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'We Have Entered the Age of Environmental Breakdown': Report Details World on Edge of Runaway Collapse


7.75 billion and counting… fast. :slight_smile:


Why aren’t you growing your own veg? Even container gardening can give you some nice, fresh veg/fruit and your dependence on grocery stores will go down.


“environmental breakdown” that will likely trigger “runaway collapse”

in this case, is there any difference between the words ‘breakdown’ and ‘collapse’. i think not.

(sigh) u may recall the great comic george carlin lamenting that ‘nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care’ with regards to matters of utmost import such as this. i think of how true this is daily. because just about every day i learn about some new (to me) great outrage or injustice or danger that seems to persist because nobody seems to care enough to do anything about it besides complain to the choir, as i and others are doing in our comments here.

the truth is that to anyone who pays attention, similar stark warnings have been coming from rational, well informed, scientifically literate sources for decades (or centuries, if one includes thomas malthus’ warnings regarding unchecked population growth). for the most part, they’ve always been ignored.

the most powerful, the ‘puppet masters’ of civilization, those in control of the ‘deep states’ that are more powerful than elected heads of state… they certainly don’t seem to notice or care. they seem narrowly intent on acquiring and maintaining personal wealth and social status and have repeatedly shown a shocking ruthlessness in pursuit of that goal (but i digress).

as for the masses, whose only power is in their numbers if united, it can’t be said that nobody notices or cares (many of us do), but a very great majority don’t seem to at all. at most, they may occasionally pay lip service to our concern, but the way they vote and live their lives betrays any awareness or concern they may profess.

at least this has been my experience and perception for the past few decades i’ve been ‘awake’. it’s extremely frustrating and discouraging. it’s like the ultimate disillusionment, as one discovers sheeple in general just aren’t that smart, rational, or ethical.

so what is one to do? i think this is the biggest reason that ‘no one seems to notice, no one seems to care’. the tiny minority of those who do are silent for the most part. after all, this emergency isn’t like being in a burning building. the threat isn’t nearly that imminent, so the response isn’t nearly as appropriately panicked or urgent.

i think we’re screwed. i’m pretty sure of it.


paulk, i agree with webwalk. i predict big problems in 15 years, catastrophic collapse in 30, and human extinction likely in 80.

it’s a good time to be old and a terrible time to be young.


BigB, i agree. if u wish check out my similar but more despairing view in a pair of comments much further down the page. i think we’re screwed.


Your intentions are admirable but how to say this without sounding insulting… your ideas wouldn’t make the difference you’d wanted to make, if you want to save the world!!!

However what the world needs might be MUCH simpler than you might want to believe… more about the mesmerizing beauty of simplicity is too be found towards the END of this comment, however the text in the middle is mostly copy edited text also too dense, too long and too complex well its the very opposite of the adverised simplicity.

(the following text was in the works for many month, over the past few years I’ve seen the tides turning for environmentalism, system changer, climate activism AND everything it entailed was washed away by the turning tides… the tides have turned: the corporations, DAVOS and the silly-con-vally emerged on top of the world, its a depressing message)

last week on commondreams I‘ve BOLDLY claimed the silly-con-vally elites conquered (with some help of James H.) the „kernel" of the problems you wanted to address and this is the story of how it happens (also how THE foundation to make the idealized version of your ideas fly was lost) its more than the tale on how environmentalism was lost, it really happened…

…it started a few years back when James Hanson had his coming out for the nuclear lobby and after that James Hanson ad-libed a few statements together wich in turn set coventional nuclear fission into stone for EVERY environmentalist outhere arrrgh, but there is nothing they can do about it ‘cos you know science just set a new marging order for „all things green“ and nobody can question the „gods" of the academy ergo „all things green" were redefined (with a couple of ad-libs) as a platform for nuclear energy, electric cars and so on… but all these things already happened and the world didn’t stand still ever since and this is the newest „development": the most important movement of all times found a heighly obnoxious „leader“ and his name is Bill Gates sic its not a joke.

Bill Gates is now according to the british guardian the OFFICAL leader of all the world activist!!! can you sir accept that of course you can’t!!! because nobody will accept it but DAVOS and its billionaire don’t need acceptance they have the police (and military) and they WILL beat into your head.

in a humorous fashion I might say: environmentalist of the world unite the silly-con-vally conquered your cause to advance the agenda of the reactionaries sic…

…the silly-con-vally’s agendas are electric cars powered with nuclear power and it all flys on DAVOS’ notorious freemarket fundamentalism, I genuinely think this is the new marging order for america well not quite but it seems inevitable!!! what makes matters worse is this: none other than NAOMI KLEIN dished out the killing blow to climate activism (and any form of environmentalism was blown away as a side effect) when Naomi Klein claimed quote Bill Gates is heading for an instant fix [for climate change related things, i added this for clarity] then she really shot out both her knees arrrrrgh!!


