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"We Don't Have to Live Like This': March for Our Lives Unveils Sweeping Plan to Address Gun Violence and Strengthen Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/21/we-dont-have-live-march-our-lives-unveils-sweeping-plan-address-gun-violence-and

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Of course, all guns should be banned except those licensed by special permit.
Which was where we used to be when we were all safe on our streets in America –

But from where we are now, every gun should carry insurance – just as a car does
with the owner responsible for paying for it – given the possibility it could be used in
a shooting; the very purpose for which the gun was manufactured.

ALSO, in talking about the mentally ill, we have to recognize that the tragic mental
illness of our own president is something that must be addressed in impeachment.

Further, it is necessary to understand that the power of the NRA in denying the 90%
of Americans who want gun regulation does not come from its members but more
than likely from the CIA. This is the way the CIA has long gone in creating violence
and chaos in societies everywhere in order to overturn democracies in other nations.
And it has been brought home to us, as well, including with drug running and sex

I’m guess that this take over of the NRA came in the 1970’s after what was left of
liberals and moderates in both parties in our Congress began investigating the CIA
and its violence around the world in coups and assassinations and “insurrections.”
See: The Frank Church Hearings – all of the documents have never yet been released.
The investigation was so shocking as to have brought down the CIA, but it didn’t.
And I imagine that the worst of the discoveries were covered up and hidden even now.

Rather than continuing the investigations and severely limiting the CIA’s activities, this
rogue/Nazi like organization has continued on as intelligence and in service for Elites as
conceived by the Council on Foreign Relations to replace the OSS. This is our American

It is certainly not a much despised NRA and it’s members who have the power to hold
back gun regulations being demanded by pretty much all Americans – even adding in the
gun manufacturers who have now thrived with the overturning of the 2nd Amendment as
being about “Militia” . . . which is exactly what it says.

As the right wing makes “UP” into “Down” they are doing it by corrupting our courts even
further where much of our Constitution has been reversed to allow spying on all Americans
– and the corruption begins at the very top levels – our Supreme Court now with two GOP
perverts present and throughout our Department of Justice and many of our Appelate Courts.

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As I keep saying, it won’t happen in the lifetimes of most reading this, but we MUST start the conversation about repealing the Second Amendment. It is the ONLY way we are ever going to get around a court system Hell-bent on keeping guns in the hands of most people. I’m not advocating taking all guns away, just most, and making it much harder to get one. Our version of the Australia plan. They must have done something right, they haven’t had a mass shooting since the one that provoked their restrictions. We have to stop the gun nuts from being able to shout down any calls for gun control, so we have to advocate the most extreme solution, and make that discussion acceptable, which it is not now.

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All we need is love:

Speaking of the mentally ill, I wonder if trump would pass a background check if he wanted to buy a gun?


Probably, with how lax the gun laws in the U.S. are.

There’s a no-fly list because W didn’t want people with Arabic names to use planes as weapons.

There’s no list of people on KKK fan websites who shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns.

You want a gun? Have a gun. That is your right. But I do not think the constitution says you can have the ammunition. That is where the laws should be strict and people should be required to take classes, get licenses, and buy insurance to get the ammunition. The ammunition should be regulated, can only be purchased with certificates from completed classes, having a yearly license and having insurance in case someone gets killed using that ammunition . For those who want to buy automatic ammunition for the empty assault weapons they own they must pass some type of personality inventory and they should be investigated as to their motives for wanting such ammunition. Ammunition is not a right. It is a responsibility to own ammunition, just as it is to drive a car. This regulation would not just include citizens who want to have ammunition for their guns, but for anyone, be they police, military, anyone. To have the ammunition, they must have the credentials.

I applaud the young people for their fight; I am disgusted and appalled by the weak legislators who can not fix this.
I think we need to change the language to guns do not kill people; ammunition kills people. Regulate it. Fix it.

What exactly is “automatic ammunition”? And what is an “assault weapon”?

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" * implement a mandatory buyback program for assault weapons modeled on Australia’s program, which cut gun-related deaths by 57 percent"

Anyone gonna call BS on that? 60% of gun deaths in the US are suicides. They don;t do it with rifles. Most of the rest are gangbangers offing each other. Most gun crimes are committed with handguns.

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I’ve been think – given the craziest ideas of Trump in last few days – that maybe
impeachment is a waste of time and we should simply try to remove him under
the 25th Amendment –

25th Amendment | U.S. Constitution | US Law | LII / Legal …


U.S. Constitution 25th Amendment The 25th Amendment, proposed by Congress and ratified by the states in the aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, provides the procedures for replacing the president or vice president in the event of death, removal, resignation, or incapacitation.

" * implement a mandatory buyback program for assault weapons modeled on Australia’s program, which cut gun-related deaths by 57 percent"

Anyone gonna call BS on that?

I’ll take that one.

The firearms-related homicide rate had been declining for about a decade before the “buyback” and continued declining afterward for another decade or so at essentially the same rate. The change was statistically insignificant and no causality could be shown.

Whether he is impeached or removed by the 25TH amendment, trump is replaced by pence. I don’t know what would be gained.
With all the talk of republicans never speaking up about what a dangerous man trump is, pence has shown how much he cares about the U.S., he is just as guilty as trump for never saying anything.

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That is the sad truth … PENCE … Trump’s insurance plan.

But same result would come from Impeachment –

Maybe we should consider it, nonetheless … and maybe we’ll go
all the way to Speaker of the House?