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We Have a Constitutional Duty To Defend Our Democracy in Making Trump the First President in History To Be Impeached Twice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/11/we-have-constitutional-duty-defend-our-democracy-making-trump-first-president

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Amen to that.

Any elected official not in agreement with the Impeachment of Trump is not to be trusted as a Representative of the American people.

Their choice says to the people that they were in support of the murderous mob and it’s intent.

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While I agree with the general consensus that Trump should be held accountable for his role in both plying false conspiracy narratives and incitement of riot, I am not a fan of the idea of now impeaching him, given that he will be gone before he could be removed by impeachment. Of course, the mere fact of being impeached twice (requiring only the vote in the House) would be a rebuke, and permanent stain on Trump’s ‘legacy’. But what else?

It seems to me unlikely that the Senate would give a 2/3 vote for conviction in any case. Not impossible, but unlikely. In any case, the Senate would likely hold up the vote long enough for it to be moot.
If they did hold a vote in a timely manner (not likely) and voted to convict, of course they could then vote to bar him from elected office for life… which would be a minor victory in itself. (Though I think the risk of Trump ever winning another election is pretty low at this point. )

No, I suspect there are half a dozen other ways to go after Trump; including possibly pending charges in various states such as NY. And there certainly were better grounds for impeaching him earlier on, such as fairly obvious violations of the emoluments clause - which were never brought up.

I rarely agree with the R’s, but I agree that impeachment at this point might do more harm than good. But i’ll waffle on that… I could be wrong!

The impeachment is a public rebuke for his inciting that mob to violence. It’s our legislators going on record condemning this man. History needs to record this so that we always remember.

Would not a statement of censure (which might be more palatable to Senate Repub’s and therefore could be negotiated) be sufficent rebuke? Bill Clinton was impeached, but not convicted. As I said, there are also likely charges pending when he’s out the door. This is to my mind theatrics… a bit more catharsis for Democrats in particular… but maybe not the wisest strategem.

In any case, we shall all see, soon enough how it all plays out, in the next few days… and we’ll also be able to better assess whether it was worth the effort.

Ted Lieu – ? (He was in the front lines of over the top anti-Russia hysteria.) The next commentator I expect to see on this site is . . . Rachel Maddow.

Censure isn’t strong enough a rebuke. He is responsible for loss of life on January 6. If I were responsible for deaths like this would I get censored by any court? He is historically the worst president we have elected and he should have the unique designation as first ever president having been impeached twice—I’m not concerned about conviction. I want the trump name to be associated with a Scarlett “I” for impeachment. They can’t tar and feather him so I’ll settle for this. I don’t think the senators who have licked his butt all this time would even censure him, do you?

Yes, I understand many feel that way. We’ll maintain our differing opinions.