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'We Don't Need a Climate Denier on the Supreme Court': Outrage as Barrett Says She Has No 'Firm Views' on Climate Crisis

I understand your points about bigotry, but I do not have the experience with CE’s postings to be as vehement in denouncing them and am not comfortable with the insults you level. I merely wanted to make the point that calling opponents to be instruments of a foreign nation comes back to bite progressives in the ass as our loyalties are always questioned when we challenge the orthodoxy. I respect much about the opinions of both of you, so will step away from this conversation having had my say.

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Dude, what’s up with you?

Ok, so you don’t like CE. Got it.

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Off the deep end, you are.

It’s about Xenophobia, friend. I’ll try to be more clear about that in future, as I seem to have failed to get across. The really big issue with Mr or Ms Xenophobia, wherever else they’re coming from, is the warmongering they promote, the Empire they buttress. The more personally repellent issue with xenophobes is how obnoxious they are. Despising ordinary Muscovites, or whoever, for no reason. Excluding Russians or women or any other despised caste from the decent demands of common human dignity. Xenophobes are inhuman that way. They don’t speak of Common Dreams, but imperial dreams.

I don’t think inhuman xenophobes belong here. You’ve got it right that it’s an important issue for me.

If you are anywhere near CA you should consider air quality before doing anything including breathing.

Maybe it is a human flaw, the inability to generalize human characteristics across demographic barriers. (the unknown or don’t want to know)

This preoccupation with differences is annoying.

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I totally get that we are under enormous stresses in these crazy times; I find it noticeable within myself and others that post here. We have good days, cranky days and pig-biting mad days.

I also consider CD a forum, a kind of very interesting family/brother sisterhood. It’s very different than other prog news sites in that regard. Many of us have been in the trenches here for many a long time.

I just have to say that I didn’t read anything xenophobic in CE post.

I also, to be clear, appreciate your perspectives on many matters. Hang in there bro.

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Rusophobic is unarguably xenophobic. There’s no sensible way to interpret the expression “Moscow Mitch” without a distinctly derogatory sense to the word “Moscow” – Where’s the missing puzzle-piece to complete the xenophobic picture? It’s picture-perfect xenophobia. It’s exactly like high-school kids using the word “gay” in a derogatory sense – there’s no excuse for ugliness like that. Such xenophobia is foreign to sound classroom management. As it turns out, Abby Zimet here also indulges in that term. It makes me feel lonely when people don’t understand the simple principle: It’s not okay to just lash out at Russians, or foreigners, for no reason, for goodness sake! It’s the kind of moral insensitivity I remember for a long time, when I see it displayed. How would you feel about such hatred if your mother happened to be from this despised place: Moscow?

At any rate, I’m gratified you understand it’s a matter of principle, of what looks to me like manifestly offensive, hurtful expression – It’s nothing personal. I’d just like to see haters stop hating.