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We Could Keep Government Small if Only the Old Weren't Getting So Much Healthcare


We Could Keep Government Small if Only the Old Weren't Getting So Much Healthcare

McClatchy's Kevin G. Hall (2/2/15) wants to drop some (conventional) wisdom on you:

Few things defy gravity more than federal spending. In the nation's capital, what goes up does not come down. It goes up more.


Not all of us ‘old people’ are wealthy enough to support ourselves and received health care on our own income – many have no income other than Social Security. But there are many who want to end Social Security and Medicare so that they can become wealthier. I know that both programs are self-funding but the amount of money taken out of paychecks would be smaller. There is a way for the middle class and lower to receive more assistance – vote for tax reform – make the .01 pay their fair share – tax corporations, including the profit they hide in foreign banks – tax bogus non-profits such as the NFL, AHL, etc. One day you too will be old – I just hope that you realize then that elderly deserve things like Social Security and Medicare.


“Therein rests the problem with federal spending. It’s hard to cut programs that have a constituency with a vested interest.”

Maybe he meant the military-industrial complex.


The other thing that is really never discussed is the folks who had 401Ks and put money in them all along so they would be able to retire comfortably-only to lose 30-40% of the value in the crash. Which is what happened to my husband and myself just as he retired.

But yes, we’re nothing but shiftless takers…

Something that occurred to me the other day that is disturbing. Our younger son is currently living with us while he goes to school. We help him as much as we can and at least our house is paid off. The generation that had decent pensions is in a position to help their younger family members, many of whom are returning home to live with their parents. What happens to this generation-who is forced to pay off crippling student debt and deal with a dearth of decent paying jobs? They won’t have any cushion to be able to help their own children when they can’t even help themselves.


All the government figures seem to gloss over the fact that we gave several hundreds of billion dollars to the wealthiest people on the planet, as they held a gun to the head of the world economy. Then we injected, through Quantitative Easing, a few hundred billion more. Of course, these figures don’t really count, as we look to cut food stamps and medical care. And the rich can successfully resist raising their taxes. It’s a travesty! Just how stupid do we look?


As a third generation proud Democrat, I take exception to Third Way Corporate Democrats who supported changing the rules for the wealthy. I hold them responsible for enabling this nation’s economic failure for the past 30 years and they are the cause for our transfer of wealth.


Both Dem & Repug presidential candidates agreed to no-negotiable drug prices by Big Pharms for our most recent presidential campaigns, dating back to 2000 or earlier, and can be assumed to be responsible for increasing drug costs ever since. That ongoing increase is taking a major bite out of Medicare / Medicaid coffers and will continue increasing forevermore or until the public takes notice and forces correction (as if that will ever happen) or until Medicare / Medicaid goes completely bankrupt, as originally intended.

Has anyone published a comparison of the cost of drugs in 2000 to the actual cost of that drug today? Inflation costs reportedly are low,(?) how much obscene profit from Medicare / Medicaid are drug companies entitled to keep and why?


The idea that government “could be kept snall” if the elderly people weren’t getting “so much healthcare” is pure malarkey, imho. Don’t the elderly deserve medicare/healthcare and the protections that they offer? I say yes, they do. It’s disgraceful that there are people who wish to deprive Senior Citizens of a good safety net and an income to survive on, as well as decent healthcare, whether they’re retired or not!!


And Obama made a deal with the Big Pharms not to negotiate
for cheaper prices.
Emanuel sold the Seniors out.
Obama has offered to cut SS or Medicare different times for
republicans put the U.S. citizens voice strong opinions NOT to.
But if one really wants to get to the heart of our economical
problems… It is Corporations NOT paying taxes , sending U.S.
Jobs oversea and the cost of War contractors for these illegal
wars this government if running today.
Once one take all the cost of the corporate wars , they would
find that the military is eating up over 50 to 60 percent of our
national budget.