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"We Don't Want to Repress": Police in Honduras Refuse Orders to Stamp Out Pro-Democracy Protests


"We Don't Want to Repress": Police in Honduras Refuse Orders to Stamp Out Pro-Democracy Protests

Jon Queally, staff writer

"We are tired. And our job is to give peace and security to the Honduran people, not repress them. We want all Hondurans to be safe."


Too bad the U.S. government does not feel the same way!


We might be seeing a repetition of the historical pattern: revolutions really pick up steam when the police join the revolt.

Obama and Clinton’s early installation of this military dictatorship in Honduras was one of my initial clues that this was going to be a terrible administration.


Bet Hillary is pissed!
Seems she had other plans as Secretary of State.
Fuck Hillary. Bill doesn’t.


The US created those dictatorships in it’s won image, and if we don’t rise up against fascism in America we will be facing repression as never before seen or experienced. Unfortunately our police are well fed for now, they have the best benefits of a socialist system but fight to keep us from having any.


Yes. It should never be forgotten that the Bolsheviks’ chants of “Turn the guns around!” were taken to heart by the Tsar’s troops (by the rank and file, of course, not by the sclerotic officer corps), which marked the beginning of the end for Russia’s hereditary monarchy.

Sic semper tyrannis.


Oh man, I am so hungry for good news! I hope so hard that enough police join this revolt that Hernandez is forced to flee (actually I read he already has), US and OAS are forced to acknowledge that Nasrulla won, and the Hondurans get relief from the ugly regime that has terrorized their country for several years.


What administration has been a good one in regards to the Americas? Or, specifically Honduras?
The Trumpster Adm. certified the Hernandez gov’t. It’s not the current POTUS or SoS, it’s the U. S. policy.
All this constant slamming of Democratic Adms. looks like " ass covering " for support of Trump in 2016. Well, see what that has wrought. And, it deflects quite well from the Green Party’s utter failure of doing anything meaningful in our political system. Their foreign policy platform is beyond trivial in U.S. policy decisions. Time to change your tune and join Sen. Sanders’ Our Revolution. You’d sound better than a broken clock in your prognostications, spoken in perfect 20/20 hindsight.


Let us hope hyped up war police in the US come to the same conclusion.

Democracy is an ancient organic tool humans use to focus distributed intelligence.

US elites have been destroying democracies world-wide for many years and they need ordinary people to join them as soldiers and police armed with military weapons just like in Honduras.

Dear soldiers and police, You do good work when you are see your neighbors as a fountain of good times and not as civilians in need of management.


Can you imagine any cop anywhere in the U.S. taking a stand like this? And whoever acted as the spokesperson, well…good luck to his/her family.


How absolutely marvelous!!! Bishop Oscar Romero is cheering! And their refusal to kill their people who only want a fair election and better government honors the memory of Berta Caceres. I hope they have enough support from the people, so a that these police and officers are protected from a retribution by the Honduran elites.


You mean like JFK,MLK and RFK?


Didn’t you mean to say the American elites like Hillary?


YUP. Exactly.


And all the U.S. CIA “assets” and Southern Command forces making trouble in Honduras.


This is a bipartisan clusterf***. Don’t forget Clinton was Sec of State under Obama. Now there is Trump who know doubt loves this guy Hernandez.

Right on, Honduran people and the security forces are who with them.


Nice turn of phrase.


And too bad there is likely not a single police officer in the US with the courage of conviction of the Honduras Cobras.

What are the odds that any US “peace officer” would make such a brave statement? Zero


With any luck, the U.S. police will feel the same way when our turn comes.


Not buying anything this article says. No way did the death-squad Honduran butchers all of a sudden grow a conscience. Fake news.