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'We Cannot Overstate the Harm This Decision Will Have': Oklahoma Judgue Upholds Ban on Common Abortion Procedure

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/12/we-cannot-overstate-harm-decision-will-have-oklahoma-judgue-upholds-ban-common

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These attacks on abortion show these state’s disregard for women –
not only their health – but their lives.

This is a use of government by Dinosaurs to continue the War on Women –

Seriously, this is a civil rights issue that is morphing into a criminal justice nightmare. Where is your estrogen when you really need it.?

Excellent article. Thanks very much.

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fern –

It’s a very basic issue of the loss of life of women as happened
pre-the 1973 Roe decision.

And I can vouch that many more women than those that died came very
close to losing their lives after illegal abortions only due to emergency care
at Emergency Rooms at local hospitals at that time. That included Catholic
Hospitals whose doctors responded as they should at that time.

Today, there is no way to say what would happen to a woman who may
sometime in the near future have an “illegal abortion” because it may be
less financially costly for her – and the abortionist only begins the process
of the abortion because he/she does not in any way want to be connected
to it – and further likely would not have the medical know-how to perform
a D&C – or stop hemorrhaging.

Still, though hospitals did respond – it was obvious that those in charge of
our laws were willing to let young girls/women DIE if they chose an illegal
abortion. Just tough luck for them. Many didn’t make it to the hospital.

Today, one in every six hospitals is a Catholic hospital.
Reportedly they require that any woman seemingly suffering a miscarriage
be turned away because it COULD be the result of an incomplete abortion.
This is how patriarchy works to continue its oppressions of women.

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I’m really at a loss for words here, I do recognize how dangerous these laws are, it has far reaching consequences for all women in need of healthcare. It is abominable that being a female subjects you to criminal penalties for decisions you make regarding your own health. The loss of life issue is real and already happening. I also agree about the religious intervention into healthcare that violate best practice rules. It was bad enough when medical research was for the most part studied on men by men and then adapted for women. Somewhere along the line someone figured out that women are different and have different needs. There are still remnants of this though out healthcare and beyond.

I wasn’t sure where to find you and it’s off topic but I wanted to share this:

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Glad you agree –

I don’t quite understand however your comment that “you didn’t know where to
find me” … ???

17 years of BS war in Iraq – and NO WMD – but a lot of OIL now under US/CIA control.

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I wanted to share the link and wasn’t quite sure where to do it is all. I’m not sure if you know but Barbara Lee was the only one to vote against this authorization and it must be rewarding that her bill passed to end it.

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TJ -

Sorry, but there have been reports of this happening –
and as long as Catholic Hospitals control 1 in every 6 of our hospitals
it will remain a threat to women and their lives.

Remember, there WAS ACTUALLY a time when in a Catholic Hospital they
did make it policy to save the life of the newborn rather than the life of the
mother. Husbands and families finally figured this out – at great cost to them
of the loss of their wives and daughters – and stopped using Catholic hospitals.

Let’s also wake up to the reality that Catholics support ALL reproductive health
care for women including CHOICE –
and that Catholic women have just as many abortions as other women.
In other nations, of course, they have to secure abortions where they can and in
Ireland 200 a week (likely more today) travel to the UK to secure an abortion.

The Catholic Church (in denial of Vatican II) still continues to preach obedience
to their members in regard to their teachings – denying them the right of free
conscience, free thought and free will.

The right wing in the RCC rose up at the beloved Pope John XXIII’s Vatican II
which told Catholics to use their own consciences to decide for themselves in regard
to whether or not to use contraception. It created a democracy in the RCC which
didn’t make the fascists in control too happy.

I think the role of medical intervention is much broader than most religious doctrines allow for. One is evolving and the other tradition. I don’t think patriarchal religions really understand the agreement between a woman and giving birth to another human being. They either don’t know or are not motivated to say, but instead insert influence and control to the point of letting a woman die. Seriously, are you saying that women can’t know or make decisions about their own bodies and should be jailed if they do. Do you know that happens all the time.

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TJ – It has already been reported as having happened.

And you’re speaking of the Catholic Church and “morals” suggesting a connection
of some kind?

We have Catholic hospitals because the government continues to
turn over hospitals over to the Catholic Church.

Prior to birth there are two patients whose care is integrally tied. Again, Catholic hospitals recognize the humanity of the unborn child and will not pursue treatments that purposely kill the child, even if it would benefit the mother.

Again, in the past, Catholic hospitals were guilty of saving the newborn at the
expense of the life of the mother. And when this became recognized, those who
knew stopped using Catholic hospitals.

