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We Could Not Do Otherwise


We Could Not Do Otherwise

A long yet woefully reiterative 50 years later, we pay tribute to the indefatigable Berrigan Brothers and seven other Catholic activists of the Catonsville Nine, who helped galvanize national outrage against the Vietnam War by burning draft records with homemade napalm - gasoline and Ivory Flakes - and then did their time, calm in the knowledge they were right. Today, their message still deeply resonates: From Daniel, "Know where you stand, and stand there."


The Brother’s were a big factor for me considering going to Canada. Had it all planned but then I flunked my physical and was classified 4-F, can never serve. I had applied for CO status but failing my physical made that disappear. Thou shall not kill is the best advise anyone can give another. It transcends religion because it is Truth.


My brother did not fail his physical when he got his draft notice and applied for CO status. But was turned down and went to Canada during the Vietnam war. Something he told me that… " he never regretted".


We can be presented with many choices at times. But a sense of truth may allow only one. An eternal salute to all throughout history who took that choice.


Love for humanity that does speak Truth to Power.


Now they don’t even need a draft. There are enough economically disadvantaged youths in the poor states to more then supply the military with killers and casualties. Do not allow your loved ones to join the military and become the elites mercenaries. Patriotism is just one more tool of the rich to convince you to die for their money.


I wish I were in his shoes right now. That is if he is still there.


Yes he is still here, but went through hell when he came back to the U.S. from a lot of politically, ignorant people. Thanks for your reply.


Wish him well for me. Sorry for the delays, have a ruff go of it.


Thanks, I will. Hope things get better for you.


Thanks :-(((