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'We Changed Albany Forever': Cuomo Defeats Nixon, But Progressives Crush GOP-Collaborating Democrats in New York


'We Changed Albany Forever': Cuomo Defeats Nixon, But Progressives Crush GOP-Collaborating Democrats in New York

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Though New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo overcame progressive challenger Cynthia Nixon in Thursday night's gubernatorial primary, he is likely to face a fundamentally transformed state legislature when he returns to office after many of his fellow GOP-collaborating corporate Democrats were trounced by bold left-wing insurgents.

"The IDC was the vehicle Andrew Cuomo used for eight years to keep Republicans in power. Today, we changed Albany forever."
—Bill Lipton, New York Working Families Party


Another boost for faith in humanity. Maybe the pessimists can lose some of their


Hopefully Andrew will behave himself as the new Albany will be watching every corrupt move he had plans to make!


Much the same thing happened in the Wednesday, September 12 primary in Rhode Island. For Lieutenant Governor, progressive Aaron Regunberg went down to a mere 1.6% defeat (pending the counting of 8,000 mail-in and absentee ballots). However, a number of legislative allies of conservative House Speaker Mattiello are lame ducks today.

The rest of the ducks can act as they want.


Very hard to believe Nixon lost to Clinton clone Cuomo.

Either they stole it, or (shockingly!) there are still too many clueless idiots out there.


It’s the second one. The vote was overwhelming and the corrupt, right-wing Cuomo Gang didn’t even have to steal votes.


Nice spin, but the real out-front progressives in the race were crushed with little help from the national Blue Wave, despite all the noise. As for Salazar, a (recent) former right-wing Rethug, she’s extremely politically unstable and can do the revolving-door thing at a moment’s notice. And some of the other Dems like Alessandra Biaggi, who is a former Clinton operative, really need to demonstrate that they walk-the-walk when the SHTF.


That Cuomo could say a few words of bs in the last week or two and still win says volumes about the Democratic rank and file. As long as their voters cast ballots according to rhetoric and not action, this continues. They won nothing.


She’s a political novice and in a state with a difficult primary system, that has machinery in place to protect incumbents, 34% wasn’t a horrible result. Her efforts knocks Cuomo’s " centrism " sideways on the national level. But, he still has lots of $$$ to throw around, sadly.
As to Teachout; well, it appears Mahoney was a stalking horse for Cuomo. Splitting the vote and keeping her out. 73% voted against the status quo but it remains to be seen if the progressive forces can block the Republicrat governor. The general election still awaits, after all.


Cuomo had huge union support. I do not like him at all, hope he doesn’t win a single presidential primary if he runs, but having just visited family in upstate, can say unequivocally not everyone feels the way I do. Folks were all-in for Cuomo, who I was told, knows how to “run things,” Nixon was just a Hollywood “type.”


Salvadore Allende ran for President of Chile in 1952 and got 5.8% of the vote
Salvadore Allende ran for President of Chile in 1958 and got 28.5% of the vote
Salvadore Allende ran for President of Chile in 1964 and got 38.6% of the vote
Salvadore Allende ran for President of Chile in 1970 and won.


That’s the problem.

Voters cannot see any deeper than the cliches that “he knows how to run things,” and she’s a “type.” How did he run things and for whom? How about her organizational work (which stretches over decades), her program, her ability to speak forthrightly rather than in cliches, her personal courage in many arenas and the false charges of anti-semitism in a state where Zionists play key roles in the Dem Party?

The fact that voters - despite living lives of austerity in a biosphere in which they face extinction - cannot get past the shallowest of cliches is a big part of the problem. The power structure is going to do what it has to to remain in power. That will never change. The people must change their (s)electoral behavior if (s)electoral politics are ever going to be a useful means to actually resist and not just Tweet about it.


The U.S. is not Chile and we see how an honest electoral victory worked out for, Allende or Lula or Maduro or Zelaya, etc.


Salvador Allende was assassinated in 1973.

If you’re going to stagger into a completely ridiculous comparison, at least stagger to the finish line.


Cuomo seems to use the same approach as Feinstein in California. Knowing they have the solid base of die hard democrats, they do a lot of things to appeal to the mainstream republicans and they have it clinched. Only when democrats and their allies like the unions - abandon these kind of politicians - will they find themselves drowning without the democratic party life boat. The democratic party has a lot to answer for - for these kind of shenanigans and I think a lot of people are waking up.




Yea, the US powers that be didn’t like those elections - so they had to overturn the elections in some non-democratic form. Makes you wonder how all these citizens of the US believe politicians who try to make them believe that we are exporting “democracy” to the world. I think the real exporting is of destruction of sovereign nations and the exploitation of resources owned by other peoples for the benefit of the multi-nationals. Since our leaders don’t give a damn about the people in the U.S. - how would we ever expect them to give a damn about people outside of the U.S. - unless, of course, those people would be like members of the Saudi royal family.


Whether you care for Bernie’s " socialism light " approach to policy, or not, he talks about a 25 yr. plan of action. Not an election cycle approach, rather a community of aligned groups working at alternative nation rebuilding, over the long term.
Liked your Allende example.


I’ll go with the former. Unless we switch to hand counted paper ballots, the machine will retain control.


Are you really suggesting that the American people would believe another progressive POTUS would be assassinated after coming to power in a general election, without debilitating crises and huge repercussions? That’s crazy, as well.