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We Condemn the AMA and AAMC Endorsements of Tom Price for HHS Secretary


We Condemn the AMA and AAMC Endorsements of Tom Price for HHS Secretary

Janine Petito, Andrew Hyatt

Early Tuesday morning, President-elect Donald Trump announced his selection of Representative Tom Price (R-Ga.) for Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), to succeed Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell.


Ah yes. The wonderful idealism of students who believe. Refreshing, hopeful and partly doomed. I really think they are not totally naive about the AMA and AAMC and so forth. Regardless, they do want to believe in the occupation they are studying for as a good one, even a vocation. Yet these associations are only partly there to ensure quality doctors and a worthy mission. They are also part of the corruption. It is good for these students to hold the preachers of the ideals to the idealism they believe in. I'm not sure the associations really care.


That's exemplary, actually. I was just going to say, " catch a clue ", missy whitbread and hiram milquetoast.


I really don't get your disdain for these authors.


Maybe they work for the AMA. Or the insurers and big pharma.


Thank you for this powerful statement.

How can these organizations like the AMA and AAMC be brought down? What useful purpose do they even serve if they are supporting such savage cuts that can tens of millions of American access to health care and cause thousands of deaths every year?

They are not doctors - any more than this individual up for appointment. They don't deserve the titles.

Remember - they had "doctors" in Nazi Germany's concentration camps. If these bastions of so-called medical authority are holding open the doorways to so many deaths instead of life - there may not be that much difference separating their value systems. Just sanitization - like the difference between capital punishment by firing squads or injecting people with lethal drugs while they're strapped to a "modern" clinical table. In either case, the act is still savage and criminal.

Instead of death to tens of thousands of Americans - I say death to the AMA and AAMC!


Thank you to these students. It is heartening to see that the death of idealism is not complete. May these students be joined by all caring and thoughtful physicians and that they will, after they graduate, continue to stand up for their patients.