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'We Gonna Rise Up, Rise Up 'Til It's Won!': 140+ Arrested at Pelosi and Hoyer Offices as Youth-Led Protests Demands Green New Deal on Capitol Hill


'We Gonna Rise Up, Rise Up 'Til It's Won!': 140+ Arrested at Pelosi and Hoyer Offices as Youth-Led Protests Demands Green New Deal on Capitol Hill

Julia Conley, staff writer

Before presumptive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) even appeared at her office to hear from young Americans who had traveled from all over the country to urge her to back a Green New Deal, Capitol police arrived Monday and arrested more than 60 of the protesters. As of this writing, at least 143 demonstrators had been arrested as they lobbied in 50 congressional offices.


Did anybody see one hand-made sign anywhere. These kids are being used.


The Force is strong in these kids.

The youth restore my faith in humanity.


Ever hear of “protest sign generators”?


These kids are usually much better in computing than us older folks.


Democracy in action.

Democrats resisting progress.

Never too late to accept reality, and dump the Duopoly.


They’re arresting Children?


That is nothing new. It usually involves poor children of color and immigrant children, but at political protests, the cops, rent-a-cops and military sweep up everyone and sort them out later. Our tax dollars at work.


That’s not my point. Let these kids speak their hearts - even if it is “off message” at times. Let them speak their anger, even if it may be “offensive” to some. If they can’t find the ways of their hearts and anger…and love, they won’t be able to find the strength to build power and fight the hard stuff when it comes, no matter what their handlers say.


That’s what you got…thank you for your support

Now go rain on someone else’s parade


Heck, not some fifty-plus years ago, you could arrest 'em, release 'em so you could sic the Klan on 'em, murder 'em, and bury 'em in an earthen dam. That’s the America in MAGA.


Steny Hoyer: “Speaking out is exactly what our democracy is all about, and I appreciate [protesters’] passion.”

Later he said, “Now you’ll have excuse me, Joe Manchin and I have a power lunch scheduled with Exxon today.”


Used? Or organized? I hope the latter.


You really are a small person. You have no knowledge of what you allege. My guess is that these kids are just smarter and more organized than you can comprehend.

They aren’t being used, but their planet is certainly being abused.


Younger people today will deal with the environmental crisis in ways these legislators won’t. So, they need no motivation to get involved, nor does a sign they are holding mean that they cannot express themselves freely in every other capacity. It is just them holding up a sign so as to have a unified message. This action was to support the green new deal, so the campaign is narrow, focused. There is, of course, a danger in any campaign in regards to the centralization of messaging and strategy (how democratic the campaign is will determine how top down that is), but I don’t think them holding up signs proves anything you are claiming at all. As someone that has done similar activism, it is often just a means to push forward a message, one that they all agree with anyway. I think it is wrong to say they are being used. This poses a threat to our species, and if the shit does hit the fan, it will happen in their lifetimes, certainly their kids’ lifetimes. And carbon emissions are, unfortunately, only one part of the environmental crisis. So, it isn’t as if we can lessen carbon emissions that we are in the clear, far more structural changes are needed beyond carbon emissions. But a broad program can be a foundation to build on, and it will require them to confront and take on not only these corrupt politicians, but also the donors behind them. They seem willing to do so, and they have all the motivation needed to do that. The “pragmatism” of people like Pelosi led us here, and everything is crumbling. So, it is “pragmatism” as Pelosi would define it or radical changes that could help us deal with the issue.


I want to say it makes me proud to see the children rising up to protect their future, but it would be dishonest to say i felt proud. In fact i feel angry, angry that there are not a bare minimum of 100 million parents up there fighting for their children’s futures. But then again, if there were even a small fraction of Americans who cared in the least about their prodigy, none of this could have come to pass in the first place, so…

In this country its permissible to do anything you want to do to children/ You can starve them, mentally in underfunded schools, economically in providing nothing but a service economy for their future, nutritionally by feeding them garbage from the GMO and pesticide / processed wasteland of corporate food industry. You can imprison them, ripping them from their parents when they are 4 years old, and you can leave them unattended when they are ill, free of health care insurance. In America, if you stand up for children, you are on a level plain with Al Qaeda and ISIS, a fanatic, a freak, but if you support the genocide of children in Yemen and Syria, then you are called a patriot. The fact is, in America, children, along with all human life, have no value at all.


True, but Pelosi, Trump and like so many others, they have sold out to the fossil fuel climate, terrorists and one reason it seems to me, most of them are getting old so will not be around much longer and that may be why they are insouciant to these young people worries! In other words just give me the $$$$$$$ now; the hell with the future, it will not effect me!


I hope the latter too. Or with younger folks learning to organize at least, which means not just showing up for mobilizations, but knowing why you’re there, helping to develop leadership, strategies and tactics, be involved in policy and communications, understanding and gaining resources for the organization, project, etc. BUILDING POWER! It’s work. some of it’s drudgery, some of its fun.


High moral ground don’t mean shit if you can’t find work that pays, drink the water and breathe the air.


It has.


Paul Ryan was sworn in as speaker in 2015, where were these activists during the past 3 years???

It’s a lot easier playing victim when you’re protesting your own side.