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'We Don't Need a Climate Denier on the Supreme Court': Outrage as Barrett Says She Has No 'Firm Views' on Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/14/we-dont-need-climate-denier-supreme-court-outrage-barrett-says-she-has-no-firm-views


Just as the SCOTUS during different eras has been called the Warren Court, Roberts Court, etc. identifying the era with the Chief Justice.

Upon confirming Barrett the SCOTUS will be identified as the Moscow Mitch Court, seeing how said Senate Majority Leader strategically withheld confirmation for 100 plus judges during Obama’s second term and then packed the courts with young fascist judges during the Trump regime.


Please people. Let’s stop the pearl clutching. What did you think she was going to say? “Oh, I think global warming is the most serious threat to the earths biosphere since the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, and I promise to spend the rest of my judicial career doing everything I can to mitigate that threat”. Jeebus on a cracker! Talk about fucking delusional. Like each and every SCOTUS nominee in the last thirty years, she will offer no opinion on any questions asked.
In a week or so we will be calling her Justice Barrett. It’s time we accept that and move in to what is really important for 2021.
The power of the SCOTUS needs to be limited, or eliminated.
The earth is warming out of control now. There is nothing the SCOTUS can or will do about it. It’s up to us. One of the first steps should be a little demonstration of actual warming, as we burn the SCOTUS building to the ground.


The Moscow Mitch Court is a very legit name for the 6-3 SCOTUS to come.
If anybody stalks or otherwise harasses you about why we call him Moscow Mitch, here’s the answer:
The phrase Moscow Mitch has been used by many in the media, comedy, and progressive politics as a nickname for the most dangerous Senate majority leader ever, along with the nickname “Grim Reaper.”
There are solid reasons for the Moscow Mitch nickname. During the 2016 campaign, for example, McConnell tried to sabotage a bipartisan statement warning the public of Russia’s attempts to influence our elections. McConnell also blocked legislation that could have protected elections from foreign interference.
The legislation was put forward after Robert Mueller testified that Russia is actively planning more interference in our elections. This interference has been documented by intelligence agencies and is ongoing.
McConnell even blocked a measure that only required that any candidate or campaign official report to the FBI any offers of assistance from foreign governments.
Also of note is McConnell’s relationship with Oleg Deripaska, a friend of Putin and one of Russian’s richest oligarchs, who was repeatedly called out in the Mueller report because of connections to convicted criminal Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager.
Manafort during the 2016 campaign season was giving secret briefings to Deripaska on American elections, and the data was going back to Putin and Russian Intelligence agencies.
Deripaska has been investigated internationally for fraud, money-laundering and many other crimes.
American investigators concluded that Deripaska was credibly accused of threatening violent harm to business rivals, wiretapping officials, and taking part in extortion and racketeering. The US then put sanctions on him, but McConnell lobbied hard for lifting those sanctions, and in return, Deripaska quickly promised to spend hundreds of millions of dollars opening an aluminum plant in Kentucky.
This quid pro quo is seen as a backchannel bribe and political contribution from a highly-placed, Putin-connected Russian insider to McConnell.
Similar chicanery has taken place via McConnell’s wife, who funnels Chinese money into Kentucky in return for political favors and other personal benefits.
American intelligence agencies explain that Russia’s interventions in our political system are a synthesis of covert interference to create political and social disruption in the target country, as well as funneling Russian black money to corrupt American politicians such as McConnell.
Any astute person knows that the phrase Moscow Mitch isn’t meant to slag ALL Russians. It’s only meant to anger and expose Moscow Mitch, referencing his quid pro quo actions that any rational person can see are benefiting Russian mob oligarchs and their daddy Putin.


You are not a dentist, either, and yet I bet you don’t let your children chew on candy during the entirety of their waking hours. Some good your Notre Dame education did you in logic lady. The dominoes they just keep falling.

(“I am not a scientist.” translates to there does not happen to be a convenient snowball in the Senate chamber at this time in Republicanese.)

  1. Smash Trump’s terrorist supporters into submission

  2. Overturn this woman’s confirmation (& Kavannaugh, & everything else Trump’s done, for that matter)

  3. Get out in the streets to push Biden to the left on every policy - with the threat of general strikes/noncompliance as our cudgel (at least to start out)

  4. Paralyze the economy, if/when Biden tries to strong arm us like Obama did in Zucotti Park.

In the more likely event that They claim Trump “won,” all of that goes out the window; you’ll probably need to reevaluate your convictions to make them match your pacifistic courage, in that scenario.


Never giving up with the hackneyed, shopworn “Moscow Mitch” hatred! What did any Russian ever do to you, to make you keep campaigning so tirelessly for world war? “Nuke Moscow” is the advocacy inherent in your obscene presence. Stop hating, or else save it for elsewhere. Bigots do not belong here in the Commons. You should just leave until you can knock it the hell off, because you stink up the joint.

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The fascist cow is an expert at obfuscation but her non-answers, her history and her associations make her positions obvious.


i like alot of what you have to say, but I will respectfully second Aleph’s request that you be a bit more cosmopolitan in your outlook; blaming Russia for our (self-made) domestic problems strikes me as a “Democratic” party cop-out


It is not “pearl clutching” to state the truth and continue to call out AGW deniers repeatedly----and loudly whenever, wherever possible, imo.

It is a given that this . . . . creature (hard to call her a woman) . . . ACB . . . is going to be confirmed and this nomination process is a sham.

However I still think it is important to speak the truth loudly and clearly about science denial which obviously is a part of ACB’s personal constitution.

It is not surprising and yet another example of the failings of dems that it took that lunatic, John Kennedy, to shine the light on her rejection of science.

