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'We Have a President Who Lost the Popular Vote by 3 Million': Sanders Backs Abolishing the Electoral College

You mean convince the Duopoly to commit suicide? Only one way to do that

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Great thanks! The link above didn’t work for me but the PDF looks very interesting. So I guess my scheme is the Webster method and the other alternative rounding rules for the sliding methods are given. I hadn’t thought of the one non-sliding method (ranked fractions) - I have to read that one again - I forget what they would do if they actually got more than 435 before starting the faction ranking which is mathematically possible if all fractions for numbers above 1 were really small and a bunch of states had numbers much below 1.

I will definitely have to bookmark that info.

Bernie are you effing serious? Sans electoral college we get the Hildebeast .War with Iran would be in its third year. Lady Macbeth would have silenced (arkancided) her opposition. So far no war with Iran despite the evil surrounding the White House.P.S. Bernie, you lost all credibility when you did not challenge at the crooked convention.

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That’s a good take down.