Last week on commondreams I’ve claimed James Hanson is a con-artist that happens to be working for the nuclear lobby (this was meant as a humorous slander and black humor) because James Hanson is an EXTREME nuclear hardliner (yesterday I’ve figured he is even more extreme than I thought he is) but then something happened: after I’ve made comments, about James Hanson. the nuclear advocates popped up and started to hammer me with data sheets about nuclear energy (this happened here on commondreams) but I’ve seen this like 100’000 times befor ergo the nuclear zealots turned into James Hanson’s personal army (with a „charismatic“ executive billionaire legend as its frontend) in other words the worst neoliberal is leading the worlds most important movement of all time, it sounds like a real nightmare I might want to wake up from!!!

all environmentalism (even environmental terrorism) is DEAD and its all thanks to James Hanson et al wich cleared the path for the silly-con-vally to conquer environmentalism, its just barely exaggerated!!!

i know the things i’m writing sound a bit like forced defeatism but that’s NOT true… only information savy veteran activist get to know the things I try to wrapp up here (because the relevant progressive outlets cannot admit what happened, not yet anyway)… what makes matters worse is that climate activist became the queen bee of all environmentalist causes not only that ALL of civilsociety is officially forced to focus on climate change… so when the worlds LEADING climate scientists had his shocking coming out as a nuclear hardliner climate activism was open wide for the reactionaries from DAVOS (and the silly-con-vally on its back seat) and they took their chances and quickly conquered the leadership of climate activism, its sounds crazy but thats what happened!!!

environmentalism and climate activism is dead and EVERYTHING on its band wagon has died with it (died in the sense that it has become irrelevant or unchallengable with journalism and/or publishing) but something has survived the hehe dystopian world.

how to change the dystopian world? what would the tedtalker, billionaire or fancy people say?

from this moment on ted, DAVOS, the billionaire and Bill Gates can simply point at nuclear energy and should any question arise they’d simply hand over the mic to my good „friend“ James Hanson so that science can give the finger to everybody… climate activism (and every transformational agenda including yours) is dead!!!

to me it seems the silly-con-vally elites are like an unstoppable force, this might indicate that an immovable object is around somwhere (to create a collision) and that immovable object is hiding in the history books (to hehe be sized to crash the capitalist party) more about that immovable object later…

…the globalist can lie, decieve and play with the media narrative but their criminality will leave traces!!! and these traces are to be found and this in turn has TERMINAL consequences for the elites from the silly-con-vally!!! DAVOS and the singularians are now riding a wave of „success“ but they’ve already lost the hehe future they love so much and the reason for that is called hehe AI but thats another topic back to my comment.

there is a simple reasons why the billionaire, singularians, the silly-con-vally, DAVOS and the globalist are at the moment unaccountable for journalism, politics, activism etc and this simple reason is called energy.

energy (as a topic) is at the moment used by scientist to justify all kinds of crazy things, energy is considered so important it can be used to justify alarming ideas, this energy „craze" brings up a lot of questions… if energy is soooooo important then why did anybody bother with James Hanson and climate science in the first place??? the world ‘d better pay attention to the energy problem!!! baaaaaaaang somting is not good here!!! science‘ sic hyper aggressivly set the WRONG political priority this in turn created a vacuum and opened the door to pick a scientifically BIGGER problem (than climate change) and lay it over climate activism to impose a new agenda ie nuclear energy is super imposed over a huge collection of topics that formed the basis for James Hanson‘s movement… but there is more bad coming: the nuclear advocates can now at will „out smart" anybody that happens to be stuck sic with saving the climate, the reactionaries are already feeding on this!!!

the whole political and activist spectrum will be unable to make an argument against DAVOS (ie the voice of global capitalism) and its all thanks to James Hanson et al who put their cause above everybody elses.

again all approaches to system change including yours have no chances at winning (this door was slammed shut when climate activism „recieved“ its new leadership) the singularians, DAVOS and Bill Gates are now mmm invincible!!!