The “humanity of a child” doesn’t mean much to the Catholic Church once they’re
in range of a Catholic pedophile priest, does it?

In that case, the RCC has acted only to preserve its own skin – and to protect the priest.

Your personal need to see women suffer without therapeutic abortions to save their
lives, to save their health and to save their future fertility doesn’t make your thinking right.

Again – Catholic women are exercising their own free will, their own consciences in
every decision they make in regard to abortion of necessity and abortion of CHOICE.

The teachings of this male-supremacist religion based in racism, sexism, anti-Semitism,
homophobia and to create intolerance and hatred for native people as they have long
done have only profited the Elites/Patriarchy they underpin in their quest for Empire and
stolen land. And it was all done with the greatest violence the world has ever seen.

Clearly, in order to support this male-supremacist religion any longer the supporters will
be only those who support male-supremacist thinking.

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Ok, and I’m saying that the agreement between a women and (baby spirit, whatever) is between them and that doesn’t include you, me, and a long list of others. It is a fluid agreement that is created and broken and changed all the time. In your narrative, “not part of the mother’s body” is just false. Until there is a fully developed infant capable of surviving as “not part of a mother’s body” (and medical intervention has changed that definition) someone has to decide. Obviously by world population statistics baby spirits are fairly capable. This is about who decides. It also criminalizes creation.

TJ –

Maybe you better look into Catholic teachings and their preaching of hatred
and intolerance for much of the population of the world for their own profit –

Either you missed this or you chose to ignore it in order to continue to support
this violent and male-supremacist religion …


Sweeping apology for attacks on Jews, women and minorities defies theologians’ warnings
World news
Pope says sorry for sins of church
Sweeping apology for attacks on Jews, women and minorities defies theologians’ warnings.
Rory Carroll in Rome
Monday 13 March 2000 06.37 EST First published on Monday 13 March 2000 06.37 EST
Saving one of his most audacious initiatives for the twilight of his papacy, John Paul II yesterday attempted to purify the soul of the Roman Catholic church by making a sweeping apology for 2,000 years of violence, persecution and blunders.

From the altar of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome he led Catholicism into unchartered territory by >seeking forgiveness for sins committed against Jews, heretics, women, Gypsies and native >peoples.

At the link you will find more details on RCC oppressions of “Heretics, Jews, Women”

And today is no different in regard to the RCC which continues to try to defend its 1000+
years of preaching of hatred and intolerance for homosexuals in order to encourage violence
against them and to encourage their parents to abandon them. All of which they succeeded
in doing.

You continue to pretend not to understand what is being said to you –
The practice of Catholic hospitals into the 1950’s to save the newborn rather
than the mother did exist and families began to abandon those hospitals.

and …

The care of pregnant women in Catholic hospitals - Denver …
At the beginning of December, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a sweeping federal lawsuit against the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops over its Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic hospitals, alleging that the directives, with their prohibition against direct abortion, resulted in negligent care of a pregnant woman named Tamesha Means.

You are knee-deep in Catholic propaganda –
The church itself has been one of the most active organizations ever to exist
in spreading vile propaganda about others across the globe.
And having it believed by people like you.

The Vatican itself demanded that the church be protected from the “scandal” of
pedophile priests. And the cover up continues on.

And, in fact, the RCC has FOUGHT every effort to improve accountability of their
priests – still fighting the lifting of Statutes of Limitations which would permit their
victims to have a longer period of time to bring charges against priests.
Fortunately, in NJ this has happened as one of our State legislators fought the
RCC and its lawyers for nearly two decades.

American GENOCIDE against the Native people here was carried out by Papal
Edicts to “Enslave or Kill” them and Africans already enslaved here.
Columbus did not come alone – he had family connections to the Vatican and
dedicated himself to spreading “Christianity” here.

Further, Our Founders also established Church Schools here to further the
campaign against the Natives here in forcing their children into these schools run
by the Mormon Church and the Catholic Church – often the children were kidnapped
from their parents who were not permitted to visit them.

The children were tortured in these “Christian” schools – not permitted to speak in
their own languages, beaten, hung, murdered in these schools – and, of course,
sexually abused.

The top of your head seems to be limited to hearing and reading only Catholic Church lies.

The government bails out hospitals which are failing and passes them on to the RCC.

