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'We Did It!': Eruption of Joy as Argentine Senate Passes Bill to Legalize Abortion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/30/we-did-it-eruption-joy-argentine-senate-passes-bill-legalize-abortion

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A kick in the nuts of patriarchy! ¡Buena!


Living proof that we on the Shining Beacon on the Hill, are perhaps the least democratic nation among the western (supposed) democracies.
As we well know, if Abortion were put to national referendum in the USA, it would pass overwhelmingly. But then again so would MFA, green new deal, legal weed etc. But that’s why our founding fathers set up the nation this way, without a national system in place for referendums or electoral recall.
Let’s face it, our sacrosanct founding fathers never intended America to be a democracy. As a matter of fact they feared it.


A little light for women and the planet at the end of a very long, dark tunnel.


The U.S. keeps chugging around the track, but we keep losing ground to other nations.
U.S., moving headlong toward third world status.
Except those that get rich man tax cuts. They will remain on the hill.

21 DAYS and counting.


… our … founding fathers never intended America to be a democracy. As a matter of fact they feared it."
Today’s “RULERS” in America … still fear it.
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Anything at all which frees or empowers ordinary citizens, is a boost for democracy, … thus a threat to 1% Rule!


The Trump Catholics who have always hated Pope Francis will now hate him even more.

Ironic that countries that the US constantly lectures about needing democratic reform keep showing us how it is done, while we are an undemocratic oligarchy. We have a president screaming about election fraud, a DNC that rigs elections against progressives, a GOP disenfranchising voters at every opportunity, a democratic party purging voters by the thousands in NY and elsewhere, both parties working feverishly to disallow third parties from the process, GOP filing false claims of voter fraud, GOP removing voting stations to complicate voting access, census shenanigans to reduce participation and representation, games being played with gerrymandering, etc. We should not be telling anyone how to run their elections and we should be monitored by the UN for election fraud and political corruption.


Argentina has legalized abortion? That will give USA Republicans all the more reason to now attack Argentina.

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Also, chipping away at Catholic imperialism.


Amnesty summarized the key elements of the newly passed bill:

  • Abortion is freely available until the 14th week of pregnancy;
  • After that time, abortion is legal in case of danger to the life or health of the pregnant woman or in cases of rape;
  • Terminations can be accessed through either the public or private health system, no more than 10 days after a request;
  • People aged 16 or over have full capacity to give their own consent; girls aged 13 to 16 are presumed to have sufficient ability and maturity to decide on the practice and give due consent unless a procedure involving serious risk to their health or life is to be used (as set out in Article 26 of the National Civil and Commercial Code);
  • Healthcare workers must provide dignified treatment, guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of information, and respect autonomy of will; and
  • Any public official or health worker who delays, obstructs or refuses to perform an abortion in legally authorized cases may be criminally sanctioned and disqualified from practice.

and –

Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International, said Argentine lawmakers’ passage of the legalization bill sends “a strong message of hope to our entire continent that we can change course against the criminalization of abortion and against clandestine abortions, which pose serious risks to the health and lives of millions of people.”

[According to] the latest data from Argentina’s Health Ministry, around 40,000 women were hospitalized in 2016 for complications related to unsafe clandestine abortions. Human Rights Watch [noted]in an August report that “in 2018, Argentina’s National Health Ministry reported 35 deaths resulting from abortion, including ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, medical abortion, and failed attempt of abortion, representing more than 13 percent of all maternal deaths that year.”

And yet – in America we still have White Male Supremacist “Christian” Congress, holding women hostage and a Catholic Church still warring on women here and around the world.


We are living here with advanced insanity – but joyful that it has been lifted in Argentina
where they designed the bill to actually protect women and reproductive rights and save
the lives of women.

Hi Greenwich:
Y ----- Si SE PUEDE para las mujeres de Argentina y talvez—del mundo!

And I would like to remind the objectors-----why is it that so many frown on abortions but celebrate wars?

The Catholic church will be incensed by this, as it flies in the face of their orthodoxy. They want all pregnancies carried to birth, but they acknowledge that we need population control. Their demonstrated solution is that men should only screw boys.

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It’s about fricking time. When the so-called “leaders” we elect and appoint REFUSE to accept the common morality and instead make out AS IF someone having an abortion is guilty of the DIRE “crime,” of “murder” (spoiler: it’s no such thing) it is long past time to define those “leaders” OUT of our misery.

And YES, I DO include the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, who I’m POSITIVE, will continue to claim that Argentina is a Catholic Country, despite the fact that the voters there showed the Church the door this time, in a VERY dynamic yanking- back.

Make no mistake: the days in which a self-appointed “leader” type can take over the entire public “morality” of a country are coming to an end. It has happened in Argentina, and is long past due to happen in the US.

THOSE WHO LIVE THERE, are the ones who will define the morality and ethics of a country… NOT those who imagine themselves “leaders.”