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'We Do Not Forgive...We Do Not Forget': Angry Vows to Oust GOP Senators After Tax Vote


'We Do Not Forgive...We Do Not Forget': Angry Vows to Oust GOP Senators After Tax Vote

Julia Conley, staff writer

With eye on 2018, progressives vow to undo the damage done by the #GOPTaxScam


I don’t care who is running against any reptardicon next year – it could be Donald Duck, or my Chaco dog – I will vote for whoever is NOT the reptardicon!


Only the 1% or the poorly educated will ever again vote for the Retardicons.


Yeah, that’s pretty much everybody here in nebrasky :scream: I’ve voted for Chelsea Manning, Ed Snowden and Julian Assange in the last 2 elections, but since this next one is too important I’ll vote for the Democrat and then harass the hell out of them the entire time they’re in office :hugs::ok_hand:t3:


And when I look at my first February paycheck, how much “extra” will I receive? When I go to my employer who is receiving tax cuts and ask for a raise because it is “my money”? When I need the services that I have paid into my entire working life? Who do I sue? #GOPTaxBillScam


If there is ever a time for all small and scattered progressive parties to pull together into one strong Progressive Party, this is the time. Otherwise, we as a country, are finished.


Think about that. The present state of education in the U.S., and now with Betsy Voss in charge, probably insures that the Republican party will remain in power for a long, long time.


Even as we revile the corruption, extreme partisanship, and actual evil of the R’Con conspiracy of destruction, and vow to “never forget” and destroy their power, we must not lose sight of the de facto co-conspirator Dem establishment/elite corporate/banker/wall st/insurance/big-pharma wing, who thru their own self interest, corruption, and service to many/most of the same interests to greater or lesser degree, were complicit to unleashing trump and this nightmare on America and the world!

“those who ignore/forget the past are condemned/doomed to repeat it” - George Santayana …repeat its mistakes and forget those who were complicit to great errors of judgment and justice…

I don’t want to underestimate or soft-peddle the utter depraved indifference of the trump/R’con criminal regime as the perpetrators of so much against so many, but IF there had been a true opposition party of courage and ability to change, dedicated to the working & middle classes, and progressive leadership, rather than being another side of the rule of wealth and power, we would not be living under the current criminal regime…just sayin…the difference is in who gains and who/what loses under the duopoly system of greed and self-interest!


There have been “angry vows” by the Dems numerous times before. Until/unless they create a truly progressive program, select truly progressive candidates and ORGANIZE to actually try to win elections based on PROGRESSIVE politics, the latest angry vows are nothing more than pitiful whines meant to distract people from the nitty gritty of organizing political power and using it.

That’s their job in the Duopoly imperial POB (Party of Business).


I wonder if the repubs act so irresponsibly because they know the fix is in for the 2018, 2020 elections. Any efforts among those who oppose them must include ensuring fair elections, addressing election fraud, gerrymandering, etc. and pushing for expansion of access to the franchise.

Progressives need to run against DINO’s.


more duopoly bs…both parties are evil. Dems vote to piss money away in illegal wars for the MIC. The sheeple are the ball in a tennis match bouncing back and forth while nothing changes. Vote Green or don’t vote,


Not a big fan of the Dems, but way better than repubs. The two parties, while sharing many similatiries in their support for the corporate wealthy, are not the same, for starters, in terms of their constituencies.


Run in Democratic primaries at the local and state level. There was a great interview on NPR yesterday that discussed how conservative evangelicals took over and became a force in Republican politics. It was not by voting third party or abstaining, but by taking control of offices, which helped reshape the party.


The large donors that still control the Democratic Party are happy to hear that, and even if they oppose this bill, they will benefit from this. The left and working people have to fight all those in power that have been rigging the economy in their favor for decades and not every Democrat will effectively fight against this, or other legislation that benefits the rich and corporate interests. Pick a hack “centrist” Democrat in many races and they will be more likely to lose in 2018 and thereafter. This is a big opportunity for the left and I hope we dont once again pisss it away by supporting corrupt Democrats we should be also taking on. Lets move on from VHS era politics.


I’m all for taking out the Republicans but I doubt DNC Dems will undo much.


Run as and support Green Party Candidates in all local, state, and federal elections.

People, Planet, and Peace before Profit.

No bullshit, no corruption.

Just equality across the board.


Need both houses capable of over-riding presidential veto. A tough go.


Wouldn’t be necessary with a Green Party President.


You’re a real organization man PB. Show us what you can do in Maryland, eh?


The Green meetings I went to in the Bay Area were an unadulterated shit show. Maybe in other areas they are no bullshit, but the ones I went to featured all-knowing bullshit artists arguing over finer points of nothingness. I wasn’t surprised to read about the problems at Pacifica Radio after what I experienced.

The progressive democratic meetings on Wednesdays, they are great. We’ve organized protests in front of my teapublican congressman’s office several times and everyone seems united in booting him out.