In these hearings we see yet more examples of short term, anthropocentric thinking by questions focusing solely on human health care, women’s right to choose when what is really at stake is a habitable planet where those aforementioned important issues will be rendered moot as the planet’s fever increases and ecosystems collapse.

We know that “views” on climate change are no longer acceptable in the face of facts.

In Courtrooms, Climate Change Is No Longer Up for Debate:

And that next year, the court will decide whether oil companies will face lawsuits in state or federal courts-----

“Should the Supreme Court rule in favor of the oil companies,” Dino Grandoni of The Washington Post writes, “it may make it harder for cities and states to secure victory in the climate cases.”


The Barrett factor: Will President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee favor oil companies in a climate change lawsuit?


weird. i assumed she was a scientist because she’s so confident that life begins at conception


This morning is one of those facts, in California. A red-flag fire warning due to persistent southwesterly “diablo” winds – gusting up to 55 mph. The next 24 hours look really bad:


My old favorite Wind Power Density (WPD) at 850hPa illuminates the huge anti-cyclone (spinning clockwise) which is squatting over the Pacific, west of Cape Mendocino (California’s nose). This is the huge problem: over the next four days [shift-k = +24hrs, shift-j = -24hrs] – as far as this forecast gizmo foresees: it wants to hang out awhile. We don’t even need ignitions – stuff is already on fire all over the place. If California does not lose another million acres to wildfire over the next two weeks, we’ll have dodged a flamethrower. The east edge of this anti-cyclone is set to scour CA like a wire brush.


You “get it.”

This is the most useful comment in this particular comment section (apart from my own, IMHO).

Thank you. My comment about why we call him Moscow Mitch shows the documentary record of McConnell’s troubling actions on behalf of Russian oligarchs that endanger the American electoral system.
Nowhere in any of my comments about this do I indicate that Russia is at fault for all our problems, only that it engages in election interference and other actions in a coordinated attack that involves also co-opting politicians such as McConnell. I note that Russian leaders starting with Khruschev have publicly stated that they will win against us not through military conflict, but by corrupting us from within.
I also note that the majority of the Russian people, other than Putin’s gang, are victims of their government, just like we are victims of our government.
None of my comments could be interpreted by a rational, intelligent person as calling for nuclear war against Russia or as bigoted against Muscovites.
I totally get it that the corporate Democratic Party is a neoliberal, capitalist, sold out group of people, not loyal to the FDR/Henry Wallace vision for the party, and not even close to a fierce opposition party.
The corporate Dems include war criminals such as Duckworth, and conservative DINOs such as Manchin.
I also know that it’s the fault of the American people, not just its politicians, and certainly not Putin’s mobsters, that our country is a crumbling empire.


The Moscow Mitch identity is not anti-Russian, it simply illuminates Trump’s, Moscow Mitch’s and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP’s relationship with the Russian oligarchy.

Just as we are witnessing multiple methods of voter suppression and election rigging the GOP is currently applying, CD posters have not blamed the 2016 election results solely on the Russians. The GOP has applied this strategy at least as far back as 1972. 2016 and 2020 are no exceptions.


Judge Barrett: You are not a Mechanical Engineer, so please drive your car without wearing seat belts and turn off the air bag.

You are not a biochemist either, so please put some lead acetate in your drinking water, it will taste sweet and nice.

Oh, if you choose to criminalize reproductive choice for women, you should do so for men as well, by criminalizing use of condoms, masturbation, and vasectomy.

Peace (even to you).


So sorry about this and all places on earth (everywhere) under threat Aleph.

Stay safe----keep us updated if you are so moved to do so. I think it’s important to hear about these crises in real time.
We cannot become desensitized and have such events be normalized.

I think I’ve mentioned (several times!) my friend who lost her home/horse/cat----everything basically---- in a Yuba county fire a few years ago. She is still working on the paperwork for insurance and PG & E lawsuit which makes her relive massive levels of trauma.

Getting the red flag warnings on her phone immediately puts her in fight/flight.

Thankfully she is safe in Wisconsin from the fires now but obviously now in the red zone for covid as you know.

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None of that you list can happen unless YOU FIRST stop all of your “never vote for Sleepy Joe” bullshit, and go to the polls and actually vote for him. Otherwise, you’re just a shit-for-brains hypocrite, knowing that the ONLY WAY to remove tRump and his criminal, treasonous RepubliKKKan regime is to VOTE FOR BIDEN.

If you aren’t willing to help save the country by voting for the ONLY VIABLE, ELECTABLE candidate opposing tRump on the ballot in November…



Can the Russia bull shit, the real interference in elections is the Republican voter suppression efforts. Specifically eliminating likely Democrat voters through cross check, gerrymandering, onerous ballot requirements, sending Republican operatives(thugs??) to polls to challenge voters, reducing the number of voting places and the big one, disabling USPS. See Greg Palast’s blog and his "Best Democracy Money Can Buy".

Blaming foreigners for our own internal corruption is a well worn trope which goes back to the Palmer raids in the 1920’s and reached its ultimate zenith with Joe McCarthy. Note that Roy Cohn, McCarthy’s primary lawyer was Trump’s mentor.

What has actually been tagged to Russia is miniscule compared to what the Repugnants have and are doing. Some Russian oligarch trying to gain a boost up for his business doesn’t surprise me, but it is not the major problem.

And by the way the DNC, Hillary emails were leaked not hacked. It has been forensically proven. See Consortium News.


The only reason that Hawkins will lose is the opinion of so many people that he can’t win.

It seems to me that a Hawkins win is more likely than Biden moving left.