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We Get It — Trump Is Awful


We Get It — Trump Is Awful

John Atcheson

Every morning the news is full of Trump’s latest antics, and the Republican Party’s complete surrender to his insanity, and the liberal and progressive outlets are the worst offenders. They just can’t seem to tell us enough, what an idiot the man is.


the line is drawn in the sand, just how much will the americans tolerate before coming to their senses? how much blood does his base want and what will we do if he continues on his merry way of destroying what has been put into place. to even think that we are capable of separating families at the border is a moral issue. trump has no conscience and so has no heart. he is incapable of feeling.


Didn’t read the article, did you?

In any case, you are not replying to the article. You are replying to exactly the kind of distraction Atcheson writes about.


Absolutely spot-on assessment of the corrupt duopoly in this country. And for once, not only an assessment of what is wrong but a solution on how to correct it. I’m sure the LOTE Dem crowd will fill this board with their usual BS defending the establishment Dims, but that is exactly what has gotten us where we are. It all basically boils down to: either working within the existing 2 party framework and turning the Dems into the party the majority of Americans demand they become - progressive, offering up and fighting for those progressive policies the majority of us want, and abandoning their corporate/donor whoremasters; or rejecting them utterly and creating a party that does those things. And it has been pathetically obvious for years now that no amount of trying is ever going to get the establishment Dim leaders to ever move leftwards. On the contrary, the Dims continue to move right-wards year after year, today now resembling the Republican party of the 70’s or 80’s.

The right-wing has turned the Rethugs into what they have always wanted: racist, authoritarian, fascist, hate-mongering, rich/corporate tools. And it is working like a charm - just look at what the Rethuglican Party has become, and how it boasts an 85% approval rating by its members. The Dims, however, are just doing the same old same old BS establishment “triangulating” they have always done, and as the article and polls state, those on the left have very little support for the party. Only the Dims’ core base of tribal LOTE die-hard team loyalists continue to get out and vote for them, blaming everything on the “Bernie Bros” and the progressives that didn’t get on their knees and continue to suck DCCC establishment cock.


This article doesn’t seem to have much to do with current politics. You have a racist in the White House leading a white nationalist populist movement that he exploited to win the election. Much of the rural parts of country seem to want a country for whites while the most metro areas favor a diverse America. The Republicans are now clearly on the side of a white America and the Democrats are clearly on the side of a diverse America.


Spot on about lamestreet media and neoliberal dem party. Can we expect anything different?
NO! they are part of 1% or .01% and they do not want change. They want status quo and are not about to tell us the truth.

So are they even different than Fox? or republicans? NO, they throw us crumbs but that is all they do to keep us in line. Hopefully, it ain’t workin no more.


and the whole world is developing nationalist majority??? Dictators! and there is what Trump wants to be, he even admits it that we wants people bowing to him.


Pleasant article, but it falls into the same trap it’s complaining about.

“the Democrats seem loth”’; “they won’t run candidates worth voting for”; “if the people were offered candidates”.

Just as it’s time to stop talking about how bad Trump is, so is it time to stop fantasizing about Democrats coming to the rescue,

Progressives must either take the Party back (by getting rid of its current leadership and institutions) or move to a different one. Or there will need to be massive and sustained public activism. We really need articles that explore more seriously what we should be doing, rather than waste-of-time efforts to shift the blame around,.


And economic populism has nothing to do with anything?

Your party is clueless, and I thank you for broadcasting it.


Let’s hope the atypical rural voters that responded to Trump’s “economic populism” get behind this:


I feel like I have read this article and the comments before, maybe so. Both supposed sides have merged into the fatcat party with nary a speck of concern for the common masses of people. The Democratic party will never return to be the party of the people. There has been no attempt to separate the conjoined twin parties worthy of note.


I am sixty years old, and have voted in almost every election since I proudly voted for Jimmy Carter when I was eighteen. I live in Seattle, where we have all mail-in voting. In the 2016 election, I was going to vote neither for Clinton nor for Trump, until Comey made his eleventh-hour announcement about Anthony Weiner’s computer. I ripped up my ballot and threw it away, not because Comey doomed Hillary, but because I simply could not take any more bullshit about “living in a democracy.”

