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'We Can't Enact Our Agenda Without Seats at the Table': Tens of Thousands Sign Petition Demanding Powerful Ways and Means Committee Seat for Ocasio-Cortez


'We Can't Enact Our Agenda Without Seats at the Table': Tens of Thousands Sign Petition Demanding Powerful Ways and Means Committee Seat for Ocasio-Cortez

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Recognizing that a bold agenda cannot advance if corporate Democrats have a stranglehold on the committees that determine whether legislation move forward or collapse, a coalition of progressive groups representing millions of Americans has launched a pressure campaign urging House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to appoint Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to a seat on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.


Folks: we need to do whatever it takes to make sure AOC is the next speaker of the House. Medicare for all is not realistic? PLEEEEASE!


A “seat at the table” means nothing if you don’t have the power to deliver something real.


Dims don’t want progressives at the table. They didn’t want them at the healthcare table back in 2009.


You have to get to the table, first.


I absolutely disagree. If you don’t come to the table armed with a sharp knife and fork, you’re gonna go away with a few crumbs thrown to you from the “adults” in the room. Actually, you should have an angry “mob” coming down the road just in case. They can always raid the barn ad root-cellar while you flap your lips and Tweet your Tweets.

Think “yellow vests” who won a minimum wage increase from $20 USD to about $23/hr, stopped taxes on pensions (French Social Security), delayed a fuel tax, and foiled an extra tax on overtime. The rich still got a huge tax cut, but the yellow vests are still in the streets and not quitting.


Medicare-For-All must be the People’s Red Line In The Sand.

Any politician who is not for this, is against all of us.


I guess it bears repeating: Blue wave, meet Clintonista sea wall.


And what does “real” mean to you? More corporate power? Ocasio-Cortez is a fighter. Don’t brush her off so soon unless all you want is business as usual.


Too bad we put this whole mess on Alexandria’s back when with Liquid Democracy we could solve our problems ourselves.


Fighting big Pharma? Now why would we want to do that? Oh, now I remember: Because they’re criminals…


The grand IRONY here is that exactly THOSE Democrats who will do anything to keep AOC, her colleagues and their agenda off key committees … ARE those very forces that got Trump elected!

I’m quite sure they don’t get it … just as those actually believing H had a stronger popular support than Sanders did … which is patently ridiculous.

As we saw in 2016, many of the most influential Dems were willing to bend or break just about ANY rule to prevent Sanders from getting the overwhelming public support he had earned. “Leaders” effectively BROKE democracy right then and there — to get the result they had predetermined over a year earlier.

And it’s not that those still in charge don’t GET it, or just need to wake up or to be educated, rather they ARE, in fact, “the other side”: they represent the Oligarchy, pure and simple, and are in their positions precisely because they are defending those interests! They don’t even PRETEND to either seek out nor represent the People’s Needs.

When they STILL tell us that America is “not ready” for Single-Payer Healthcare, they are repeating what the Clintons have been telling us for over TWENTY YEARS!

Face it, for over two decades they have not moved us one inch closer to what Canada and all countries in Europe have. And if they keep making excuses it is because they DEFEND the monied-interests of private insurance and Big Pharma desperately clinging to OWNING the RULES they set up.

The fact that polls show that 70-80% of Americans want Single-Payer, seems not to phase the Democrats who simply do not know what democracy IS! The DNC brand of “democracy” FIRST and FOREMOST must satisfy America’s unelected Rulers. Period!

WHY, then, would they put Ocasio-Cortez into an important position? And … even if they did, … would they ALLOW a coalition led by her change the rules?? Or even to question them?

This will come down to who really runs the show, and many of us have known that for years. Effectively it’s about a War for the effective CONTROL of the nation — will it be Chosen by the People through a legitimate VOTE, … or will it be IMPOSED.

One good thing might come of this wrangling: the DP may once and for all have to show its true colors. And may the American People have the wisdom and guts to LEARN from it.


This thing about having a seat at the table to represent what the people demand always pisses me off. We the People OWN the damn TABLE and ALL of the chairs! If these ass hats do not deliver on the demands of the majority of the people they supposedly represent, then there is going to be hell to pay this time around.

First Clinton and then Obama denied the people improved Medicare for all. We the people have been waiting a hell of a long time to have what all developed countries have had for as long as I can remember - and that’s a really long time.

… I see yellow vests at the Potomac…White House…Congress…etc… and every major city in the nation…


Now we’re talking!!! I’ll bring my knife a fork for this party :slight_smile:


Nice metaphor. But if the Dims do their normal Blue wave thing, they are going to see a Tsunami of the people wipe out their damn sea wall and come ashore and wipe out any “representatives” that do not follow the will of the majority of the people.


This is one of the reasons Medicare for All is such an important issue. MFA is a measure of the democracy. The lack of advancement of MFA indicates that this “democracy” isn’t a functioning democracy at all. It also reveals how badly the Democratic Party has failed us.


Yes, Ocasio-Cortez is the toy that Democrats have been selling this season. A “bold progressive” with a “bold agenda.” The “new and improved” model of Democrat, representing the same middle class target group with the same Democrat agenda.


Keep dreaming. Congress knows that anything resembling universal health care would make no sense in a country that’s over 20 years into its war on the poor. Lack of adequate food and shelter takes a costly toll on human health. (In fact, the overall life expectancy of the US poor already fell below that of every developed nation.) Nevertheless, this is likely to be promoted as the Democrats’ “vision” with the 2020 election, and again in 2024.


And yet in your response you say we must come to the table. I agree we need to be armed. But if you’re not in the room you don’t get to make the decisions. Why do you think Democrats were so meticulous in keeping progressives out when they were crafting RomneyCare 2.0?


It take balance and experience and an incredible gifted person who can pull people - of divergent opinions - together, to succeed in that most important job. Not convinced Alexandria is ready for that yet.