the unofficially official hot topic Bill Gates used to troll himself ontop of the world ie ENERGY only has one problem (actually two) it creates a very, very, very big problem for the global capitalist system‘s self justification… the leaders of the nuclear front are ALSO notorious super elite globalist however globalism has its own „scientific“ justification but this justification comes crashing down HARD when energy is super imposed above it with science. baaaaaang globalism just lost its scientific justification!!! its an unexpected and heighly unbelievable change of events.

according to the official „leader“ of the climate movement turned nuclear alliance ergo according to the energy advocates all a poor country ‘d need to become rich quick is hehe energy this in turn sabotages the scientific reasoning the globalist use to justify globalism…

…because the globalist say globalism ends global poverty this is the officially offical justification for globalism, however if energy can save everything AND everybody then there it goes: the justification to keep the global capitalist system up and running just evaporated (at first glance it seems like spin but its big, very big: the scientific justification for globalism is that it „lifts people out of poverty" its THE reason how globalism justifies itself)!!!

however if energy can save everything and everybody then why does the world need globalism to save whats already saved with energy!!!

every welder, every worker, every nobody like myself, every secretary, every translator rendered obsolete with globalism will love to know this: the world doesn’t need globalism anymore!!! nuclear energy can do everything (and more) globalization is capable of according to the finest scientist.

if you sir truly wanted to then the world is yours to be taken, the agenda you’ve wanted can be applied after you’d rose to power now that was a joke… I only wanted to demonstrate that its always possible to bullshit the capitalist!!!


here is finally the conclusion I‘ve promised.

the media still clinches to progress, hope and change but where is all the progress hiding?

at the very beginning of the comment I’ve claimed that simplicity will save the world, its a bit over-the-top but i think its true…

…i think all the world needs to improve is the truth and everybody needs to hear it loud and clear: the dystopian world has arrived!!! only when the „reality“ is allowed to be real again only then the dystopian world will become real, this might‘ve sounded banal but its profound: according to Steve Pinker (an illustrious tedtalker) according to Steve Pinker there is NO dystopian world on the contrary „progress" is better than ever btw Bill Gates claims the exact same thing… however if I d’say to somebody the world needs a bloated never ending r.n.d. budget to save the dystopian world from tanking, then I‘d be according to Steve Pinker just another lunatic because there is no dystopian world thats about to tank and my r.n.d budget ‘d never get approved by congress so to speak!!!

why did I want a bloated r.n.d. budget in the first place? because I‘ve seen the places were globalism hit the ground and its even worse in other countries… however youtube sensation Yusef Harari thinks global capitalism is ay ok arrrrrgh as if that‘d be so… the globalized global capitalist world of the globalist really ‘d need an ensanly bloated r.n.d budget (to dream up all the stuff the capitalist can’t do) also it‘d might prevent the environment from tanking.

Steve Pinker, tedtalk, DAVOS, Bill Gates etc they all say progress is flying smoothly… how should anything EVER get fixed if its neither bad nor broken? ergo the rejection of the dystopian world prevents genuine progress (this is why i‘d dared to defamate DAVOS as reactionary).

the „hidden" dystopia is also bad for the neoliberals overloards on tedtalk… the worse the lie becomes the weaker the „solution" get… how are the illustrious tedtalker supposed to make „solutions" when the depiction of all deeply problematic problems is too shallow, HOW to make solutions if the real problem isn’t even accepable for science? haha the neoliberal tedtalker defeated themselves with their own lies.

the authorities, media can’t have it both ways anymore…

…on one end of the gun the world is always coming to an end (every day anew) at the other end of the gun i see Bill Gates‘ sick face MOCKING the world with his sick grin that tells me: look boy „we" all are full of shit but there is nothing you can do about it!!!

i only can speak for myself if i’d say: the dystopian globalist world has arrived at my doorstep haha, now that was a mean joke.


haha its comment number 66


I understand what you say. I dont have much space and not very “green” fingers. However i live in a community with very kind people who have land and small orchards who regularily gift me organic fruit and veggies. I am lucky in that respect. (I am talking about spain)


Hopefully, you will learn sooner rather than later, that very often less is more…very few will take the time to read your words as they are.


All this environmental worry and impending doom, disaster talk…don’t worry, Jesus will come back and fix everything.


we’re running out of time, will our great grandchildren even have a world?


No. And I am so sorry. We crossed the rubicon several years ago. Get your spiritual house in order. And blessings to your grandchildren.


…and hopefully you will never talk to me again!