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'We Changed Albany Forever': Cuomo Defeats Nixon, But Progressives Crush GOP-Collaborating Democrats in New York


dpearl –

An then the CIA removed Salvadore Allende – a democratically elected president which is
what they exist to do: move the right wing into place.


Look around at the continuing loss of leadership – because liberals don’t
even rise any longer because the right wing takes them out before they can
even do that.


Recon –

Agree with you overall –

And how many attempts on FDR – wasn’t there one as elective president – then while he was
president, interrupted by Brig. General Butler, by large corporations/Elites and it was downplayed
by Congress which was forced to hold hearings but didn’t very much broadcast the corporate-fascists
names involved. And, oddly enough considering the ousting of Henry Wallace forced on FDR and the
forcing of Truman on him, just 45 days before FDR’s death, the accounts of FDR’s death in their variety
make it difficult to believe it wasn’t an assassination.

Clearly, FDR didn’t want to see Churchill in a position to re-establish their colonies. And
Churchill knew it. Stalin is also said to have wanted to see the body – Eleanor didn’t allow it.
Stalin tells one of FDR’s sons (Elliot/?) that Churchill was responsible for FDR’s death.

Also suspicious is the change in FDR’s medical care – where he is robust and then suddenly
failing, wan and losing a lot of weight. These health concerns were sold to the Anna, his
daughter, suggesting that FDR had very serious health problems, but looks more like it’s an
attack on his health. They create a great FEAR about FDR’s health in Anna.
It’s a new doctor, actually, as I recall.
By this time FDR is growing weaker and can’t fight for Wallace, as he notes.
At this point, I think it’s Anna who is overseeing FDR’s White House as Eleanor is living a more
independent life? It’s also Anna who concedes to helping with the visits from FDR’s former
love – Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd. And is it a coincidence that she is there when FDR dies and
much of the press knows it? An unpleasant story of adultery to leak to the public.

It looks like FDR could have been being slowly poisoned, but at the end they had to move more

Also from the time even before the end of WWII, it was clear that Elites were not going to allow
another FDR to rise to power. And they were working to save their recruits/Hitler/Nazis and
planning to move them and the money/GOLD out. Vatican made a lot of this happen, including
with moving Nazis around. By 1943, deals were being made by high ranking Nazis visiting our
Pentagon. Many rumors about that. They were by 1943, planning for the rise of the Fourth Reich.
OSS switch to CIA with push again from Council on Foreign Relations, put CIA in secret control
of our nation – with more open control rising gradually - often by assassination.
CIA: “Catholics In Action” (See: John Stockwell-former CIA)

This all puts in play the Cold War – and McCarthy Era which is basically a purge of liberals from
government. The rise can only rise on violence/assassination and this is a new period of
assassinations – very notably of Dag Hammarskjold at the United Nations – which looks like the
US/CIA first move on control of the United Nations. A long period of assassinations occur from
then til now, including many musicians/songwriters. Many liberal politicians. It’s been said that
simply after the JFK assassination, more than 100 lawyers in DC alone were dead. And this
right wing violence continued on and on. Also naturally with efforts to control the vote – including
the hack-able electronic voting machines which so quickly began to report some very odd and
unbelievable right wing wins by about 1967. Nixon and the press pointed to his “Southern Strategy”
but I don’t think the South was any longer that anxious to be enslaved to low wages and poor
educations with the main benefit being the illusion of “White supremacy.”


This has nothing to do with this article, but I thought you might be interested:

Progressives really need to start thinking about the Court the way the right does, and vote accordingly. I know a whole slew of conservatives that didn’t like Trump, but wanted a Republican to sit in that vacant seat last election. I fear the Court will be a wrecking ball if President Sanders gets into the White House with a majority.


6 more years baby! Nice!


Haven’t read or seen anything about what you describe about FDR’s demise, but will look it that, thanks. Wondered if you have herd this interview with Daniel Sheehan, he lays out who is really in control behind the scenes and who the leaders learned about fascism from, starting about 22:00 of the interview (note: IMO Sheehan is wrong about 9/11, but what I referenced above is very interesting).https://youtu.be/ePV6u2MMNgw


There’s always impeachment, but another signal that Our Founders didn’t really want
to give us the tools to actually establish and protect a democracy.


Recon –

Comes from various places with articles on the internet – and they are very varied.

Seems various citizens heard and later reported things like shopping at Bloomingdale’s
and hearing a public announcement that the president was dead, but by means other
than what was finally reported to be the cause – i.e., a suicide.

Another report is of a negro caretaker on the grounds mourning where he is reported to
be saying that “the president was shot.”

Also the strange background of the removal of then VP Henry Wallace and replacing him
with Truman who gave us the CIA, the Cold War and the beginning of the McCarthy Era.
And as we are beginning to understand more clearly, his needless bombing of Japan.

I’ll try to take a look at your link shortly – thank you!