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'We Cannot Stand for This Deception': Democrats Demand Probe Into Barr Amid News of Mueller Criticism

'We Cannot Stand for This Deception': Democrats Demand Probe Into Barr Amid News of Mueller Criticism

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller objected to how Attorney General William Barr publicly represented the findings of the Russia probe, Democrats on Tuesday demanded an immediate investigation into Barr's "possible effort to mislead the public."

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I can’t help but wonder just how low the Barr can be set. Is there even such a thing as a lower limit? I don’t think so.

Evidently it is not just the news about the climate that is worse than we had thought! With Trump (vis-a-vis ‘’Our Government’) the news is worse than we will ever find out!

How can any American not be truly ashamed that this - such as it is - is our government?

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Americans have to care first. Most people I talk to just don’t care. It reminds me of a cruise ship full of passengers that are completely oblivious that a drunken captain is about to ram an iceberg.

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More distraction. Meanwhile modern day fascist Brown Shirts (private US citizen MAGA “patriots” armed to the teeth) are beating up and sometimes killing brown people at our southern border, Trump has threatened US sanctions on any country that buys Iranian oil (excacerbating the risk of war), and Bolton is trying make Venezuela’s economy “scream” in order to overthrow it. Millions of people suffer. Democrats do nothing.


When the leaders run on opinions instead of UPHOLDING THE LAWS
This is the result
pelosi needs to GET OUT OF THE WAY
mcconnell needs to go to Prison with trump

The republicans have shit all over our Country
And democrats have helped them get away with it

Talk about TREASON


drumph administrative portrayal prior to criminal indictment

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possible effort What? this thing has no curser so I have no idea where I am and neither do they they think they are a guvmint???

Right on rolson! is anyone really surprised to hear about this Barr thing? just like when a welding inspector looks at a crappy weld and sees it is no good, a rational person has nothing more than to LOOK at the trump cabal and plainly see that they are ALL, totally, and completely no good!


Why did all of this take so long? We knew well in advance Barr, a Trump Stooge, was getting this document, and he was allowed to have it. Did anyone see a Cover up Not coming? This is not the people’s fault. We have a Criminal as President and the corruption that goes along with it runs deep.


As one of the Americans who just doesn’t care if Trump is impeached or not, allow me to explain.

Am I really looking forward to the Pence presidency? No.

Is there anybody with any chance of becoming president who has any intention of missing the iceberg? No.

With the exception of a few Democratic candidates for the presidency who are completely ignored by the establishment media and thus have very little chance of being elected, all of our political class is intent on steering into the iceberg of endless war. Some claim to be more competent than others.

So we are left to ask: do we want a more competent evildoer in the White House? I don’t have an answer for that.


When there is no clear solution, the answer is DO YOUR JOB
That is the way Checks and Balances work.
The rest will sort its way out, as it evolves.

But choosing indecision because of an endless array of “what ifs” only means slow death.

pelosi cranks about no support for impeachment or it divides the Nation.

Well, if she would Lead a Lawful Response, use the Bully Pulpit, Muster the Opposition to lawlessness, Support would Follow in Waves.

And for God’s Sake, for the World’s Sake,

We need to Govern for the Benefit of ALL, especially the Victims.
We need to Stop the Criminal Activities of the Perpetrators, Whoever and Wherever.
If One doesn’t do their Job, in the Spirit of the Law as it was Intended


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Diane Feinstein? OMG!. Must be going for the pathetic vote. Way past her nappy. The Dems. may have just lost this one. Just look at Mr Graham cracker’s face. He has bagged it.

All your reasoning fits into my self righteous soul too, but the problem is piratical and reasoned. Listen to the hearing. Did you just see Feinstein get buried at the senate hearings. I truly wish Palosi was wrong too, but she isn’t. If the congress goes ahead with impeachment now it would be like standing under a tree in a thunder storm.

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Republican operatives like Barr thrive on this stuff. It must be an adreneline rush. Basically they do the most egregious, ridiculous, beyond acceptable stuff just to push the bar - to see how far they can go without being stopped. It is like a burglar who gets a rush off of breaking into homes or maybe into the vault at a bank. Since the opposition - the Democrats - are often so weak and foolish - they often get away with whatever they do. Bush II had his guys with people like Karl Rove and Jack Abramhoff. Reagan had his team including Oliver North. Of course, law enforcement mostly looks the other way. This is a game and we are being played big time.

Agree - they have a duty to follow the law and do what is right regardless of the possible outcomes. This is not a lottery or gambling casino - where we play the odds - it is supposed to be a hall of government.

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Yea, it is very sad. Maybe they are just overwhelmed by all of the misdeeds to their so called leaders and feel hopeless about doing anything. That is a dangerous place to be in.

Feinstein has been a problem since she was our Mayor of SF.
She can’t lead, she can only function for the wealth of the Bay Area.

Most of the problems you feel are due to inadequate leadership.

A leader can’t throw water on every Idea or Representative that brings a New Better Deal
and then expect to have her leadership respected or even listened too.

The reason we feel like we are walking in mud is because pelosi abdicated her office responsibilities a long long time ago.

Right now she is doing what she does most…Equivocating while DC burns.
While the Climate Fails under the load of Criminality.

Nothing wrong with a Good Strong Thunder Storm. Energizes the Environment.
Not as many people get struck with lightening as you would think
Odds of becoming a lightning victim in the U.S. in any one year is 1 in 700,000 .
Good odds.

However, we know exactly what happens when we let the Criminals run things.

Democrats’ tantrum about Barr is ridiculous. Mueller said Barr’s letter WASN’T misleading, just that media coverage was.

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Another Bombshell, not, will this ever end? Read the report, it makes no difference what Barr says, what Mueller says, now that the report is there for inspection by anyone.

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