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'We Have Entered the Age of Environmental Breakdown': Report Details World on Edge of Runaway Collapse


Why aren’t you growing your own veg? Even container gardening can give you some nice, fresh veg/fruit and your dependence on grocery stores will go down.


“environmental breakdown” that will likely trigger “runaway collapse”

in this case, is there any difference between the words ‘breakdown’ and ‘collapse’. i think not.

(sigh) u may recall the great comic george carlin lamenting that ‘nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care’ with regards to matters of utmost import such as this. i think of how true this is daily. because just about every day i learn about some new (to me) great outrage or injustice or danger that seems to persist because nobody seems to care enough to do anything about it besides complain to the choir, as i and others are doing in our comments here.

the truth is that to anyone who pays attention, similar stark warnings have been coming from rational, well informed, scientifically literate sources for decades (or centuries, if one includes thomas malthus’ warnings regarding unchecked population growth). for the most part, they’ve always been ignored.

the most powerful, the ‘puppet masters’ of civilization, those in control of the ‘deep states’ that are more powerful than elected heads of state… they certainly don’t seem to notice or care. they seem narrowly intent on acquiring and maintaining personal wealth and social status and have repeatedly shown a shocking ruthlessness in pursuit of that goal (but i digress).

as for the masses, whose only power is in their numbers if united, it can’t be said that nobody notices or cares (many of us do), but a very great majority don’t seem to at all. at most, they may occasionally pay lip service to our concern, but the way they vote and live their lives betrays any awareness or concern they may profess.

at least this has been my experience and perception for the past few decades i’ve been ‘awake’. it’s extremely frustrating and discouraging. it’s like the ultimate disillusionment, as one discovers sheeple in general just aren’t that smart, rational, or ethical.

so what is one to do? i think this is the biggest reason that ‘no one seems to notice, no one seems to care’. the tiny minority of those who do are silent for the most part. after all, this emergency isn’t like being in a burning building. the threat isn’t nearly that imminent, so the response isn’t nearly as appropriately panicked or urgent.

i think we’re screwed. i’m pretty sure of it.

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paulk, i agree with webwalk. i predict big problems in 15 years, catastrophic collapse in 30, and human extinction likely in 80.

it’s a good time to be old and a terrible time to be young.

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BigB, i agree. if u wish check out my similar but more despairing view in a pair of comments much further down the page. i think we’re screwed.


I understand what you say. I dont have much space and not very “green” fingers. However i live in a community with very kind people who have land and small orchards who regularily gift me organic fruit and veggies. I am lucky in that respect. (I am talking about spain)


Hopefully, you will learn sooner rather than later, that very often less is more…very few will take the time to read your words as they are.


All this environmental worry and impending doom, disaster talk…don’t worry, Jesus will come back and fix everything.

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we’re running out of time, will our great grandchildren even have a world?

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No. And I am so sorry. We crossed the rubicon several years ago. Get your spiritual house in order. And blessings to your grandchildren.


OK. I am properly frightened. What adds to that fear is the fact that we now have, sitting at the Resolute Desk (Google it, it’s fascinating) a man who seems “resolved” to bring about the possible extinction of Homo Sapiens. He has attacked the world’s social order, political order, economy, and - most egregiously - environment. We are quickly approaching, if not having passed, the point of no return. And Donald Trump just makes things worse and worse. He has announced the formation of a Presidential Committee on Climate Security (designed to disprove claims of human contribution to climate change), and has appointed William Happer to be its head. Physicist (not climatologist) Happer, said in 2014:: “. . . the demonization of carbon dioxide is just like the demonization of the poor Jews under Hitler. Carbon Dioxide is actually a benefit to the world, and so were the Jews.” He believes that only a small fraction of Earth’s overall temperature rise - which has been dramatic since 1970 (as reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, whose proposed budget for grants to manage the effects of rising sea levels has been severely slashed).- is due to an increase in carbon dioxide. I really don’t know which is more frightening, climate change or Donald Trump.

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