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"We Don't Want to Repress": Police in Honduras Refuse Orders to Stamp Out Pro-Democracy Protests


“On Monday night, demonstrations in the streets continued as opponents of Hernández poured into the streets with pots and pans—now with the tacit support of the police forces who had earlier been sent disperse them—as they called for transparency in the counting of votes and the ouster of the ruling party.”

This reminds me of:
In Quebec, A Revolution of Love, Hope and Community
“People don’t need the media to tell them what is happening outside their door. They can hear it. They can feel it. The genie cannot go back in the bottle. We are awake, truly awake for the first time in a long time. We will not go back to sleep.”

As well as:


[quote=“TulsiFan, post:18, topic:47287”]
What are the odds that any US “peace officer” would make such a brave statement? Zero

Yep, the odds are between Slim and none…and Slim just left town!


Sanders was, is, and will be no help, alas. He’s become a shill for the failed Dems. He should have joined Jill Stein when she offered to step aside and let Bernie lead the Green Party.


I just received an email from SOA Watch that says, in [part:

"Yesterday was a remarkable day in Honduras. The COBRAS, an elite police force, and basic level police officers of the National Police announced they would no longer obey the government’s order to repress the protests and mobilizations taking place all across Honduras. ’We are the people and we can’t be killing our own people to protect the interests of external persons,’ announced one of the Cobras. Another Cobra stated, ‘our job is to give peace and security to the Honduran people, not repress them.’ This incredible turn of events comes after violent repression of the massive protests, including numerous murders of protesters by the Military Police and the Armed Forces.

In a tremendous show of integrity, the Cobras and police officers abandoned the protests where they had been sent to repress and returned to their barracks. A huge crowd gathered outside the Cobras in Tegucigalpa, sharing food and water with the police officers arriving there, and celebrating those who have the dignity to refuse to attack their own people for demanding a basic tenet of democracy be respected: the popular vote. "

I had my doubts too, but SOA Watch is a reliable source.


YES, a key to the People rising is the pigs, at least some, others will join, say: “We are with you, solidaridad for La Gente, the People”!!!
Then they will be pigs no more, but, helpers of the People!


We didn’t and it’s now far too late. We are already facing repression as we’ve never seen before: 60-70 years for peaceful non violent protest?!?!

US police have throughout their entire existence been used far more to oppress the people than to enforce the law (not merely racial repression but also severe repression of worker’s organizations, etc and NONE of it in our school history books.

The core problem is that US police forces have been heavily used to repress people’s right for many generations. ALL current members have passed thru heavy screening and weeding out of any that don’t “get with the program”. This is a profound difference from countries with even a brief history of actual democracy whose police forces have, at least at times, been working FOR the interests of the people or, at the very least, not heavily repressing them. That’s why police in Honduras rebel and object when ordered to severely abuse the people. In the USA such requests are just more of the same.

“Why do the ‘good guys’ always win?”

“Because the winners write the history books.”


With that one bad decision Sanders negated a lifetime of excellent work.


To all U.S. police:
Read this story, and realize this is what REAL police do, protect their citizens, not kill them.


Thanks, i do get with your “program” and that is the program of the 99%. I believe that the billionaires have long ago decided that fortress America would be the best operating base for them. They are well protected and they in turn are able to “protect” the masses from learning the truths about them. Did you hear the news about RT the Russian news channel getting the boot?


This is where we are headed.


You want Bernie to join Jill, Thelma and Louise in the " cliffdiving while driving " concept of growing the GP revolution? Bernie resembles an older Jewish Kamikaze pilot to you? " Interesting, very interesting. But, not too funny ". Artie Johnson


We should have the courage of those Hondurans. When will it happen? And I don’t see much help for us from the police.


Does Bernie Sanders’ Imperialism Matter?


Do you remember the grandmother who stood in front of the Russian tank with her pocketbook on her hip? The tank driver got out and the rest is history! Bless these men who stand up for the people. Power to the people!


This must disturb the masters in the United States. How would our police and military behave? It is good to know that human beings exist and can make decisions for themselves and show courage.


Ah yes, Obama - Hope We Can’t Believe In!


Very well said. This long run of police murder of unarmed, non-threatening, turning away, running away, or simply standing still with empty hands black and brown people. In fact, unarmed black males are 19 times more likely to be shot by police than unarmed white males.

And it all began properly with the Pinkerton’s, who eventually worked for large imposing corporations like the railroad. And they proved to be murderers too (mostly of union workers), so modern day police are just honoring a long tradition of repression.


When was that? Your statement sounds like a gross simplification of Russian history.

The Tsar was forced to abdicate in Feb. (O.S.) 1917. Lenin wasn’t even in Russia at the time. Eight months later, Oct. (O.S.) 1917 the Bolsheviks committed a putsch, overthrowing the ineffective moribund Kerensky government and seizing power. (Which was challenged in the ensuring Russian Civil War…)

(Russia was one of many instances where the revolution imposed on the people a worse dictatorship than what they had been suffering under. How many people did the Tsar imprison, kill or oppress? Vs. how many Lenin and Stalin, just those two, imprisoned, killed or oppressed? Alexander Solzhenitsyn tried to estimate it in ‘The Gulag Archipelago

For what it’s worth, three bits.
Remember that there was a helicopter pilot at My Lai, Vietnam, who threatened to fire on Lt. William Calley’s unit if they continued what they were doing. …

That John Kerry testified before Congress on behalf of ‘Vietnam Vets Against the War’. …

And seen in Wikipedia’s Roy Moore article, that Roy Moore slept on sandbags in Vietnam because he’d heard reports that he might be the target of a grenade rolled under his cot (‘fragging’).


For a contrasting view, earlier this week I saw in the Wall Street Journal, Monday 12-4-2017 page A15 ‘The Left Sets Honduras on Fire’ Big text = “Socialists rampage through the country after an apparent election loss.” Report that Nasralla had more support in Tegucigalpa, vs. Hernandez having more support in the countryside, therefore the votes for Nasralla were counted and reported while the votes for Hernandez were still being transported to vote-count-central.

Excerpt “The strategy has been successful in Nicaragua where Sandinista Daniel Ortega has been in power since 2007. He is as corrupt as any caudillo and has handily put an end to political pluralism, competitive elections, transparency and institutional independence.” In El Salvador the General Secretary of the ruling FMLN has announced the goal is to end capitalism - including the right of private property.

On Nicaragua, I recall seeing in a Borders bookstore in 2011 a book that hailed Daniel Ortega as the savior of Nicaragua. I would like to look more closely and fact-check those competing claims.

As for El Salvador, eliminating private property usually doesn’t eliminate the property, or the likelihood that someone has control over that property approximating what a private property owner has. That person is often a government commissar or the local equivalent of a ‘Friend of Bill [Clinton]’

And on a similar subject, since the official report on Charlottesville VA earlier this year just came out, we hear that the politicians of Charlottesville were all very stand downish. There is no doubt that they would have liked to have yanked the rally permit for ‘Unite the Right’, but a judge said that the rally organizers had a right to rally. The politicians tried hard to sit on that fence.

So, (somewhat rhetorically), should the police have simply gone away, and let the 1000 protesters ‘have their way’ with the ~50 ‘Unite the Right’ attendees, up to and including pounding them to a pulp and killing them?