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'We Have a Better Way': Sanders Says His Plan to Finance Medicare for All Is 'Much More Progressive' Than Warren's

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/04/we-have-better-way-sanders-says-his-plan-finance-medicare-all-much-more-progressive


The only reason the I think Warren is running is she is recruited by the Third way to divide the progressive vote to make way for Biden or Buttigieg. Why didn’t she endorse Bernie if she is such a progressive. How does she rationalize that.


In addition to what Bernie says he has a track record that supports him. If the Ds want to win then they give him the nomination.


Sanders and Warren both say it - they both want Medicare for All. That’s the big takeaway.

It’s good to have a discussion/debate about the best ways to pay for it. I wish they would (1) start with the savings in health insurance costs (no premiums, no deductibles, no co-pays, no co-insurance) and other benefits of M4All (e.g., no limits on provider networks and no in-network or out-of-network) and (2) always couple that with any talk about possible increases in taxes that will be more than offset by the savings.


“If the Ds want to win then they give [Sanders] the nomination.”


This article doesn’t explain the financing issues in enough detail for me to understand the differences between Bernie and Warren on this.
I’d like to see CD do an investigative article about how the countries that do provide single payer health care administer and finance it.
I also believe that this debate is missing on key details. They should be providing incentives and rewards for healthy behaviors, and disincentives for people whose lifestyle choices make them sick.
Americans are among the most sedentary, morbidly obese, gluttonous, feckless groups of people ever seen. I know many people who do zero exercise, eat flesh, dairy, and other junk, drink lots of booze, etc. When they inevitably get sick, they want to be fixed by the medical-industrial complex.
And then they go right back to their unhealthy lifestyles.
If we’re not careful, “free” health care for all will turn into a subsidy for bad health caused by stupid behavior.


Bernie is right. A better way. See for yourself:

Warren is just moving her lips to the tune of 'I am a capitalist."


Predictions at this early stage (before a single vote has been cast) are notoriously useless. Why bother? This isn’t a horse race - and even if it were, what predictive value does the ‘first horse out of the gate’ even provide? Very little, is the answer. Issues are what are important, and the issue here is: who has the most progressive plan? Good Sen. Warren ignores the point that Sen. Sanders made; which should be of concern to all that believe a progressive revolution (that Sen. Sanders advocates) is what is necessary to save the country (and the world, for that matter.) Please leave ‘sports-ball’ analysis of the election aside, and address the issues.


They tried. Big Insurance/Big Pharma and their Assimilated Press lap dogs would have none of it. “Gotta make 'em say, ‘taxes’!”


“Give?” Doesn’t he have to earn it via votes?

Talk about trying to Ride the Coattails of Bernie’s Brilliant Humanitarian Ideas.

Come on Liz, Bernie is the real idea man you are merely a disciple, jump on board his Bandwagon for the sake of salvaging a progressive agenda against the Moderate Dems and become his VP.



“Water-it-Down-Warren” is NOT presidential. She is nothing more than June Cleaver, but instead of baking cookies and raising “The Beave”, she is stealing Bernie’s cookies and raising the DNC’s hope she can defeat him. SHE CAN NOT!!!


This in depth discussion we both want to see will not occur w twelve candidates on the stage. Filling the stage w non progressives is DNC’s way of guaranteeing that important, truly important conversations get buried–and with them, the candidacies of progressives as well. It doesn’t take much thought to deciphere Butthead’s feel good, empty message. It takes real concentration to understand Bernie and Liz and their non superficial proposals.


The unspoken point re getting a valuable comparison of how it is financed in Canada would be that they spend nowhere near to $700,000,000,000 per year on losing wars. I’m surprised that this statistic doesn’t keep popping up in our own financing schemes.


Presume she means “release” the nomination to Bernie after he has won it.

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In my old age, I can not remember the name of a movie I viewed a time ago but I remember a memorable line: ‘Now that we have decided the candidate, lets have an election’.

We are only weeks away from voting for the candidate Wall Street Democrats anoint or Bernie.


We can afford anything we want. This issue is Priorities- period


Or maybe just get their fucking thumb off the scale and support democracy in action.

Bernie 2020


I’d love to see a non-political GAO report on the top 3 M4A plans. Instead, the for-profit media (owned of, by and for the 1%/wealth hoarders) just throws out non-sense, fear and misinformation.

I don’t know which plan is best; but, that’s the plan for me.


Do they “release” a nomination? If he has the most delegates, he wins. That’s how it has always been.