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We Can't Say We Didn't Know


We Can't Say We Didn't Know

A word about five-year-old Omran Daqneesh. The image of him sitting still, stunned, bloodied in an ambulance after being scooped out of air strike rubble in Aleppo has quickly spread, reads one account, "shocking and disturbing social media users." Well yes. Shocking and disturbing. Harrowing and heartbreaking. But not, let us be clear, exceptional. Children are bombed every day, Syrians plead with us to understand, millions of them. What's unusual: Omran survived.


Here is the face of Obummer and Shillary's foreign policy. Will it change anything in their approach? Of course not. The Washington Playbook must be obeyed and with neocon scum like Kissinger and Kagan being a part of the Red Queen's agenda this poor, maimed young man will have a lot more company. I am ashamed of my country and I think that those responsible are reprehensible. Also, remember that both of these war criminals claim to be Christians! Didn't their own savior say "Suffer the little children"? The mind boggles.


Wow, what a genius photo.
The article is completely unnecessary.


The US will just use the photo as justification for more bombing.


We all know, and we have all known for decades. U.S. foreign policy is all about military and economic dominance at any price. The question is, do we try to change our direction, or do we just get used to being "good Germans."

Jill Stein calls for ending the weapon sales and bringing U.S. troops home from the rest of the world. She wants to close all our military bases overseas. If enough people vote for her, she will win. We could try to get Jill elected, and at the same time we could support downticket progressive candidates so there would be some noncorrupt members of Congress.

Or we can talk ourselves out of even trying to get out of the lesser evil hole that just keeps getting deeper.


This is what war is. This is what war has always been, but the ostriches keep their heads firmly buried in the sand and it seems every new generation has to learn the same old lesson...the hard way. Heroes, monuments, glory, victory, defeat...all empty words. The only truth is written in blood and bone and the smoldering flesh of infants. Zippy, upbeat musical scores behind "documentaries" about the capabilities of the latest stealth fighter, narrated by a used-car salesman voice on the military channel hide the shattered corpses and cover the smell of rotting meat on the actual battlefield. Oh, the rocket's red glare...the bombs bursting in air...give proof through the night...that nobody cares.


Hey...we had to destroy the village to save it!


As much as I keep hearing about how much Hillary loves children, surely she will address this and other "collateral damage", LOL.


Up to a half million Syrians have been killed in Russian and Assad air
strikes, many aimed at Aleppo. "These are children bombed every day," notes Mustafa
al-Sarout, an Aleppo-based journalist who filmed the rescue, and was
surprised at the reaction. "This child is a representative of millions
of children in Syria and its cities.”

That half million is the total number of lives lost through the entirety of the conflict. (it also the upper estimate of casualties Estimates range from 250000 to 470000) The vast majority killed are killed on the ground by ground forces be they Government forces or that of the Rebels.

The USA , Turkey and other NATO nations also launch airstrikes into Syria. Claiming that all of those deaths are the fault of Russian and Syrian airstrikes is using tragedy to spread falsehoods. I would also point out that the vast majority of deaths occurred before Russia even arrived on the scene. Over 80 percent of total deaths happened before Russian intervention less than one year ago.

Are there deaths due to Russian airstrikes? Of course but to suggest it all Russia and Syria's doing is simply false. The area where there no Rebels being armed by the USA are not being bombed by Russia.

Are all the airstrikes launched by Russia and Syria thus justified? Not at all but let us not be afraid of the truth THAT being this not all Syria and Russia's doing and had the USA kept its noses out there would be no conflict and lets not use the justifiable outrage of this picture to make false claims.

I suggest an edit for the sake of truth , that being "Up to 500000 Syrians have been killed in this conflict" The latter part of the statement "due to Russian and Assad Air Strikes" has no place here as it false.


Poor kid. What does he know about profit and its motives?