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'We Exist, We Resist, We Rise': Thousands March for Native Nations


'We Exist, We Resist, We Rise': Thousands March for Native Nations

Nika Knight, staff writer

"Water is life!" was the cry heard throughout Washington, D.C., on Friday as thousands of people filled the streets and marched for Indigenous rights and the sovereignty of native nations, demonstrating that the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline has sparked an ongoing movement.



#Only 2870 days until the end of Trump's second term. Why should the Dims wake up and change? It would only lead to winning. Who needs that?



Only one person out of 144 views has commented in 12hrs?

Odd that.


It doesn't seem to me that Standing Rock is about "Indigenous rights and the sovereignty of native nations", which sounds akin to "the right to operate casinos". I think the heart of the struggle is for an indigenous peoples' value system in which monetary profit is a subordinate value. Or what E.F. Schumacher wrote in his 1973 essay, The Proper Use of Land:

"We can say that man's management of the land must be primarily orientated towards three goals – health, beauty, and permanence. The fourth goal – the only one accepted by the experts – productivity, will then be attained almost as a by-product."


Have a look at the recently released report on highly profitable corporations that pay no taxes (http://www.itep.org/pdf/35percentfullreport.pdf). Of the 18 profitable corporations that paid less than nothing from 2008 to 2015 on page 4 of that report (i.e. received taxpayer credits of more than 7 billion dollars despite 178 billion in profits); we find that the majority are Energy companies.

So there it is. While the government steals land, livelihood, and safe water from the tribes - they simultaneously subsidize those that pollute our water and air and bring the planet ever closer to a catastrophic warming.

Sanity says we need that imbalance to reverse.


Once again we have Native Americans acting as true leaders. It is very gratifying to see their efforts continue in the face of so much opposition from the establishment. At this moment, they seem to be the only group that is consistently taking a leadership role in resisting the status quo. Thank you.


Evidence of alienation.