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Interesting link you posted. I validate some of that experience. I was cautioned as a young person about medical services at catholic hospitals. (when privacy was still an issue) It doesn’t stop there but there is a transition happening, they are moving out of managed care because they lost a lot of money. Also, a reduction in religious iconography. No more crosses and other icons. If they subscribe to anything other than best medical practice, it should be posted in each facility. Research hospitals often include that provision and our consent in the fine print. It really is a depraved subject. I know women that had their children at home, one started their own birthing clinic.

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TJ –

Fallen short?
Over 2,000 years of mistakes?
How long did it take you to get up the nerve to post that nonsense?

Catholic Church underpins Elites/Patriarchy as you can see wherever the
church is in business there is oppression of females. Are you denying that?

The Vatican and RCC continue on as a male-supremacist religion –
the Vatican continues to acknowledge the full personhood of females.
Are you denying that?

And, why would this be suggested by you … unless the RCC still had an anti-
homosexual outlook/policy?
Neither should Catholics be affirming or condoning a homosexual lifestyle.
Or is it just your homophobic outlook you’re making clear?

The RCC despite Vatican II stands against a democracy for the people –
not only in governments, but within the church they forbid Catholics to think for
themselves about church policy. Fortunately, most Catholics have the good sense
to ignore church teachings which are cruel and Medieval.

Well, the native people somehow had their hands cut off and other atrocities carried
out against them – and it just happened to be occurring under Papal Edicts to
“Enslave or Kill” them –

And, all of it identical to the Inquisitions and tortures by the church which set new
precedents of violence and which soaked the soil of Europe in BLOOD for hundreds of years.
Are you denying that as well?

Go back and read some more – Our Founders created “Church Schools” run by the
Mormon Church & Catholic Church. And native children suffered every kind of abuse
and murder in those schools. Never forgetting the always present – sexual abuse.

The RCC spread “Christianity” around the globe only through its VIOLENCE or threat
of it by its armies.

Fortunately, the American public is awakening to the terrors of the RCC – it’s violence
and lies – and its sexual abuse of children throughout all of its 2,000 years which the
Italians have made clear to the world.

If you want to run a hospital in the US, you should support the laws of the land which
include Roe and reproductive freedom. Otherwise, receive no help from the government.

TJ –

Well, one more thing you don’t know –
In fact the Vatican continues to refuse to acknowledge the full personhood
of females – and continues to bar them from authority and ritual in the Church,
based on female “inferiority” they still teach. Or are you denying that, as well?

2,000 years of teaching hatred and intolerance for homosexuals is homophobia.
And trying to prevent recognition and legality of heterosexual marriage is obsession
at this point on the part of the church – and mere male-supremacist opinion.

How exactly does the RCC stand against democracy? and to think for themselves?

Again – the Catholic Church is not a democracy and fights democracy all over the world.
The Church demands the obedience of members in accepting their male-supremacist
teachings, including denying Catholics the right to decide for themselves whether or not
to use contraceptives – or to have abortions. All of the teachings of the Church are in
denial of normal human sexuality in an effort to control that most private area of a individual’s

You’re on a Merry-Go-Round, TJ –
The Catholic Church itself has CONFESSED to their 2,000 years of violence.

Your mind is a great eraser – but that seems to be true of so many who suggest they are
Catholics while they live life contrary to its teachings – which is true of Catholic women and
contraception and abortion.

Find another obsession, TJ – you’ve worn this one out.

Protestants were once Catholics - and the Vatican invented Islamic religion.

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I have to add that by suppression and violence against the female aspects of not only women, but all of creation including the planet, and indoctrination of patriarchy is criminal. The global use of serial pedophilia is just one example.

You have every right to feel as you but you don’t have a right to impose those beliefs on others that do not share your concepts. The church has a very flawed record on equality. (and that is being nice)

TJ –

You struggle in your denial of the 2000 years of violence of the Vatican
as it imposed its belief systems on much of the world – and still does.
It’s a system of fascism which denies the right of equality to females and
denies freedom of conscience to its members.

When a woman’s life is threatened and a THERAPEUTIC abortion is necessary to
save during a dangerous pregnancy, then you are arguing for her death.
And it’s time that that was made clear to the male-supremacists like you who call for
such outcomes.

Again – the RCC understands that Catholics are and have been walking away from
the church – which is why it is supporting more and more US/CIA violence against
Muslims and women – and more and more efforts to FUND the church and its organizations.

Americans are funding Charter/religious schools – all of them –
while they have no control over these schools.

Americans are now funding the RCC’s “faith based religious organizations” since W.

Yes – it very much looks like the RCC created Islam – you can find information on that
at YoutTube and on internet – and it was done to control Arabs and Jerusalem.