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We Don’t Need 23 Presidential Candidates. There’s Another Important Role to Fill.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/11/we-dont-need-23-presidential-candidates-theres-another-important-role-fill

This is a well-reasoned argument, but I think it’s based on an unwarranted assumption: that there are so many D candidates because they all sincerely want to be the nominee. As others have suggested, Brand D’s overarching goal is to prevent a genuine progressive, such as Sanders, Gabbard or Gravel, from winning the nomination on the first ballott, and thus rendering the so-called superdelegates impotent.

But by all means, let’s replace the likes of Cornyn and Cruz with thinking, feeling humans—even if they’re Democrats.


Yes! Please Democrats, pay attention!

And somebody please run against McConnell in Kentucky. Current polling shows he is vulnerable. Move On is mounting a campaign to defeat him. Let’s support that campaign and other senate races. Let’s either remove him or defang him.


All this assumes, of course, that more than half of these candidates are running for the interests of the people. It is all much too clear why they are running. So, this is, in my view, a useless conversation. The “democratic” party, is doing everything it can to prevent a turn towards the winds of progress. It is, as the country, a decayed party.

We should publicly accept it, we have just one party - with both wings in decay, but perhaps one at a most advanced stage. And we have a super apathetic brain washed population. There should have been millions, not hundreds in the streets, screaming, for what happened to Assange, to Manning. Most of the country does not even know who they are - as the Kardashians fill their brains.


There’s not as much ‘status’ (and money?) in a failed Senatorial run as there is in a failed Presidential run.
Most of these people have to realize they have no chance in hell. They’re doing it for some other reason


Why the >bleep< should I listen to anything you say, Mr. Robinson, or to your valued source of the Washington Post





The news of who is runningl. There are 24 candidates, not 23. I’ve seen this censorship before and wondered who was being censored out of the news.

Now I know my suspicions are confirmed. You are excluded Mike Gravel, a senator, the man who read the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record, the man who called out the BS of the candidates in 2008 and would do it this cycle if >bleep< holes like you didn’t censor out the news he is running.

You, sir, are a piece of manure.

I boycot reading your tripe and will do that with anyone saying there are 23 instead of TWENTYFOUR candidates.

I encourage everyone to do the same, because that signals we are getting nothing but propaganda from the piece of >bleep< intentionally excluding the most anti-establisment candidate from the get go.


I agree lib.
I also think we should be talking more about what to do: if we assume that the likely scenario at the Democrat convention next year is that Sanders, Gabbard and Gravel will be defeated we should begin planning and pushing for the next step. I believe the backlash will be even stronger than the last time but if we start preparing we will not be as disillusioned and we will be ready to act.


We can begin a letter/statement of intent declaring what we will do and how we will act regarding the November elections.
I will not vote for Biden, Harris, Booker, Luper, Buttigeg, etc.

I’m still not sure about Warren. Last two elections I voted for Stein.


Me too – voted for Stein in last two elections. And I let all my Democratic friends know that I’ll do it again unless Bernie or possibly Elizabeth Warren is the candidate. At least with Trump all my Democratic friends know he is evil. Somehow they think the Wall Street War Criminals Obama and Clinton are the good guys. USAins are the most propagandized people in the world.


Marvelous article Mr Robinson.

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According to MSN the only candidate besides Trump is Biden. Publicity is going to be a major challenge again.

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Here is what I find so problematic with your idea:

  1. By having people like Hickenlooper in the senate you bring in more status quo Democrats into the senate and so we fill the senate with Democrats and we repeat the failures of pre-2016 America. Why was the fascist Trump elected in the first place? What role did the democrats play in creating this horror?
  2. I agree that having 23 Presidential candidates is a problem but why is this a problem? Did the DNC push for this? How would this benefit them? Is there a great probability that no one will win the first ballot? Does the DNC want the superdelegates to be able to direct the vote on the second ballot? Can they handpick the candidate they prefer?
    3)When you are only interested in having the Democrats win the presidency and control the congress without looking critically at who these people are, you continue the failure of the Clinton approach and you bring us closer to the demise of the Democratic Party. Perhaps, that might be the best thing.

I believe it may be in our best interest, if not crucial, to start planning for what may end up being a very tense Democratic Convention. To that end, for my part, I need to study the ‘by-laws’ and whatnot in order to know exactly what can and can’t be done by the public to pressure delegates to nominate the candidate with ACTUAL voter support and not a pre-selected corporate stooge.

The next step? Utilize any and all actions that the laws allow at the convention and do our best to make it as difficult as possible for the Democrats to create another 2016.

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Exactly why Mike Gravel has been censored from the MSM! Mike is the Rodney Dangerfield of the American oligarchs because he is an honest political force for the 99% and that makes Mike an anathema to the super corrupt 1%!

Mike called out the BS of the other candidates in 2008 and was excoriated for it. I remember Mike exclaiming that he was seldom called upon and said he felt " LIKE A POTTED PLANT IN THE CORNER".


While you’re at it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring along a hard hat and a gas mask. Some of us remember how “tense” those Brand D conventions can get.

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. . . especially considering that 2/3 or more of you baby-faced “innocents” (and I use the latter term reluctantly) need another 20 or 30 years of real PUBLIC SERVICE to prove your credentials and to LEARN YOUR JOBS.   This applies particularly to Bait-Oh, who could do his fellow citizens FAR more good with a successful run to take out Cornyn than with a failed ego-based run at the Presiduncy, and to Buddy-Geek, who should run next for the Indiana State Assembly or MAYBE – given his popularity
/ notoriety – for Goober-Nador.

AMEN!!!   Biden is nothing more than an emasculated version of Hilliary – a Droopy Wind-Sock – another stooge of Wall Street and the Banksters who were let off the hook by his mentors P’Loser
and O’Bummer.   Most of the other DamnocRatic non-entities are not even worth talking about.

P.S. Donate DIRECTLY to Candidates whom you trust.   NOT ONE DIME to the DNC, DCCC or DSCC!!!

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As Guild alluded, they may be aiming a little earlier — say, 1968.

. . . Eighty Percent of whom are UN- or Under - Qualified.   I’ll donate $100 – or maybe even $200 – to Bill Weld before I’ll give 10¢ to WindSock Joe, Bait-Oh or Buddy-Geek.  OTOH, I’ll promise $500 to Bernie or 'Beth if either of them is up front by Christmas.

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