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'We Fully Support a Free Press, But...': White House Suggests Reporter Harassed by Trump Rally-Goers Probably Had It Coming


'We Fully Support a Free Press, But...': White House Suggests Reporter Harassed by Trump Rally-Goers Probably Had It Coming

Julia Conley, staff writer

At a press briefing on Wednesday, the White House offered a defense of President Donald Trump's implicit endorsement of anti-press vitriol that was on display at his rally in Tampa, Florida the previous evening, when several Trump supporters heckled CNN reporter Jim Acosta.


Unless of course it is a journalist on a “witch hunt”.


SS = soulless simpleton


The right wing conspiracy theory about the Dems plans to overthrow Trump is hilarious. The Dems could not overthrow a butterfly.


1930s Germany redux. Only the language is different.
*Remember what happened to reporters in Germany, then to newspapers that still tried to report the truth instead of the pronouncements of der fuehrer. Finally, almost anyone could be shot, or tortured and sent to a camp for expressing opinions that were not what the fuehrer wanted to hear.
*Every day we are a bit closer, as the camps are being built, and our fuehrer’s SA, SS and Gestapo are being created, groomed and programmed.
*George Santyana was correct when he said, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
*Unfortunately, those of us who do remember the past seem doomed to watch the instant replay, from the inside.


Good Germans all…


Heads up folks, the number one threat to our country’s national security is this FAKE president, Donald the crime boss traitor Trump.


Let them have their moment. Let them rant and rage and show the world how proud they are to be fucking imbeciles.
Their idiot messiah is showing the people what a crock of shit Capitalism is while they demonstrate exactly how stupid one has to be not to see it.
This isn’t Germany in the 1930’s. These scum are a small minority of the population that have nothing but contempt and hatred for everyone else in their own nation. It’s a cult that can only drive good people away and bring the best together to send them back under their rocks.


The Ds managed to overthrow Sanders voters. They’re not entirely impotent.


I’ll drink to the day they’re all lobotomized.


I reference 1930s Germany because the parallels are there, and I have been warning about this even in the late twentieth century, but more intensively in the twenty-first.
*We could have turned it around fairly easily, but we were in trouble when the Supremes stopped the recount and made Bush the President. Few people saw the handwriting on the wall then, and said that could never happen here, “We’re a Democracy!”
Hitler had his lap dog Reichstag to put his desires into law, Bush had his lap dog Congress and Senate to do the same thing. Hitler had his “Enabling Acts” to remove the civil rights of the German People, for their own protection, of course. Bush, et al, had the Illegal, unconstitutional, and misnamed Patriot Act to do the same.
Germany had Adolph Hitler, who, by the time Germany realized they didn’t really want him, it was too late.
*We’ve now got Agolf Twitler and it may be too late.


“…the language is different…” Yeah, it’s in English, not German this time around LOL. Wonder what language it will be next time we allow history to repeat?


Remember, Hitler and the Nazis (NASDP) were a small minority of the population, whom the German People thought would be controlled, first by the Reichstag, then by the legal system.
*They weren’t. By the time the people realized what was really happening, it was too late.
*I hope it hasn’t gotten to that point here with Agolf Twitler.