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'We Don't Need a Climate Denier on the Supreme Court': Outrage as Barrett Says She Has No 'Firm Views' on Climate Crisis

This woman should be absolutely not confirmed to become a member of the SCOTUS because her cave woman idiotic response to global weather catastrophe. Her handlers in the fossil fuel industry want to continue polluting until the planet becomes uninhabitable for all life forms. She is a co-conspirator, a criminal by association accepting bribes in return for potentially ruling against life on earth.


Please always falls on deaf ears, it’s time to rise and shine, stand up to free your country from this small but powerful band of wealthy fascists and their goon squads, the morons who think they’ll have a better life under corporate fascism. They think hot dirty air and polluted water can be survivable for them.


The “religious” madness and extremism of the “devout” dogma does not recognize Mother Earth or the systems that support all life on Earth, only cloud-daddy and the belief that we humans - children of god - can do no wrong because Jesus will come-back and put things right - fix everything!

Of course Coney Barrett has no “firm views” on Climate Heating because she has only room in her being - her mind - for the intellectual slavery and ignorance of “religion”. A Trojan Horse for the most repressive views of “religion” and our place on Earth! She is the American Taliban who will blow-up our life-sustaining sacred world!

At this time the vanishing separation between church and state - and that includes the SCOTUS! - is ritical for many reasons. The “originalists” have carved-out a narrative that makes it impossible to move beyond their cement-head interpretation of the US Constitution and we will all suffer for their ignorant arrogance! Civil rights, Human Rights, environmental and animal protection, air and water quality sold to the highest corporate bidder and polluters. Fossil-fuel and chemical poisoning of the Earth not in the evangelical or “devout” mind or spirit, only slavish belief in fantasy - if they want to life THEIR lives like that, do it, but NOT the rest of us!

Coney Barrett is a shallow, small, weak mind and spirit that gives her life to her mythology but she must not be allowed to do so for the rest of us all!

“The whole fabric of our religion is based on superstitious belief in lies that have been foisted on us for ages by those directly above us, to whose personal profit and aggrandizement it was to have us continue to believe as they wished us to believe” – Edgar Rice Burroughs - in the persona of John Carter - from “The Gods of Mars”

“The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power.” - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“He is a weak ruler who needs religion to uphold his government; it is as if he would catch his people in a trap. My people are going to learn the principles of democracy, the dictates of truth, and the teachings of science.” – Kemal Ataturk


What is your opinion on say, “Superfly Pence” ? Isn’t this more about exploitation than bigotry. There are multiple examples here. If anything maybe traitorous Mitch would be better, or treasonous dude Mitch, or any number of other domestic terms. Or, who the “F” cares if Mitch is offended, he is a sociopath that probably thinks of it as validation. I don’t know how all the “good Germans” have escaped this paradigm?

No offense but we can attribute quite a few mistakes to science too.

Why does she have children if she doesn’t care about them and their future? Stupid.


The woman is too stupid to be on the SC


Fascinating how few of the comments above (way less than 50 percent) say anything about the subject of the article. Yes, several comments have noted that “no opinion” on AGW is a weasely cop-out. Holthaus, the meteorologist quoted in the article, is dead on. But I’ll go him one deader:

My boss from hell for the last four and a half years before I retired once suggested (c. 2014) that the notion of global warming was “controversial.” Since she was the boss from hell I changed the subject. But thinking about that episode a couple of days ago, I realized that I should have said bluntly that at that late date and for more than a decade prior, anyone who referred to global warming as “controversial” was either lying or unfit to work in an institution of higher education, even as an instructor in BizAd at a community college. All the more for a lawyer on the Supreme Court who would likely rule on several cases on that subject.


As you repeatedly say, this seems strategic: how must it feel to be a climate scientist when you keep saying the same thing over and over, but it does to cause alarm to supposedly responsible adults… That it is ‘Loading’ but it rarely takes root!

Considering Pope Francis’ two encyclicals, how can Barrett, as a good Catholic, say she has no firm views?? The last encyclical has the subtitle “On Care For Our Common Home”. In it, the pope critiques consumerism and irresponsible development, laments environmental degradation and global warming, and calls all people of the world to take “swift and unified global action.” But, I guess she’s too good for the Pope’s words, LOL.


You apparently left “_Delusion” off the end of your name…

calm down Caroline, learn some real climate history and stop being a pawn in the fear mongering. Go out for a bike ride, get some fresh air, if you’re allowed to… that is where we are really screwed. peace

And you apparently left “GoingNowhere” off the end of yours. Goodbye.

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If you don’t have a firm idea of what climate change is all about, then your mind is definitely NOT up to snuff for the requirements of the SC. Someone lacking as much knowledge of what is going around her definitely needs a lot of remedial education outside legal matters.

Climate change isn’t the only thing she’s unaware of. She claims she didn’t know that drumpf has said that he’s appointing her to defend his election the same way she did Dubya’s. There were several other times that she claimed not to know something that is common knowledge for people who pay attention. Assuming she wasn’t lying about those things, she must have been living in a bubble where legal matters took on some sort of reality like the weather.

I suspect that her cult doesn’t recognize Pope Francis as being Catholic. There are a large number of conservative orthodox Catholics that recognize exPope Ratzinger as the true pope.

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What should she have said? That global warming caused by human activity is accepted fact and that it is a clear and present danger.

As for what the SC can do is to uphold laws and regulations that seek to reduce and reverse global warming instead of eliminating them the way the right wing oligarchs want her to do. That should be obvious.

Swear nothing, hook this woman up to a lie detector.

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I can’t believe the selfishness of these people.

But talk about dogs–I was just thinking about my old pooch Sharrie. She not only helped me raise my kids, she was their second Mother. Should have been their first. Always there to lick faces after I scolded them for delaying their homework. She was the one they read their books to and was probably better at math than I was.

My current rescue, Lady Bird, I was able to train as a therapy pet, and we used to go to the VA and visit patients, before Covid. Boy, did she love that, walking the halls with a huge smile. One of our visits was to the Alzheimer’s ward. One fellow there told me, “God created man, but He SPOKE dog.” I loved that and have carried that with me. So pure, truthful, and dedicated to our well-being, these fellow creatures. So unlike us, but a good model if we would use it!


I agree but the scum who are dong the confirming agree with her and would never relinquish their chance to empower their corporate agenda. There is nothing legitimate about any of this.

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I understand your points about bigotry, but I do not have the experience with CE’s postings to be as vehement in denouncing them and am not comfortable with the insults you level. I merely wanted to make the point that calling opponents to be instruments of a foreign nation comes back to bite progressives in the ass as our loyalties are always questioned when we challenge the orthodoxy. I respect much about the opinions of both of you, so will step away from this conversation having had my say.

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