I will not be voting in the future for the same reason, as an atheist, I don’t pray. In order for prayer to be meaningful, the supplicant must believe there is a supernatural god who can hear the prayer, care about its content, and respond. There is no such god, obviously. Well, the same is true for democracy in the U.S. In order for my vote to be meaningful, I have to believe there will be an elected representative who will hear me, care about what I have to say, and respond. There is no such democracy, obviously, and I don’t have the money to buy representation. It’s as useless as prayer to think the Democrats will re-institute the (feeble) democracy of my youth, as useless as prayer to think a third party movement will save us. Whatever change is coming will not emerge from our votes; it will emerge from the impending political/economic/ecological collapse and whatever people manage to salvage. At this point, my friends, voting is as useless as praying.


Spot-on Ed…excellent commentary!


I have to agree with nickyus- we more possible alternatives instead of articles that just say we need alternatives.

There is an opportunity to mobilize the citizens that vote in presidential elections but not in off year elections in 2018 to create an alternative for 2020.

Nearly 30% of voters that voted in 2012 did not vote in 2014. Just one third to one half of those citizens writing in their own name (if there are no suitable candidates on their ballot) in 2018 to create and demonstrate demand for small contribution candidates in 2020 could total 10-20% of the vote in 2018 and form the basis for an organization to support small contribution candidates.

2018 presents a golden opportunity to get these voters to participate rather than waste their vote by not voting. There will be few small contribution candidates to vote for in 2018 so all these citizens have to do is take a few minutes to register at www.onedemand.org their intention to participate and vote in November. THAT’S ALL.

So they will not need to invest any money, investigate any candidates or any of the other usual stuff that goes along with a normal campaign.

The author is aware of this, yet has not written an article about it. Why not?
(He answered an email I sent him and said it was o good idea. Turns out he actually grew up in my home town.)

see also


This was certainly my immediate impression. My other impression, even before reading the article which I did, was that we have been sold out by the Democrats who are actively working to block the very progressive policies that were outlined in the article. Single payer? Not a chance. Big Pharma and the healthcare industry own Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer and so many others Dems.

And who is the great white hope who might be put forward as the Dems candidate for Pres in 2020? Joe Biden. A mediocre nothing of a person who stands for what exactly? The Dems will guarantee their loss if they run this joke.

Why do Americans continue to be the absolutely most stupid people on the face of the earth?


To annoyingly answer your rhetorical question: It is a combination of constant propaganda (also known as brainwashing), replacing education with indoctrination and a concerted effort to culturally and chemically dumb down the populace, all to avoid a repeat of the 70’s.
Every few years a new chemical or pollutant is discovered in a widely used consumer product that has the effect of lowering intelligence and/or eroding empathy. Be it lead and flouride in the water, brominated vegitable oil in soda, DnBP, DiBP and Phthalates in a variety of products. The list is much longer, but you get the idea.
Sure, it could all be a giant coincidence that they all have the effect of creating “the perfect citizen”, but then why are so many of them still in circulation after having been proven harmful?


Well Tarsus, you have an interesting thesis but you need to back up your points with facts. I’ve been trained in science, undergraduate and graduate, and if I accept what you say without any facts to back it up then how am I different from the right wingers who seem to accept nearly every conspiracy theory Alex Jones and other idiots on the right throw out there?

I’ll agree with this: The education our kids have been getting for decades is grossly deficient. I remember back in undergrad more than 30 years ago professors telling me that kids coming in couldn’t write a paragraph. The college I went to had to set up remedial English courses to get these kids up to speed. Apparently some of them had never taken a test that wasn’t multiple guess and True and False.


Government and both political parties have no more interest in serving the people than the oligarchs who own them. The populace has been content to sit on their asses either clueless or hoping for a savior. Until they find the will to rise up and slay the oppressors with their own bare hands there is no viable path forward. The question at hand is: Are we willing to do whatever it takes, or are we willing to condemn future generations to the same servitude and death?


I would say to a certain extent, we get those stories on CD now (but they are mixed in with Trump outrage stories). You have a harder time finding those stories in many other places, but of course if you seek out good print and audio, they are there too.

I just heard an excellent podcast with Ralph Nader that had Jerome Segal on for an interview (https://ralphnaderradiohour.com/how-to-end-gmos/) . He is running against Chelsea Manning and the terrible Democrat (Ben Cardin) who is there now. Hell, I’d vote for Manning if it were her against Cardin (and if I lived in MD), but Segal sounds like someone with more intellectual footing (which I prefer). Too bad places like Democracy Now and Intercepted aren’t covering him.


BUT…but…but…we don’t have any responsibility for all this. We’re just brainwashed pawns and victims and can’t think, act or feel for ourselves… Now shuddup. You’re blocking the TV and I’m running outta beer…Buuuuuurp.