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We Don't Need Trump's Thugs in Chicago

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/28/we-dont-need-trumps-thugs-chicago


Trump’s stochastic terrorism having not lived up to his expectations he had to “go pro” and use the federalis, of course with agents provocateur to complete the script. Chicago is going to need discipline to fight the urge to get sucked into the fray and I am not hopeful on that matter. There is simply too much earned anger in that city. Too much pent up frustration. Too many decades of neglect. Too much corruption. Trump is going for visuals and it is hard to see Chicago not giving them to him, giving the tension within the city on any given night. I fear the harvest of evil-seeded fruit soon. If Obama could step in as a Chicagoan and hold things together that would be a double-trump on Trump–denying him his visuals by his arch rival. Can you spell aneurism?


I hope Trump sends his Fascist Footsoldiers to Chicago.

It very well may end up being Trump’s "Waterloo."

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With all due respect,

…maybe you should talk to some of your friends in the democratic party and tell them not to vote to increase funding and expand the surveillance power for the DHS secret police (a.k.a. - stazi)

  • you know, those jackboot thugs they are sending all around the country as an occupying force right here in America?

You do understand that is what the dems are doing, right???


FYI- The POTUS isn’t a Democrat or hadn’t you noticed? The Trump Adm. sent in " stazi " to Portland, not Speaker Pelosi. In fact, the Portland Police Dept. is under Federal & Judicial supervision iniated by the Obama Adm.'s DOJ.
As to the DHS itself, it’s funding, etc.: The Democratic Party has not offered a viable alternative to this seriously flawed policing model. Some cities, however, do more enlightened work than others, that’s for sure.
I think we can all agree that The UniParty Consensus regarding the militarism and militarization of our nation’s various police agencies is completely out of control. Our collective control as American citizens, at any rate.


The GOP is applying the Goebbels’ model that witnessed Hitler’s thugs burning the Reichstag and blaming the communists, a move that gained Hitler a lot of support.

Instilling contrived fear in the electorate has worked well for the GOP ever since Joe McCarthy’s witch hunts started 70 years ago.


Blurring the " timeline of events " is also a very useful tactical measure for advancing false claims by the GOP. And, their MSM sympathizers.
Whether it’s COVID-19, the sequence of events regarding Trump’s para-military forces invading downtown Portland. Or, the constant lies and " re-imaginations " by Dumpster Divin’ Donny himself.
Confusion, propaganda, state sanctioned disinformation campaigns- it’s all in a day’s work for about 25% of the U.S. population. Funny thing, that 25% is almost exclusively white, too.
Go figure, right?


Apparently Mayor Lightfoot talks out of both sides of her mouth. The vid below shows a tweet of Lightfoot welcoming the federal goons to Chicago. It starts at 3:40 in the vid.
Also don’t miss the comments attached to the vid, normally fairly progressive for this platform, not this time. These commenters are proving Trump is winning minds with this goon action with some.

“Portland Protests Escalate! Chicago Mayor Welcomes Federal Goons” / Jimmy Dore Platform

Oh, and thanks for reinforcing the BS story of Russian Bounties, that has no evidence to back it up this claim Jesse.

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We also don’t need Trump’s thugs - or DT himself - in America.
But we have him and them, anyway.

The chi city police sent out task force to two areas that have history of week end and daily shootings, for that matter.

Apparently worked.
Friday noon to Monday 6 AM = 4 shot and murdered + 59 wounded.

Yes, education is an answer. Reading comprehension is the biggest problem. Boys get to ninth grade and are behind way too far. Give up, absent until age 16 when they can quit.

Perhaps the e-learning will gain traction, interest.
Indianapolis, northeast boys leave 6th grade building everyday not knowing where they will eat supper or sleep.

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“We Don’t Need Trump’s Thugs in Chicago”- We already have plenty of thugs!

Thanks for pointing-out Jackson’s repeating the Russian “bounty” BS and the Jimmy Dore link. As Dore points out it is trump’s goons in Portland, but the Dem sellouts to police-etate “law & Order”, Clinton, Obama & Biden writing law to empower thug goons like trumps in Portland that laid the foundations. The great black hype, Obama, sold-out the people to serve the police-state, war, and banker thefts!.

Yeah, we need to evict trump and his insane pathology, but recognize the same agenda and repression of the public trump is employing, was put in place by Clinton/Obama/Biden and entrenched Dem/DNC complicity. Where is Habeas Corpus? Nowhere thanks to Bill Clinton and Joe Biden via Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill!
There is a critical need for a third party to actually represent the people and Constitutional government Of, BY and FOR the People - FOR civilian government and Common Good!


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Only using communists as the bad guys does not work anymore so Trump has changed the narrative to: " ANARCHISTS, TERRORISTS AND RIOTERS! And Trump feeding that red meat to his racist and violent base is working exactly the same way.

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By Trump’s “logic” (faultless but mistaken), Black Lives Matter is a “hate” group that must be opposed because it presents a destabilizing “terrorist” threat to ongoing racism. In his tangled, twisted mind, he is sending DHS thugs to Chicago to preserve the status quo that will “Make America Great Again.” This is what we can expect when a psychopath inhabits the White House.