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'We Have a President Who Lost the Popular Vote by 3 Million': Sanders Backs Abolishing the Electoral College

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/12/we-have-president-who-lost-popular-vote-3-million-sanders-backs-abolishing-electoral


Yes, because having minority rule is so much more progressive!

Seriously, dude, ask dispatch to send better. I mean, you’re fine for ESPN or Yahoo, but we gotta ask for a little better here.


Disappointed in Bernie jumping on that worthless bandwagon. The Electoral College cannot just be abolished because it is in the Constitution. It is fair because it is a geographical representation. Go look at a map. We can’t have the overpopulated coasts dominate the rest of the country. The extreme urban perspective is much too narrow to even begin to understand the interior.
Hey! Why don’t the Democrats just work harder to win the interior? The Republicans did it. It turns out that Progressive policies poll in majorities across the Electoral College so, Democrats could use that to win.

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I’ve got one big fat point, Mikey.

A "criminal that’s crazy is in the White House."


The electoral college and Citizens United have been in a massive bear hug, drowning in offshore laundered shipments of $$ and …lets see, what are the other components of the rotting plugs in the hull keeping this ship of fools afloat???
How do the dynamics of this coup - and I do mean coup - by neo-feudal globalist parasites relate to say… the queen of the IMF, Legarde? Golly, could that be related to the neo-fascist government of Greece skipping the realities of the past six months and recognizing the discredited Guaido as president of Venezuela?
How about the IMF and WB funding of transnational agribusiness and mining in Operation Car Wash in Brazil, taking out the TWO PRESIDENTS Lula and Rousseff STILL revealing the weaponization of the global financial system?


For a sense of context, Vermont, which Bernie represents in the Senate, is represented in the Electoral College with three votes, one for each Senator and one for its lone Representative in the House. Therefore, Vermont is by and large “overrepresented” in the EC. Bernie understands this issue well and thinks that the votes belong with the People and not the lines in the sand. He keeps on giving me reasons to vote for him. He is the only one who has done that since I have been able to vote.
Bernie 2020!



BOLO for a troll on this thread who has been drinking the fracking wastewater. BRAIN DAMAGE. Please do not feed the troll.


Denial is not a river in Egypt, Mikey.

Get a grip on a Reality TV President.


Sorry WiseOne. I’m done with him.


Permit me to lend a sharping of the edge to your argument


lol seriously, does Hannity write this for you?

“rather than argue my specific points” you mean, like I just did when I said it was minority rule?

I can’t tell what amazes me more about the lowlife American right. How utterly dishonest and morally bankrupt you are or just your astonishing stupidity.

Now that’s a ‘personal attack’. Imbecile.


Yes! One person, one vote!

Let’s also abolish laws that empower the DNC and RNC to select candidates for us. The DNC has repeatedly selected the most disliked candidates in history… and lost. These private organizations should not be in charge of public elections.

Allow the voters to select the candidates they want; unlike a choice between the lesser of evils.


Don’t forget that two PRIVATE organizations - the DNC and RNC - have full control of elections. We must remove this corruption… a choice between the lesser of two evils is NOT a choice.


That’s right, we can’t have democracy, that is one person one vote. Like the anti-democratic Senate, we couldn’t allow equal representation. If Brooklyn had the same Senatorial representation as people from Wyoming do, they’d have like 17 Senators.


The slave era EC was set up to protect the rich minority from the majority.


Dos Vedanya!

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Let’s face it - what we really need is a whole new governmental system. What we have is unworkable insanity and Trump is the poster boy for how that insanity can go so far off the rails
. Abolishing the EC is a good step of course. So is figuring out how reconfigure primaries to stop the moribund dual corporate whoring parties parties from being the ones to pick our candidates. How to force the states into one uniform system is another thing we should tackle.
But the real problem stems from our founding system. It sucks…
We would have been much better off with a parliamentary system and instead of these quasi independent states we should have made them more like counties( can you hear Virginia et al squealing even now!).
Of course we look at The UK currently and see that isn’t always working either… but still better than the nonsense we have now…
Of course probably the best we will ever do is alter the system slightly. But we should at least be trying… so yeah I support the elimination of the Electoral College…


What you wrote is patently ridiculous. Do you really believe in minority rule? Do you think peace harmony and prosperity will flow from that? Study a little history…
I guess you do prefer minority rule if, say, you are from Wyoming which should not even be a state anymore because it’s population is below the threshold established…

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And if the electoral college had worked as it was supposed to, we wouldn’t have a “crazy criminal” in the White House. The popular vote shouldn’t be ignored in favor of a few lower population states—if every vote counts.Twice in this new century we’ve, in effect, let the geographical SIZE of a state instead the POPULATION of the nation as a whole decide the presidency, to look at it another way. Now suppose we wiped out borders and let the entire popuation decide: let the will of the MAJORITY benefit?


Does CD ban trolls? If so, This one need to go.

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