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'We Have Entered the Age of Environmental Breakdown': Report Details World on Edge of Runaway Collapse

'We Have Entered the Age of Environmental Breakdown': Report Details World on Edge of Runaway Collapse

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Warning that the world is on a path toward "environmental breakdown" that will likely trigger "runaway collapse" of social and economic systems in the vein of the 2008 global financial crisis, a new report out Tuesday calls for major shifts in understanding the scale and pace of environmental change, the implications of it, and the need for a transformational response.


That forest fire always was on a path to runaway collapse. It’s just that it used to be a smaller fire, more easily contained and put out. Now it’s a bigger fire. Next year it will be farther down the road.

Yes, the Arctic regions are melting down. That’s releasing gobs of methane and CO2. We’re in a really bad spiral. Inhibit this runaway train now or your great grandchildren will have to get creative with their eating habits.


I note with interest that the excerpts from the report repeatedly mention negative effects on the economy; the authors must—as do I!—assume that’s the only fact of interest to those with the power to bring about the scale of change necessary.


Put this in the history books. Not much we can do about it. Now we can sit back and watch more filth get pumped into the skies just like we watched Nuclear Reactors being built. We deserve what ever comes our way.

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Forty-nine years ago NASA grappled with the difficult task of removing carbon dioxide from the Apollo 13 spacecraft. During the emergency, the astronauts had to take refuge in the lunar landing module and let the command module lie fallow until right before reentry. Folks, we ain’t got no analog to the lunar landing module in which to retreat and the carbon dioxide we need to remove vastly exceeds even that of the hot air of our politicians and their corporate handlers. Mars as a refuge is just plain asinine, as no one who has ever backpacked or kayaked through what remains of our majestic wilderness can swallow that absurd tale. The end of carbon madness is coming. Only the manner in which it arrives is indeterminate, unless, of course, it is too late. Houston, we have a problem and a great deal of the problem is based in your confines.


We all know how it will go ahead. The global warming deniers will fight to have nothing be done or at most a bare minimum, about the impending era of catastrophic climate change. When things get bad enough that doing nothing costs them more than doing something then they will clamor for action. Greed is its own rationale and as addictive as any drug.

It won’t be billionaires and fossil fuel executives who will save us. We must try our best to get everyone talking about the problem ‘constantly’! The race is on and everyone has everything at stake in the outcome.


We have education declining just as an awareness and understanding of science is so critical. Meanwhile the repukes and their Christoban followers are convinced that God created a planet that is impossible for mere humans to fuck up. Between the greed of our politicians and ruling elites and the insane beliefs of their gullible flock we are doomed.


Flood Exxon and others with “thank you” cards for destroying the livability of the planet?


The nutty White Jesus cultists would be perfectly happy with the “end is nigh” conclusion as well. They’ve been praying for the nihilism path for years anyway. Boy, are they gonna be disappointed when Jesus declines the reunion tour.


A new vocabulary is needed, one that includes; Near Term Human Extinction, Fossil Fools, Abrupt warming of 6 to 7 degrees, 50-gigaton burps of methane, etc

but also DRAWDOWN, Biochar, Permaculture, De-Growth

“By accepting our own mortality, and the termination of our line, rather than becoming catatonic or despairing, we can continue to function in a positive, healing way. We may even change how the story ends. If enough of us abandon aspirations for self-aggrandizement and join with neighbors to plant trees and grow food, we could, dear friends, reverse climate change. My point is that it may take each of us coming to terms with annihilation for that to happen, and the sooner those moments come, the better for us all.”

From Albert Bates at


When they’re about to become cannibal soup in the post apocalyptic world, they will still be crying out to their imaginary deity to save them.


Cyclical and non-linear reality simply sweeps through the linear 19th century industrial revolution construct. Absolutely NO argument that it got things done… but and this is a MAJOR BUT, it was necessary to live in denial of ‘other’, such as women, labor, indigenous, planets of wastrel disposal of waste products … any who were not of the privileged industrial class or fully dedicated to it. In addition, the “titans” realized that human nature was one of the least accepting of the contortions their model demanded. Hence, a major portion of the industrial pie had to be dedicated to propaganda, always has and always will. On the up side, human nature, given half a chance and taking half a chance, will align with natural dynamics every time, 'cause thats what we are.

So, screw the paranoid industrial clutchers and grabbers, bring on the science and lets get our regeneration nation shoulders to the wheel (You know, that medieval thingy) and turn big momma’s situation around.


and they’ll still be disappointed!

last words: “I can’t believe that ratbastard didn’t even show u…(urgle)”

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You may be interested in this, an article I posted for a deceased friend some time back. Sorry I can’t get the URL on my phone here, but easily searched: The Foundation of Religion Fractured, shaky, and exposed

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i dunno. there’s some old vocabulary that would do nicely as well…

“Jeus christ, will you people knock it off!!!”

Maybe if we scream it loud enough?


The fossil fuel industries, like Exxon, are too greedy to pay any attention. They are like drug pushers that are making millions of illegal $$$ and they do not care how many people they will kill as long as their profits keep rolling in!


Nature will continue to do its job of changing our sick society, .Do not curse nature. Rather, praise it. It will continue acting at an accelerated pace and accomplish what our political leaders are incapable of doing.


I want to see specifics.

I want to see a specifically corruption-resistant committee deciding where to spend large but limited R&D funds. We won’t need a wall to keep the glaciers out.

I want to see one specific focus on displacing fossil fuels. I want to see a second specific focus on restoring the Arctic’s original albedo or on similar climate-related research. Third, I have seen ways to perform organic farming so that we sequester carbon too. Schemes involving plant photosynthesis will probably become the world’s dominant method of carbon sequestration, so we might as well get better at this work.

I want to pull together the climate R&D committee like right now without Congress’s blessing. The real money will come later and then we will be ready yesterday. Also, we can get a few dollars right now out of individuals. Coffee!

In actual work I am repotting my tomato sprouts today before it snows and covers up our compost. My prototype off-grid, zero fuel, low humidity all winter greenhouse will need more plants next week.


The U.S. has the leadership to solve the problems - look no further than to Mitch McConnell and the U.S. Senate or to Donald Trump in the White House or to the people they have put on the Supreme Court. The U.S. has leadership in place so well to handle any crisis. Does anyone feel better now?

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Nature doesn’t give a damn about what our politics are or what our religion is. And it can’t be manipulated. Egotistical humankind needs to start learning from the lessons nature teaches.