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'We Don't Know... How Bad It Is': 31-Car Oil Train Derails Into Iowa Floodwaters


'We Don't Know... How Bad It Is': 31-Car Oil Train Derails Into Iowa Floodwaters

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Adding to the mountain of evidence that "oil trains are a disaster for our health, our safety, and our climate"—an argument environmentalists have been making for years—a 31-car freight train derailed in Iowa and started leaking crude oil into floodwaters on Friday morning, forcing evacuations of nearby homes and raising concerns about drinking water contamination.


This is actually one of the best and most scenic river areas of NW Iowa. Which isn’t saying a lot, but… BNSF is Warren Buffett’s railroad and they’re not unionized at the track repair and maintenance level, either. But, this was an idiot engineer error. The railbed was washing out under the waterline, you knucklehead.*
Still, " bomb trains " should be banned, period. Along with a bunch of other petroleum-based items.
*an old gandy dancer on the Rock Island Line told me that.


This is what the trump regime and its resident pro-oil shill/moron/criminal Pruitt, et al, are pushing. If you like this you’ll love the Keystone XL “shortcut” to the existing keystone pipeline - gotta have more, right?. Although neither pipeline goes thru Iowa, they do impact your neighboring states and water Iowa…ready to get active and fight to protect your way of life, healthy environment and water?

This greed-driven filth to enrich the already uber-wealthy and rape America is what trump brought to you and yours and all of us!..


I despise Dumbf BUT…this has been going on for decades, long before he took over the empire. Until fossil fuels are completely boycotted into non-existence and renewable energy is embraced, it will continue on for decades more.

“…ready to get active and fight to protect your way of life, healthy environment and water?”
Forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.


If shit like this isn’t the best reason for the proliferation of Solar Panels, Wind Generators, and other renewable energy sources, what is?


There are actually Oil Cars designed to never rupture.

They’re expensive, however well made.

You would think that any intelligent society, once they lived through this kind of unnecessary pollution of our soil, air, and water, would legislate to force the use of the better designed Oil Cars, and force the old ones to be destroyed so that they could never be used again.

You would think.

Not these Duopoly politicians that are in the pockets of the Oil Barrons.

Leave the Duopoly.

Do it now.

They will get the message.


They are laying a new pipeline through Minnesota’s pristine Boundary Waters. Permits were nixed under Obama, but granted under tRump.


Manufactoring consent for pipelines?



Drill Baby, Spill! Just how stupid are Iowans? They voted for tRump after they voted against tRump!



One reason why oil trains are allowed to continue to run is that when things like this happen major news outlets like Google News black it out or place the articles where no one sees them. There is no mention of this oil train derailment on the US news section of Google News, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, and CBS News as of 9 pm EST on 6/22/18 although there is a story about 9,000 barrels of bourbon spilling in a Kentucky distillery (“nobody was hurt except bourbon aficionados” said one report as if this story was supposed to be entertaining). Also note that none of these “news outlets” have sections dedicated to the Environment (except CNN’s Energy+Environment section)! It’s no wonder that the capitalist oink oinks that run things get to keep polluting the earth as too many of us peons wander around this planet unaware of the environmental calamity facing us.


Think about bomb trains that nuclear weapons, waste and other munitions.


Not sure when the aerial photo was taken, the derailment was 4:30 am, so had to be at least a few hours. As an ex-HazMat tech., I want to know why containment booms are not deployed, or being deployed. No excuse for this, almost all fire departments have them now. IMHO, trains pulling this many oil cars should be required to pull a car with containment booms and absorbent pads to start the containment process when this happens.


I firmly believe a nation of separatist collective movements in unity might just be what saves America, and hopefully Minnesota’s pristine Boundary Waters.


Adding to the mountain of evidence that CAFOs are a environmental health hazard to the air, surface and ground water Iowans are in deep trouble. If these polluting corporations (oil and industrial agriculture) are not held accountable and if restrictions are not put into law and enforced the water of the Middle America is doomed.


The proliferation of photovoltaic solar and wind energy sources has no effect on oil demand or prices. Solar and wind are used for electricity generation. NONE of this oil is used for electricity generation.

Petroleum in the USA is used for transportation products (ATF, gasoline and diesel), distillates/ heating (naphtha, butane, propane, diesel), and petrochemical feedstocks (ethylene, propylene, butene, olefin, benzene, toluene, xylene etc.)

You will only be able to create competition with petroleum when you incentivize the production of EVs, biofuels, and renewable heating processes such as geothermal or CSP.


Trains carrying high levels of nuclear materials are housed in much more durable containers with significantly less cargo. Furthermore these are solids as compared with liquid petroleum.


I believe we should use Oleo sponges as compared with the conventional pads used for cleanup.


People should be jailed at the highest levels for allowing this pollution, crimes against humanity and nature. These oily pigs want to drill widely in the Gulf of Mexico and with Dump are likely to get their way. They’ll further destroy the oceans in their greed lust. I read Obama owned $60 million in BP stock, no wonder the extent of the Gulf spill was covered up under his presidency. The enormous quantity of heavy poison poured into the Gulf to make the oil sink to the bottom, fish is off the menu forever from my viewpoint. Same with the ongoing disaster in the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima.


Been out of that business for 17 yrs., not familiar with that product, but I’m sure there has been many upgrades in the industry since I left it.


Which party will curb the pollution oil usage requires? I guess we can forget about it as an issue. Along with the impossible explanation of 9/11, American poverty, American prisoners, International aggression, the missing $21Trillion and Police Aggression. Back to Choice vs fighting the Gay agenda. Having just one set of policies sure simplifies voting.