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We Filed a Complaint About Trump’s Ethics. Giuliani Made it Possible.


We Filed a Complaint About Trump’s Ethics. Giuliani Made it Possible.

Norman Eisen, Noah Bookbinder

Like doctors, lawyers operate with a principle in mind: First, do no harm.

Rudolph W. Giuliani, President Trump’s newly hired attorney, violated that rule repeatedly in Wednesday night’s interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity and in subsequent statements. Giuliani’s performance left the president exposed to possible liability for campaign finance, ethics and false statements violations — and, for good measure, deepened Trump’s obstruction of justice peril.




Despite Bill Clinton and Obama both having the opportunity to do no harm, both pushed legislation that turned control of Congress over to the GOP two years into their presidencies. Clinton with NAFTA, Obama with a corporate welfare program disguised as “health care reform”.


Sure, why not file it. You really have nothing to lose. I appreciate the effort.


Giuliani is a huge ambulatory ego with a pea brain and a big mouth. Over the decades, have heard that man spout more BS and never ever backtrack. We’ll see how this turns out.


Rudy is a member of a “club,” like the club of Donald Dumps. The members of these clubs do anything they want, declare that whatever they are doing is right and expect the rest of the world to go along with it. Usually the rest of the world does because this club of money mobsters writes the rules and chooses who they want to see hung in the public square (hint, not one of their members, just the peasants), just to keep us busy watching the “outlaws” they selected for our viewing, our entertainment and our distraction.
So they all show up privileged and not having to pay attention to what they do or say. What the rest of us call lies they see as maneuvers, and anything goes. Therefore, to the club members, no matter how badly they contradict themselves and keep contradicting themselves, they never lie.


In a nutshell, eternal compounding of alternative facts.

Rudy and Kelly Ann Con Artist appear to be kindred spirits.