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We Deserve to Know Where Trump and Biden Stand on Factory Farming

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/29/we-deserve-know-where-trump-and-biden-stand-factory-farming

I wonder how much foreign ownership contributes to this issue. As in the pork industry, maybe we should worry about how China views factory farming and where exactly do we draw the line for this abomination and blight on humanity.

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Thanks, Joe, but I think we know perfectly well where Trump and Biden stand on factory farming. Just as Killary Klinton, when sec of state, tried to sell fracking and weaponry to all the US’s client states.

These people’s track records are long.


I doubt foreign ownership has anything to do with it. Americans invented factory farming.

Anyone who cares about this issue, or frankly any other issue, will have to vote for someone not allowed to participate in televised debates.


Also, the joint Trump/Biden political theater is not a debate. People have been calling it that so long, even I forgot to complain about it.


Maybe they are standing and considering this right now, musing, “Gee, what would Monsanto, Armstrong, Nestle, or National Fruit do?”

Factory farming does not just include meat. But either way, do we really know know where these guys stand?

Biden is definitely for the global land grab and corporate everything. So is Trump. You can bet on it.


No, we dont except, a huge global land grab and policy grab is going on and deregulation cant be reversed because of trade deals and they are hiding that, they are both colluding to hide it.