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We Don’t Think of Californians as Climate Refugees Yet, But We Should


We Don’t Think of Californians as Climate Refugees Yet, But We Should

Mark Trahant

Texas. Florida. Puerto Rico. California. The growing climate disaster toll ought to raise questions about where humans can and should live.

Jennifer Yarnal searches for keepsakes in the rubble of her home in the Coffey Park neighborhood on October 10, 2017 in Santa Rosa, California.


Every time the is a natural disaster involving the weather and people flee we can’t call them climate refugees. We can say climate change makes extreme weather events more likely but it is hard to say what role climate change has played in any specific extreme weather event.


The “Ransacking Republicans” ride again.

For the last time, unless the poorly educated keep their heads in the sand.


“EXcept this”???   Did the author mean “ACcept this”??  Or is he playing with more words than just “Hegemony”?


Professor Trahant asks the reality question that faces all of us in turn. This year Puerto Rico may see an exodus of affluent citizens who can afford to move stateside. The western states, California in particular, trembles like a young child who is being told to go back to sleep after just waking up from a nightmare. Californians ask where will be safe? Moreover what questions will insurance companies ask of those who reside in fire prone regions.

Climate change is making us consider a science fiction future that is filled with unknowns! 129F degrees? Do you plan to build a new home in Southern California if it will soon see temperatures hot enough to kill? Only Trump the fool pretends that he doesn’t see climate change occurring around the world. A wiser man would lead this country’s economy to be better able to cope with what is certain to be a more demanding climate future ahead. Instead he takes a bribe or a payoff to keep us chained to a failing technology that is woefully out of date. Does Trump have investments in coal?

Sometimes I think that Trump would watch Florida drown as sea levels rise and do his best to sell you beach front property!