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We Can't Let it Be... More Plastic Than Fish in Our Sea

We Can't Let it Be... More Plastic Than Fish in Our Sea

Miyoko Sakashita

News that plastic pollution will exceed all the fish in the sea by 2050 is beyond appalling -- it's unacceptable. We need bold action to stop plastic garbage from choking out ocean life.

One ocean and two big problems: We need to end overfishing and confront our throwaway society. Both goals are about reducing our consumption and letting our oceans recover.

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The day in that science fiction future that many have long been expecting to come has arrived.

The day the world reached the understanding that everything must change. The day when we finally admitted the old way of doing things from back when the oceans were full of fish is over. The day when there were billions fewer people on the planet and plastic was still a new thing is in the past.

We need a new way of existing on this planet. Call it the Way of Overpopulation! We are too many to do things like the way we did them when there were far fewer of us trying to live life on a single planet.

We don’t need plastic wrapping every toothpick. We wrap plastic objects in plastic simply because it is cheap and there is no penalty for making those wrappers out of near indestructible plastic. Wrap a plastic straw in cellophane? Try a paper straw wrapped in a paper sleeve? The latter world will save us. The former will destroy us … under a mound of plastic.

We need a new mindset for living in an overpopulated world. We need a don’t use plastic mentality.

Don’t use plastic and say so.

A carbon tax would help too. Disposal costs us all something and it should be a factor in choosing to use plastic. The world needs to get off the plastic addiction and make our disposables out of less indestructible materials.

Who knew that a paper straw wrapped in a sanitary paper wrapper… is innovative thinking?

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It’s so painful to read articles that show the condition of our beloved Earth.

Although posts reach a relative few, if any readers still buy plastic jugs of water they should take their jugs (I do this) and fill them with purified water. Many supermarkets have those machines.

Disaster Capitalists understand that diminished supply increases price. Probably, some of these sociopaths look forward to the day when the only fish available will be those “farm-raised” and either full of antibiotics or genetically modified.

I try to remember to bring my fabric bag to the supermarket so as not to use plastic bags.

I’m always amazed how many bags cashiers use. For a small order, they’ll use 4-6 bags. I tell them that the bags end up out at sea and choke birds who take them for jellyfish and try to eat them.

Those who emphasize overpopulation never seem to consider that it’s not the numbers, it’s how the numbers live and a fair assessment of what that means takes income, location, and values into perspective. Many values have been conditioned by the marketplace–that is, the same entities positioned to make out like bandits from particular sales.

Dr. Seuss got it right in “The Lorax.” The movie that was made did the book a major disservice.

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And then there is the unnecessary double-bagging. Sometimes it seems like there is some kind of monetary reward to the cashier who goes through the most plastic bags!

Don’t you use cloth bags at grocery stores?

Yes, the minimum-wage cashier will give you a dirty look when you present your cloth bag for filling (you have to act fast or they have already filled a plastic bag) becasue the whole checkout syatem is built around those plastic bags and the metal frame thingys to hold them open - nothing similar is ever provided to hold a cloth bag open for filling with items. You could hold the bag open for them - but that prevents you from getting out your discount and gasoline-perks card and having your credit card or cash on the ready exactly when the scanning is completed! Time is of the essence when you are a slave of a capitalist non-union grocery chain boss!

Of course we could do what Ontario (or is it just Toronto?) does. Mandate that stores charge 5 cents for each plastic bag used. It’s amazing how this small fee motivates poeple to bring their own bags.

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I don’t think that those are phytoplankton - they are planktonic arthropods (i.e. tiny shrimp) that eat phytoplanktin - when they are not eating plastic particles - but they still very important parts of the oceanic ecosystem.

THE BIG IDEA: we need to GO VEGAN, have fewer children, stop buying anything that is not an essential human need. We are in the 6th mass extinction. Humans will not exist on the planet by 2100 if we don’t radically alter our consumption habits of “stuff” and food. Think of this, it takes 1000 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of milk. It takes 2500 gallons of water to make a burger. This is why we are on our way to extinction.

‘We need a new way of existing on this planet.’

Yes we do. And just at what seems to many of us the last moments, somehow it’s here within the reach of each of us. Reach into yourself and began connecting with your heart. When you get comfortable with that, thru your heart, reach out to all other hearts, including the hearts of all the living beings who inhabit the oceans. Do this daily for a week for at least thirty minutes… Believe me, if you get that far(and you can, it’s actually fairly easy at this time) you will quickly re prioritize yourself away from the use of plastics where ever possible. And no small percentage of us in this pioneer group will likely push it hard as long as it takes. We got the message.