it.


The left always gets outplayed on the politics of the military budget. Just giving the “guns and butter” argument that money is better spent on social needs has been shown time and again to be a losing argument. Americans see the men and women in the military as serving their country and want their military to have the necessary tools to carry out their missions. The problem is that we give them too damn many missions. Missions that protect powerful economic interests rather than the interests of the people. Missions to exploit the resources and cheap labor of other lands that cost jobs and dignity at home. Missions that foster brutal dictatorships and degrade democratic values in the world. Missions that add to our global warming problem and destroy the environment globally.

I think the better political argument is to advocate for an annual audit of every mission in every country. Who is benefitting and who is being hurt? What values are we enhancing or degrading?What is our goal? Are our actions working toward success in that goal? By what measures?

That audit should be publicly available to allow for full public discussion and vetted through the mechanisms of the War Powers Act. If a mission is deemed necessary, then make sure they have the tools to carry it out. If not, then withdraw from the mission at a maximum pace. That strategy puts progressive people squarely on the side of their natural position of avoiding harm to those serving and avoiding military adventurism that destroys the peace, well-being, and self-determination of the world’s peoples.


We have no control as citizens of this nation over our representatives –

and certainly not either over the FEW – Pelosi/Schumer and Mnuchin –

who have created this outrageous budget for more war.

And that’s certainly what it will be used for.


Let the DNC that only a real progressive nominee will receive our support. We will give no more energy, no more votes to the 1% and its agents that currently infest both parties! A change org petition is here http://chng.it/qGfJRXVpRs


This is obscene we already have the capability to destroy all life on planet earth a thousand time over yet we keep concentrating on building more weapons of destruction.

Time to turn our attention to Diplomacy and PEACE.

We have a bigoted psychopathic maniac in the White House we need someone with the philosophy of MLK, Jr a man or woman who cherishes peace and loves all people from every nation.

The Racial Bigot we elected seems hell bent on making the entire world our enemy with his America Exceptionalism, his America First and his Evangelical Dogma.

BERNIE - LIZ - 2020


$2,203.00 each year from every American is a sin. A family of five throws in $11,000 !!
That is a lot of grocery money.
The campaign talk of rebuilding bridges, dams, levees, pipelines is certainly false. There is nuttin left !!
Plus we know from history that half the expenditures in both war dept and our medical is waste.

Expect wall street to be happy. pentagon overjoyed.
But private rifleman and sgt. when married will still be SNAP eligible.


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, The real Pentagoon/War Department budget is double or more than the reported budget. You have to look at all the other government agencies. We can’t afford this government of the wealthy and powerful as they are controlling just about everything in this country. Basically they will bring about global destruction as they have no real understanding except “more”, “more” and “more”!


For the record

Dem candidates:
Bennet No
Klobuchar No
Gillibrand Yes
Booker Did not vote
Harris Did not vote
Sanders Did not vote
Warren Did not vote

Of the 28 Senators who voted no
Republicans 23
Democrats 5

Draw your own conclusions, but it’s obvious that with even a little bit of resistance from the Democrats, this bill could have been sunk or at least trimmed down.


The addiction to manifest destiny! Warmongers, impearialism, capitalism! Trillions of dollars misplaced by the Pentagon. More money, more money! How much goes into Nancy’s purse.


The Wall Street Duopoly has spoken


Priceless image of the ilk of these politicians by a Brazilian artist


And as the article implies, less and less is what will go to healthcare and human climate change survival. The clown and his minions are now increasing the arms race to full throttle. The future is bleak.


This bill is not about the military, or their ridiculous wars all over the world. Little of this money finds it’s way to the military or the men and women serving in it, no matter how many claim this reason for their support of it.
This is more socialism for the rich, as if they don’t have enough already while the people suffer. The Pentagon has become nothing more than a backdoor to steal the citizens tax dollars, and give it to the rich. The fact that less dems oppose this bill than repugs, is very telling as to just how screwed we are.


Good point! And that is also why the neoliberals and the Democratic, political elite will allow Biden to become their nominee.


Did Not Vote? Apparently not important enough to vote NO Bernie? Or did not need your vote to pass?

Well, you can now say ‘I Did Not Vote for another trillion dollars in national debt’ with a straight face.

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Military defense spending biggest waste of money there is. Now they want to waste $billions on a tactical nuke and upgrading a nuclear arsenal that will never get used (at least most of it, because if a nut does push the button war, most of it won’t be needed to destroy the world).


Well, he didn’t, so why shouldn’t his face be straight? Warren’s face, et al…? It was a procedure to end the business of Congress, for the time being.
If you think the Republican majority would of stopped passage of this over deficits/offsets…" Well, there you go, again. " RR. " Deficits don’t matter ". VP Dick Cheney.

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