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'We Have a Pit in Our Stomachs': Warnings Intensify as Category 4 Hurricane Michael Puts Panhandle in Crosshairs

'We Have a Pit in Our Stomachs': Warnings Intensify as Category 4 Hurricane Michael Puts Panhandle in Crosshairs

Jon Queally, staff writer

As with many similar mega-storms in this age of climate change and extreme weather, an "ominous" Hurricane Michael is heading for U.S. landfall on Wednesday alongside grave warnings of destruction with weather experts and government officials raising last-minute alarms for people to seek shelter or flee vulnerable areas before the storm hits.

The oceans are getting hotter making storms stronger. Portions of the U.S. are increasingly becoming uninhabitable. Do I hear any discussion about what to do with all these people and their livelihoods? We gotta start talking about relocation of whole communities soon. Not just around some hallways concerning some villages in Alaska. Oh, sorry, I forget, forgive me, it’s all just a hoax.


Meanwhile, our Idiot-In-Chief is trashing the UN report on climate change. I will certainly be one happy camper when that bozo is gone…preferably to prison.


Maybe we could slip though some tax cuts for the rich during this news cycle? Then we won’t have to wait for the war on Iran to be initiated? Save that for the next tax cut?


Just keep having more children. You can teach them skills like, how to run for your life, and how to swim in chemically poisoned flood waters. Stuff like that. Then go to Disneyworld, which will be under water, so that will be fun too.

Not sure what the big deal is. It’s hurricane season on the gulf coast. It happens more often than not. People will flee or stay. If noone is prepared, then that shows us even though as an entire nation used to having a hurricane season in the gulf area, people look the other way. Also, insurance corporations will be jumping up and down for joy, because a corporation is a person, over this. This is when they make the highest profits…for some odd reason. So, all around, this is a win/win for the country. Insurance companies make high profits, the President gets to do some sort of PR stunt, and Kavanaugh will be forgotten about… that’s true ‘disaster relief’.


Yes, there are discussion about what to do with all these people. They are totally ignored.

What you do first is stop having more people. Support Planned Parenthood. Stop having children. Go get spayed or neutered.

Climate refugees by the millions are now on the move. Unfortunately, there are already people in the places where these refugees want to go.

What do people do?

Have more children! Blame everything but that.

It’s a cult. And the habitat does not care. It will continue to get chaotic. And your kids will run for their lives.

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“Mother of storms “ by John barnes , 1994 science fiction? look at what is in the stars for our perhaps not so distant future ,like now ,same scenario presented to dept of defense years ago , climate change is also a matter of national security to some ,advise rejected ?, good luck east coast

On a personal level I took care of that in the early 80’s.

That’s the part that is fascinating about humans. I’ve been reading the science of climate change for decades. The warnings were dire.

Totally ignored.

Now that we’re seeing the brazen effects, same thing.

Totally ignored.

I looked up if other species destroy themselves on purpose, and yes, some do.

Right wing zealot christians used to say that the big San Francisco earthquake (1989) was God’s punishment because of its moral depravity. Why is “God” now going after these southern red states with all of these hurricanes? Please answer that - moral majority.


National Weather Service forecasts seem to be consistently low-balling the wind speeds of hurricanes lately. A couple of days ago Matthew was forecast to be a category 1 hurricane at impact. Now it’s a strong 4. The difference between a minimal hurricane and a catastrophic hurricane is immense.

I’m suspecting that the world’s 100 year average is somewhat non-applicable to 2018 hurricanes. 2011-2018 hurricanes have shown an enormous ability for rapid intensification,first because tropical air is moister than before and second because of the depth of the ocean heat, which improves the hurricane’s intensification ability.

On the Federal government’s list for 2021: fix the National Weather Service.

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Cutting the taxes of those who profit most from unending war, is absolutely insane. If they want forever war, then let them pay for it!

The “moral majority” is neither moral, nor is it a majority

I know…but that’s what they called themselves.

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Indeed they did. Unfortunately, too many Americans believed it.

Yea, its really part of their manipulation of public perception. I probably shouldn;t have used those words.

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Katrina was not a winner for the George W. Bush. It finally revealed to the nation how incompetent his administration was. This hurricane seems most similar to Andrew. That one also quickly intensified and hit Florida. It may have been slightly stronger than Michael when it came ashore. Predicting storm intensity is still a problem for weather experts. Florence looked like it was going to hit as a category 4 or 5 but wound up hitting North Carolina as a category 1 storm. It seems the hurricane prediction are pretty good when it comes to where a storm is going but now how strong it will be when it gets there.

Florence and Michael are like apples and oranges, not a good comparison. The reason is they feed off of warm water, big difference between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic with water temp. Also the northern gulf has a band of hot water, that extends from the surface to the bottom (scientists don’t understand why), about 50 - 75 mi. offshore, that ramps up their speed and usually makes them jump about 50 mi. east (it’s why it made landfall southeast of the prediction), when they cross it. The Hurricane Center knows this, so I don’t know why they didn’t factor this in to their predictions for Michael.

In the absence of Steven 77 right now, I’ll post this video
from Dane Wigington on geo-engineering of Michael

If you look closely as the microwave pulses strike you can see the lines directing the storm.

Also interesting comment from a Florida resident – and two other comments …

I’m praying that this man-made system will wake up the masses! I live on the Gulf Coast and experienced the outer bands of hurricane Michael. I noticed the wavy Cloud patterns afterwards and tiny particals. Past hurricanes always left us with clean air and clear skies. This is real evidence that no one is seeing and this troubles me greatly! They are purposely tearing down whole cities and it’s business as usual!

I believe they are manipulating these storms but why? what is so interesting about where they are targeting?

They said initially cat 1 or 2 for landfall. Hmm?

We might recall that Katrina/Louisiana came just before the election and as Louisiana was turning BLUE.

Evidently, Dane Wigington is also saying that “Florence” was manipulated, as well.

We have a new Dem Governor in New Jersey – Phil Murphy – and the state is also BLUE … and
Trump is turning it BLUER every day.